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Anko immediately took roll call when the bell rang, and when she was finished, she looked up from her yellow sheet and stared at the class.

"Let's see..." Anko tapped her lower lip with her pen thoughtfully. "Well, I guess since you all chose this class, that means you have to have some acting skills, right?"

Naruto looked at Rock Lee, who was nodding eagerly and striking a thumbs-up pose as a tear sprang into each eye. Naruto grimaced and made a face. You don't need to ask Bushy Brows...

Anko smiled cheerfully. "Well, we'll start off doing scenarios," Anko stated smoothly. "You kiddies won't have any problem with that, right?"

The class nodded mechanically.

"Okayyy!" Anko walked over to her desk, grabbed three paper bags, and strolled back to the front of the room. "In these three bags, I have seperately put in the type of scenario you will play, a boy's name, and a girl's name.

"Today, I will randomly pick a scenario, a boy's name, and a girl's name out of these bags. Each day, you'll be practicing different scenarios and with different partners. Any questions, kiddies?"

The class shook their heads mechanically.

"You suuuree?"

The class nodded mechanically.

"OKAYY!" Anko burst out, grinning happily. "GET READY FOR SOME DRAMA, FOLKS!"

The class raised their eyebrows and exchanged looks. Apparantly, she had too much sugar for breakfast.

Anko shoved her hand in the bag marked "Scenario." She quickly withdrew her hand, smoothing out the strip of paper to read it.

"The scenario is 'Arguing,'" Anko stated. "And the girl will be..." Anko put her hand in the girls' bag and pulled out a scrolled piece of paper. "...Yamanaka Ino. And the boy will be..."

Ino smiled. She was sure to get an easy A for the day. She was pretty good at arguing, especially if she was arguing with Sakura or Naruto. Wondering who she would be paired up with, Ino scanned the class boredly, drumming her fingers on her desk quietly.

"...Aburame Shino."

A golden eyebrow shot up as Ino stared over at the stoic boy, whose face was hidden behind his sunglasses and the high collar of his jacket. Shino? Shino, who never spoke to anyone(except maybe his pet bugs?) How was she suppose to argue with silent, emo Shino of all people? She might as well argue with a wall!

Now, if it was with Sakura (even though people of the same gender couldn't be paired up), or even Naruto, she could get an easy A. No problem. They'd argue up a storm, and Anko would have to knock them out to shut them up. But Shino?

Anko raised an eyebrow at them. "Erm...are you two kids gonna get up here or just sit there until Christmas?"

Ino and Shino slowly shuffled to the front of the room. They stared awkwardly at each other, unsure of how to start the scenario. Anko crossed her arms and, humming a bit to herself, looked from Ino to Shino and back to Ino again.

"Wellll?" she pressed rather impatiently.

"Ermm..." Ino pursed her lips nervously before her eyes lit up and a lightbulb clicked on in her head. She pointed accusingly at Shino. "Bugs are stupid!"

Well, that got his attention. His head shot up and he glared coldly at her through his sunglasses. "No, they aren't."

Ino frowned. She expected him to go bananas and yell over and over, "BUGS ARE NOT STUPID! THEY'RE COOL! COOL, I TELL YOU! COOOOL!" while marching around the room carrying pro-bug banners. Then again...this is Shino we're talking about.

"Yes, they are! They...erm...are so yucky!" Ino flapped her hands wildly to emphasize her point.

"No, they aren't."

"Bugs are annoying!"

"No, they aren't."

"Bugs are ugly!"

"No, they aren't."

"Bugs are scary!"

"No, they aren't."

Ino's eye twitched. "Bugs deserve to die painful deaths!"

"No, they don't."

"Yes, they do!"

"No, they don't." Ino made a face. How long could he keep this up?

"Yes, they do!"

"No, they - "

"YES, THEY DO! YES, THEY DO!" Ino was almost ready to tear her hair out and run over to Shino and grab him by the collar and...

"Ermm...okayyy...that's enough, kiddies. Sit down."

Shino calmly walked to his seat while Ino fumed as she stomped over to hers. Shikamaru looked at her, raising his eyebrow.

"That looked...troublesome," he remarked casually, sighing boredly.

Ino glared at him angrily. "It was!" Ino screeched.

"Okay, okay...sheesh, you don't have to get all hasty."

"What? I dare you to say that again, buddy!"

"It'd be a waste of breath to do so. Too troublesome."


