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"Why are you copying these down, anyway?"

Sora sat in the back of the classroom, occasionally making "SHH!" noises, or saying "Shut up, will you?" The only odd thing was, no one was talking. They were copying things from the board, in dead silence.

"Don't tell me to shut up, you're the one talking."

Kairi turned her head to glare at him. "Do you mind?" She hissed. "I'm trying to copy these down, and every time you talk, I lose my place."

He nodded his head and stared at his paper. She turned back to face the board, and a few more students rolled their eyes at him.

"Nice going, now your crush hates you."

Sora gritted his teeth, now glaring at the board.

When the teacher came back in, Sora quickly raised his hand saying he had to go to the bathroom.

He left the classroom, closing the door quietly.

In the bathroom, a student sat in one of the stalls. Sora didn't notice him, though.

"Why don't you just go away!" Sora yelled, slamming his fists on the sink. He glared into the mirror, noticing how insane he looked.


In fact, he looked insane everyday. People had begun to think he was crazy for quite some time, and now he was beginning to agree with them.

Green eyes peered through the crack in the stall toward Sora, who had slowly become calm. He shoved the door open, clinging to the wall for dear life.

"Oh.. You can wash your hands, I'll move." Sora said, calmly looking at him. The boy shook his head, paling. "You-You, can stay there, just--"

Sora stood away from the sink, which required him to step forward, closer to the boy.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME, YOU FREAK!" The boy screamed, running out the door, knocking Sora onto the ground.

Sora blinked, then looked up to the ghostly figure which followed him everywhere.

"Why can't you just go away? Everyone thinks I'm insane.. Could you shut up maybe, for once?"

The silver-haired ghost shook his head, grinning madly.

Sora stood up, glaring.

"It's your own fault they think your crazy."

"If you'd be quiet, and go away, maybe they wouldn't."

"If I'm quiet, I'd have no one to talk to. It wouldn't be much fun then, would it?"

Sora groaned, and walked out of the bathroom.

The ghost followed after him, occasionally looking around.

"I hate the way this place looks now. This school used to be RULED by me." The ghost grinned, picturing his life.

The bell then rang for lunch, and students ran down the hallway, shoving each other.

To Sora's surprise, the ghost was nowhere to be seen.

He walked down the hallways toward lunch, happily for once. No more annoying voice, for a while anyway.

When he got his lunch, he sat down at his normal table. FAR AWAY from everyone else.

It wasn't his idea to sit alone, but everyone was afraid of him. Not that he blamed them, though.

A boy who TALKS to himself? No one wanted to be near someone crazy. People who were crazy were treated differently, feared. No one felt this way except him.

Well, there was one person.

Before memories came flooding back to him, a hand slammed down on the table.

"I heard you freaked out everyone in your class again, today. What's your problem now, crazy boy? Not in a talkative mood?"

Sora stared up at Axel, who stood next to a grinning Roxas.

Not so long ago, Axel and Roxas were Sora's best friends. But that was before he was labled, 'crazy'. Now no one wanted anything to do with him.

The ghost then walked through the cafeteria wall, casually walking through people sending chills down their spines. Some people would look around to see what spooked them, but saw nothing.

"Ooo a fight."

"Not now.." Sora mumbled.

"What was that?" Roxas said.

"He's probably just talking to himself again." Axel said, rolling his eyes.

Roxas slammed Sora's head on the table, laughing, and walked off followed by Axel.

The ghost grinned his usual grin, as Sora sighed, pulling his spiky hair behind his ears in an attempt to get it out of his face.

"Some good friends they are," The ghost said, looking back at the pair.

Sora looked back at them, and Roxas flipped him off.

After school, the ghost left once again, leaving Sora extremely thankful.

He walked past the school's statue of the first principle, and founder, not noticing people who started to follow him.

The sky had become grey, and a few drops of rain fell.

Sora was tackled by Axel, who was grinning manically.

"Let's teach him to keep his mouth shut." Roxas said, pulling a blade.


The rain now poured down, Sora stumbling down the streets.

His leg was bloody, from being cut, and his face and stomach were covered in bruises.

The ghost was nowhere to be seen, but the air had a slight chill to it like it usually did when he came.

Or maybe it was just the rain.

A car slowed down, noticing he was hurt. But when the driver saw it was Sora, he sped up and drove away.

Everyone in Twilight town stayed away from him.

After all, he was the crazy boy.

crazy boy.. Insaneinsaneinsaneinsaneinsane..

It rang in his head, as he entered his house.

He was so tired of this. He went into the kitchen. He needed a way out. For it to stop. No one would miss him. He reached in the cabinet for his dad's knife.

It's jagged edges had never looked so welcoming. He absent-mindedly ran his fingers along the blade, and it cut him. He winced as he saw blood escape from the cut, then all fear left him.

He wanted so much for everything to go away.

He went upstairs to the attic, his new room, where his parents kept him. Far away from everyone else.

He leaned against his bed, on the cold wooden floor.

Slowly, his cut deep into his left wrist.

What could he lose? His only friend, Cloud, the one who BELIEVED him had died in a similar way.

Cloud knew Sora wasn't crazy. He stood by his side, even when Axel and Roxas left. But, Cloud had been in love with Leon. Even though Sora and Cloud were the best of friends, being a friend doesn't come close to a lover.

When Leon had died in a car accident, Cloud lost all hope.

He hung himself from the tree outside of his room.

Sora fell onto the floor.

A pool of blood had almost formed now, and he was light-headed. Perhaps he had cut way too deep, although he couldn't tell-- his vision was screwed up now.

Right then, a hand went over his cut.