-1So, I was proposition with writing a story by Lacking Lime. Then, I came across the song Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace. Here is the out come. I don't think this what Clara ment... but, this is what you got. And I mostly have it planned out, well, the first 5 chapters or so, not sure how its gonna end.

By Bree
An angsty Trory

The serene silence engulfing the outer walls of the lavish home, was shattered as the persistent screaming rang out through the opening door. The words spilled out into the pristine beauty that hide the house behind it. He didn't stop to look at it though, he was too busy storming away from the woman screaming behind him. As the stars twinkled in the deep blue sky, and the trees swayed softly in the lazy breeze, he clashed violently against it's beautiful painting.

Her words echoed through the air as she screamed out after him, "Come back here! Young man, now! If you don't come back right now, you will surely be sorry! Tristan Janlen DuGrey !" But her words were futile as he made his way to his car. The Charger's engine roared as he sped down the driveway.

"What am I going to do with that boy?" The woman asked mournfully.

"Why must you bother with him, Teresa?" It was clear from the way he spoke, this man was pompous , and self centered. He'd spoke with an air of self righteousness.

"If I don't who will?" She sighed, already knowing the words that will flow from the pompous mouth.

"Send him to his father, the ungrateful little-"

"He's still my nephew, so watch it."

"Exactly. Nephew. Not son. You have no obligation to him. Besides he never listens to a word we say!"

"He listens to me. Mostly." She shivered slightly as the breeze blew past her, ruffling the light summer dress she had on.

"He won't listen to his own parents, so why must we have to deal with him? I say you send him off to Military School!"

"Oh, here we go again." She rolled her eyes and threw her hands up in the air. She walked away from him.

He followed, preaching his idea, for what seemed like the hundredth time to Teresa . "I went to Military School, and it whipped me into shape! I say it was the best thing to ever happen to me."

She stopped and turned, cocking an eyebrow, "Oh really?" She smirked lightly, "And why, pray tell , is that?"

"I realized my father was serious, and he brought me home, once I realized it." He said proudly. She started laughing.

"Charles, dear, you were knocked unconscious , and the school begged your parents to bring you home. Your father only did it because the school was willing to do anything, and you begged him for mercy." She turned and started walking again. "No, I think I'll save Military School for a last resort. He's still hurting. We just have to let him... be him. He'll come around eventually. But for now, you need to stay off his case. Which reminds me!" She grew angry and turned back to face her husband. "Why must you start with him? What was it now? Did you find another bimbo in his bed?"

"As a matter of fact, no. I found drugs in his room. You blame me for not giving a damn about the boy, but I seem to be the only one looking out for him rather than babying him!"

Her face grew pale and somber. "What kind?"

"What do you think?" He sighed. "I know he's hurting, but he's going to lose it. Between the girls, the drinking and partying, the suspensions, and now the drugs... I see him going down the path of Kenny, and I can't sit back and watch." He looked upset. Teresa drew him into her arms. "I know. But we won't let him. Let's wait and see how things play out. I need you to be on my side in this, okay ? We still need to tell him about..." She trailed off.

"I know. I know. How about we make a deal, one more thing. Just one more, and he's gone. I think it would be good for him. He's tough, conceited, and he can back everything up. He'd fit right in." Teresa nodded in resignation. She knew she couldn't deny the fact that he'd been getting worse. But she was never sure whether or not to believe her husband. She never knew if he genuinely cared for her nephews or if he simply pretended for her sake. Thinking he cared made it a lot easier to see his point and be swayed.

As Tristan sped of into the night, one thought was on his mind, losing control. Lucky for him, Madeline was having a party. Ever since it happened, his life had been a complete downward spiral. One wrong thing after another. He knew he should listen to his aunt and uncle, but he wouldn't. He couldn't. But for now all his problems would be pushed away. He'd go and find his slut of a girlfriend Summer and screw her until she passed out, then hook up with someone else. Maybe it was the drugs beginning to work their way through his system, he didn't know. All he knew was he needed to let go.

Pulling up to the outlandish house lined with the latest models, he smirked. If there was one moment he had control, it was when he was around the pea brains of Chilton. They worshiped him like the God he was, as many a girl had cried out while reaching a sexual euphoria thanks to him, even if he wasn't present.

In the past year, he'd gotten worse with the partying and sleeping around. Not that any of the girls were complaining, just the guys getting sloppy seconds. Numerous girls had claimed to have slept with him or gone down on him, even if they hadn't. You weren't worthy of being screwed if Tristan hadn't fucked you. It also set you apart from the 'Mary's'. Although, in actuality , the only Mary's in the school were Paris and Rory. They were already in their own league.