Shikamaru sighed, backing slightly away from the pissed blonde, who was fuming so much that steam was coming from her ears. It was best not to talk to Ino when she was in her so-pissed-that-she-could-kill-you-in-an-instant mode.

Anko jammed her hand into the bag and withdrew her hand. "...The scenario will be saying 'I Love You.'"

The girls' eyes lit up as they giggled and smiled dreamily at Sasuke Uchiha, who was sitting in the front row, the lower half of his face buried in the back of his hands.

"The boy will be...Rock Lee."

The girls groaned inwardly. Glittery stars, floating hearts, the words "Marry me" and "I love you," and a kiss from Sasuke vanished from their minds dejectedly. They crossed their fingers, hoping they wouldn't be paired up with the bushy-eyebrowed weirdo.

"And the girl will be...Hikaru Tenten."

Tenten almost fell out of her seat. Her hazel eyes blinked over and over, while her mouth hung open slightly in horrror. She stared over dumbly at Lee. What the? Rock Lee? Saying 'I love you?' To her?


Was Neji even in this class? Tenten looked arond. Oh...he wasn't. Darn.

Grimly, she walked to the front of the room and faced Lee, who was looking wistfully at Sakura in the front row. With a dejected sigh, he turned to face Tenten, but a bright smile enlightened his features immediately.

"Love is a wonderful feeling we all must appreciate while we are still in the early stage of our youth! Tenten...do you believe in love at first sight?"

"Ermmm...no." Tenten raised an eyebrow. He better not use that pick-up line and reply, "Shall I walk by again?"

Lately, Lee had been learning pick-up lines to impress Sakura from god knows where, probably from his idol, Gai. Tenten found it very annoying when Lee followed her everywhere, reciting pick-up lines and nagging her if it was a good pick-up line to use to impress his "lovely Sakura-flower."

Lee grew teary-eyed. "Why not?" Lee wailed dejectedly.

"Because..." Tenten racked her brain a bit before deciding on the quote Sakura used when Lee asked her to be his girlfriend. "...you're a weirdo."

Tears streamed down Lee's face. "But...but..." Lee dropped to the ground on his knees, clasping his hands before him as tears rolled down his cheeks. "BUT I LOVE YOU, TENTEN!"

"Ermm...right." Yeah, yeah, tell it to someone who cares...

"WHY, TENTEN? AM I NOT THE PERFECT MAN FOR YOU?" By this time, Lee was clinging onto Tenten, who was trying her best to maintain her temper.

Can I say yes? "Umm...I don't know," Tenten grumbled irritatedly.


"Uh...right. Me too," Tenten sighed. As in...'I love myself too.'

"All right, good job, kiddies," Anko grinned weakly. "You can go back to your seats now."

Tenten sighed in relief, trying to walk to her seat with Lee still clinging onto her. Tenten stopped to make a face at Lee, who was still sobbing dramatically and sticking to her like glue. She planted her hands on her hips and sighed loudly.

"Lee...it's over now!" she whispered loudly, annoyed. "Geez, let go of me!"

"BUT I LOVE YOU, TENTEN - Oh, it is?" Lee looked around. "Oh...it is!" Lee blushed rather sheepishly.

Tenten rolled her eyes and took her seat, while Lee took his seat behind Sakura. The next scenario was 'Reuniting with a Long-Lost Friend,' and Shikamaru and Temari were paired up. They stood around awkwardly until Shikamaru finally managed to mumble a greeting, and Temari managed to do the same.

It kept going on like this for a while until only 4 students were left - Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, and Hinata. Hinata crossed her fingers under her desk, knowing it was a silly thing to do, but she did so, anyway, hoping she would be paired up with Naruto.

"The next scenario will be...'Valentine's Day Scene.' And the girl will be..." Anko pulled out a piece of paper and unfolded it. "...Haruno Sakura."

Sakura's eyes lit up as she glanced hopefully at Sasuke. I hope I'm paired up with Sasuke! she thought dreamily, giggling slightly.

"And the boy will be..." Anko put her hand in the boys' bag and pulled one out. "...Uchiha Sasuke."

The girls looked ready to kill Sakura as she didn't bother to hide her grin, making her way to the front of the room. Meanwhile, most of the boys in the class that had crushes on Sakura, including Naruto, were moping enviously, wishing they had been the one to be paired up with Sakura.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was slowly getting out of his seat and walking to the front of the room, looking as if he'd rather deal with Gai than this.

