xD Just a short drabble for genuinelie (from livejournal) with 'Coffee' as the theme xDD

And sankyuuu to Alibis and Digi for beta-ing this :DDDD


Why did coffee have to taste so bad?

He had 'invited' Robin to spend some time with him; He'd given her a new book he'd just bought on the last island they'd landed on, and had also asked Sanji to make some coffee for the both of them.

The bad thing was that the little reindeer had never tasted coffee before.

And it was such a damned tricky drink 'cause it smelled all nice... with its touch of cinnamon and stuff… but in truth it tasted as bitter as hell.

But Chopper just couldn't allow himself to voice it aloud, after all, Robin really seemed to be enjoying it.

Maybe it was an adult thing or something… but it was for precisely that reason he had to keep pretending. Besides, being the adult she was, Robin was really pretty and smart… and Chopper didn't want her to think of him as still being a kid 'cause he really, really liked her.

He wanted Robin to see him as a good prospect and not as some kind of son; after all, the reindeer was completely determined to ask her to marry him in the future.

So it didn't matter how bad coffee would taste, he had made his decision and nothing would stop him.

He wrinkled his nose and closed his eyes as he took another sip of said drink.

Robin carefully peeked over his book to see the little reindeer's behavior and chuckled slightly.

Doctor-san surely could be really cute when he purposed to it.

She closed her book, slightly startling Chopper, and lifted her glance towards the deck. It was lucky that Sanji was near by.

"Cook-san, would you mind bringing some fruit drinks? I'm not in the mood for coffee right now." She said with a smile.

"Of course Robin-chwan!" said the cook practically fluttering around her. Robin chuckled.

"Would you like some too, Doctor-san?" she said with a kind smile. Chopper just blinked and nodded, a little embarrassed.

Did she notice?

He couldn't help but feel a little distressed as Sanji brought the new drinks for them. Would Robin ever think of him as anything but nakama?

"You know Doctor-san?" said Robin suddenly, ending Chopper's train of thought "You don't have to drink things you don't like or do anything you don't like just to spend time with me…" she smiled "I really like spending time with you just the way you are, Doctor-san."

And for that, Chopper couldn't think in anything in response. He just stayed silent and nodded to let her know he understood, blushing as madly as his furry cheeks could let him.

Well… maybe he didn't have to wait as long as he thought for proposing after all…