Tristan entered the party, stealing a freshly opened, and I mean the poor kid just opened it, beer from some poor freshman. Strobe lights ran rampant across the kids dancing to the techno beat blasting through the speaker. Bottles, cans, and cups littered every possible surface. Tristan's eyes scanned the crowd quickly. He was a little surprised to see Paris standing there, but he as he thought about it, he really wasn't. Madeline was one of her lackies, and Paris always had to make sure nothing went wrong, ever. So really, thinking about it, it was more of surprise he'd never seen her there before.

Shaking his head clear of the thoughts, he realized that didn't really matter much to him. He was looking for Summer. He was beginning to forget what happened earlier in the day, and now all he cared about was getting some. He pushed through the kids, forcing himself into the kitchen. He needed a new drink first. He grabbed the bottle of vodka sitting on the counter and a can of Coke. It was still early, he'd get wasted later. Right now, he wanted Summer. His drug induced mind realized how her name rhymed with Cummer.

Exiting the kitchen again, he started in one room looking for her. After searching the whole party, he hadn't seen her yet. Rage started to fill him as a drunken freshman commented on Austin getting some ass. Austin was Summer's current indiscretion. They were together, but they were always sleeping with this one, or that one. In a janitor's closet or in someone else's bed. It never really mattered to them. However, when he said jump, she was supposed to be there to jump. So, naturally , -well as naturally as the vodka and cocaine in his system would allow- he was upset, beyond pissed. She was supposed to be ready and waiting, not screwing someone else. Although, he'd admit, occasionally , he'd told her to go screw someone else before him. But tonight, he hadn't. He told her he'd be looking for her.

He was wildly throwing open doors to bedrooms. No one else seemed to be screwing yet. Just Summer he thought bitterly. He opened one door, and saw Rory sitting on the bed reading.

"Mary?" He was shocked, he really was. Her head had snapped up to look up at the intruder.

Flatly, not at all rudely, she replied, "Oh, hi Tristan."

"What are you doing here?" His earlier rage seemed to seep from him as the words flowed.

"I came to the party, but I was getting a headache, so Madeline sent me up here. We're supposed to be having a sleep over after most people leave. Then clean up in the morning..." She noticed he'd been moving closer to the bed, and was now standing next to it, arms casually crossed over his chest.

"Sounds like fun. Is that why Paris is here?"

"Yup. Do you really expect her to be here of free will?" Rory laughed, and he joined in lightly. A small silence elapsed around the two. "What about you? Why are you up here?" The anger and rage all came rushing back.

"Looking for my slut, you know where she is?" He spit out angrily .

"Summer?" She asked flinching at his words slightly. He nodded impatiently. "Across the hall." He was scaring her. Can you say bipolar?

Tristan stormed out of the room and threw open the parallel one. Rory heard a muffled, 'What the fuck?' and a small scream, followed by a sick sounding crunch, before finally, Austin was thrown into Madeline's room on his back. Rory shrieked slightly. She heard Summer snap at Tristan, and then a muffled scream of surprise. She couldn't hear anything, then the door slammed. She heard a bed slamming into a wall pretty roughly. By now, Austin had scampered out of the room.

Rory stayed there, terrified for almost an hour. She was afraid of what was on the other side of the locked door. She had closed and locked Madeline's door. Finally, she grew the courage to leave the room, but when she did, a very disoriented Tristan stumbled out of the room as well.

"Want a go, Mary?" He asked passing her. he was smirking evilly, and when she peeked into the room he'd exited, Summer was passed out on the bed. Something in the way he had been looking at her freaked her. He was obviously drunk, but she wasn't so sure about the drugs. Although, when she that Summer had obviously been held down while they were... she grew angry.

"Tristan!" She yelled after. He stopped and looked back at her, questioning her with a look. "What gives you the right to do that?" She screamed. He smirked, but not his usual, 'I know you want me' smirk. It was an angry smirk.

"Do what, Mary?"

"Force her like that!" He'd walked closer to her. The calm casual boy that stood before her earlier, clearly gone.

"What? Like this?" He grabbed her and forced her against the wall. He held her hips pinned to the wall.

"You- You're an animal!"

"So I've been told, before."

"What's wrong with you?" She screamed at him. He laughed her off and walked away. Rory jumped when a soft voice behind her spoke up.

"He wasn't always like that. He's changed. That... that monster, it wasn't there until ... well, I don't know if it's my place." Summer looked sore, tired.

"Since when?" Rory was generally interested. What could make him change from carefree to careless so quickly.

"It happened... I can't say what... and with that everything went out of control."

"Oh. But why does he... why is he so..."

"No one really knows. No one really cares either. I tried to help him. He doesn't think he has a problem. He wakes up and doesn't remember what happened." Summer looked uncomfortable now. "Well, I think I'm gonna go find Austin and leave." She made to leave.

"Why are you with him if he does this? If you like Austin?"

"Because he scares me." With that she walked down the stairs.

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