Hinata, pleased that Naruto had not been chosen, looked over at Naruto and blushed, but the color drained from her face when she realized that he wasn't as happy as her. He was...staring at Sakura. Hinata sank into her seat and placed her head down in her arms, closing her eyes and trying to block out everything.

What is this I'm feeling...? Hinata thought sadly.

Sakura occasionally giggled and stared dreamily at Sasuke, who was frowning and staring at the ground, looking as if he planned to murder Anko later.

Yes! Sasuke and I are a couple! Sakura grinned happily. "Mission accomplished, baby!" Inner Sakura struck a two-thumbs up pose as she cackled. "The next mission is...TO STEAL SASUKE'S FIRST KISS!"

"Sasuke...all I want is for you to notice me..."

No kidding. Who didn't know that?

Sasuke watched blankly, hands jammed into his pocketsm as Sakura slowly made her way towards him, a dreamy look in her emerald green eyes.

"I would do...anything for you to like me back..." Sakura had stopped in front of him and placed her hands on his shoulders, making Sasuke narrow his eyes and furrow his brow.

The boys in the class moped with jealousy, while the girls were trying to resist the temptation to wring her little neck and strangle her. Furious whispers broke out in the classroom.

"Who does she think she is?"

"Eww! She's touching MY Sasuke!"

"YOUR Sasuke? What are you talking about? He's MINE."

"She's tainting MY Sasuke!"

"Sasuke's mine! Not yours! MINE!"


Ignoring the angry glares the girls' shot her and the storm of whispers in the classroom, Sakura continued whispering, "...because I love you, Sasuke..."

Sakura stood on her tiptoes and slowly leaned towards his face. However, she stopped abruptly as she felt Sasuke's hands on her shoulders, tightening slightly.

"Oh, my gosh...SASUKE'S TOUCHING ME!" Inner Sakura howled with joy.

"Sakura..." Sasuke spoke slowly. He stared straight into her eyes. "I want you..."

Sakura was in heaven!

Oh, my gosh...Sasuke wants me! I-I think I'm gonna faint! Sakura blushed. "I KNEW YOU COULDN'T RESIST ME, SASUKE!" Inner Sakura yelled triumphantly, punching the air with her fist.

"...to get the hell away from me."

Sasuke pushed her away roughly, and gasping, Sakura fell onto her rear. Sakura stared up at Sasuke in horror and gaped like a fish on the brink of death. She was back in hell again!

"REJECTED AGAIN!" The girls, apparantly part of the crowd that had made fun of Sakura during lunch, pointed at Sakura and laughed triumphantly.

A thundercloud rained upon Sakura's head, and lightning zapped overhead. "W-what? B-but Sasuke...isn't this a 'Valentine's Day' scenario?"

"Of course." Sasuke jammed his hands into his pockets cooly. "It's a 'Valentine's Day' scenario...and Anko-sensei never said anything about us getting together."

"B-but..." Sakura tried to protest.

"So, that means that I can reject you." Sasuke eyed her ruefully and his shoulders bobbed up slightly in a shrug.

"MISSION FAILED!" Inner Sakura yelled in disbelief, clasping her head in horror. "NO WAY!"

Sakura gave Anko a pleading look, a vein popping out from her temple. Anko chuckled nervously, backing away slightly.

"W-well...I suppose so. Not all lovey-dovey people get happy endings on Valentine's Day, y'know. Eh heh heh..." Anko backed away some more while Sakura went up in an inferno of flames.

"Ermm...good job, Sasuke, Sakura. Back to your seats, please, so the next two can perform their scenario."

Sakura reluctantly slouched back into her seat, while Sasuke took his seat next to her nonchalantly and placed his elbows on his desk and the lower half of his face into the back of his hands again.

Ooooh, Sasuke's just playing hard to get! Sakura thought happily. Okay, Sasuke, I'll play along! Sakura giggled.

"SASUKE, I'LL MAKE YOU MINE!" Inner Sakura vowed dreamily, cackling evilly.

"The next scenario will be...'Confessing Harbored Feelings.' The boy will be..." Anko paused to pull out the last slip of paper from the boys' bag. "Uzumaki Naruto. And the girl will be..." Anko pulled out a slip of paper from the girls' bag. "...Hyuuga Hinata."

Naruto almost got out of his seat when he noticed that Hinata was burying her face in her arms. "Uhh...Hinata?" he asked.

Hinata lifted her head slightly. "Y-Yes, Naruto?" she whispered softly.

"We're up next," he explained.

"O-O-Oh..." Hinata couldn't even blush anymore. She just felt so awful that she just wanted to go home and drift off to slumber, away from this strange, terrible pain.

Hinata followed Naruto to the front of the room and stared at the ground, her hands clasped in front of her.

"Uhh...what was the scenario about again?" Naruto turned to Anko.

"'Confessing Harbored Feelings.'"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, while Hinata felt the heat come back into her cheeks again. Even if Naruto liked someone else...at least he would be hers for a moment in this scenario!


Hinata blushed harder. What was she thinking?

"Uhh...Hinata?" Naruto asked, snapping her out of her dazed trance.

"Y-Yes?" she stammered shyly.

"Ermm...do you wanna start off the scenario?" Naruto scratched his head.

"U-U-Uh...I-I don't know..." Hinata played with her fingers nervously. "U-Uh...it's okay...you can go f-first..."

"Okay." Naruto blinked. Okay...how was he supposed to start off with?

His mind drifted back to when Sakura started off her scenario by saying "All I want is for you to notice me..."

Naruto scratched his head again, testing it out in his head. "All I want is for you to notice me, Hinata..." Nahh...too cheesy.

"I like you, Hinata"? Nahh...too plain and simple.

"I have a crush on you, Hinata"? Nahh...too cliché.

"I want you, Hinata"? Whoaa...not going there. It sounded a bit too possessive.

Naruto sighed inwardly. It would be easier to say if it were Sakura instead of Hinata. Obviously, he had a thing for her, so it'd be much more easier to confess his feelings. But how would he say it to Hinata?

Hinata sensed his discomfort and hesitance, but found it hard to say something. "A-Ah..." was the only thing that could be heard.

Naruto looked at her and smiled brightly. "Hey, why don't you start it off, Hinata? You're probably a better actor than me," he chuckled.

"A-Ah...o-okayy..." Hinata fiddled with her fingers. "N-Naruto...I-I..." she began softly, her heart hammering in her dry throat.

The bell rung, making everyone jump, startled. Hinata felt as though a huge burden had been lifted off her back. A part of her was relieved that she didn't make a fool of herself in front of Naruto. The other part of her was disappointed and angry at herself for letting her shyness get in the way of everything.

"All right, kiddies, school's over!" Anko grinned and waved her hand at the class. "Class is dismissed!"


Hinata hung her head, walking slowly down the sidewalk, clutching the strap of her backpack. She was a complete failure. She had always been able to perform in front of an audience of teddy bears back at home, and even Hanabi and Neji sometimes. But why was she so anxious and nervous around Naruto?

Naruto, she realized, was different. Something about him made her squish inside, and whenever he was around, butterflies would flutter in her stomach.

But, she thought sadly, it didn't matter, did it? He probably didn't see her as anything but a complete burden. He only had eyes for Sakura. Naruto liked Sakura...always had, always would.

"Hey, Hinata! Wait up!"

Hinata turned around, waiting for Ino and Naruto to catch up to her. Ino frowned in concern at her saddened expression.

"What's wrong?" she asked worriedly.

Hinata shook her head. "Nothing..." Seeing the suspicous look in Ino's eyes, Hinata added quickly, "I-I'm just tired..."

Ino nodded sympathetically. "It's okay. You should go home and take a nap or something." Ino flashed a wide smile, which Hinata weakly returned.

Naruto squinted his eyes and leaned towards Hinata rather closely. The sudden close range made Hinata blush furiously, and she was too scared even to breathe.

"Are you sure you're not sick?" Naruto questioned suspiciously. "Your face is all red..."

N-Naruto...is so close! Hinata thought wildly.

"A-Ah, I'm f-fine!" Hinata blurted suddenly, stumbling away from him a bit as she clutched the strap of her backpack tighter.

Naruto eyed her intently for a long time before shrugging. "Okayyyy."

Ino cupped her palm over her eyes and squinted in the sunlight. "Oh, there's my mom! See ya later, Naruto, Hinata!" Ino rushed off.

Hinata blushed softly. She was alone...with Naruto...

Naruto sighed ruefully. "Well, gotta go. See you tomorrow, Hinata!" He smiled at her before running off. Hinata's heart sank as her smile faded, only to be replaced with a melancholy frown.

At that moment, Hinata realized what that feeling was. She wished Naruto wouldn't leave so soon...she wished he would stay with her longer.

As she walked home by herself, she realized...that she had developed feelings for Naruto Uzumaki.