I'm so sorry I haven't updated this in forever! Well, at least it's not like there's a plot to follow- it's just a series of oneshots. So, enjoy!

Today for You

"Mark, where's my lemonade?" Cindy called from the backyard.

A ten-year-old Mark quickly yelled out, "It's coming Cindy!"

Hurriedly pouring some of the yellow liquid into a cup and then putting one of the little umbrellas in it, he rushed outside to give it to his fourteen-year-old-sister.

"Finally," she muttered, taking the lemonade from her brother.

"Cindy," he said, "When do we get to play what I want to play?"

"Remember that saying I told you?" Cindy asked, rolling down her sunglasses to the end of her nose so she could look eye-to-eye with her brother.

"Today for you, tomorrow for me," she said, "I made it up myself. And since you're only seven or something like that and wouldn't understand it, here's what it means- today we do stuff for me, since I'm the 'you', and tomorrow we'll do what you want to do. Okay?"

Mark nodded and disappeared back into the house. "That's what she said yesterday," he mumbled when his sister was out of earshot, "She says the same thing every day, but it's never my turn to be the 'you'. It's always Cindy. Well, no more of that. I'm going to do what I want to do."

With that Mark headed up to his room and dug out a squirt gun and various water balloons he'd been saving for the past three years. Now was the perfect occasion.

He quickly filled up the balloons with cold water and was about to do the same with the water gun when Cindy called out, "Mark, I need more lemonade!"

That gave Mark an idea. "Hold on Cindy!" he yelled back, "I have to make a new batch- we ran out!"

True to his word, Mark made another pitcher of lemonade and poured it all into the squirt gun.

A maniacal glint in his eyes, Mark made his way into the backyard. "It's a bit hot," he mumbled, "Why don't you cool down?"

With that he threw the various water balloons at Cindy, who squealed as they exploded against her skin.

"Actually, that felt pretty good," she said finally, not wanted to give her brother the satisfaction of bugging her, "I need to cool off, and I am wearing my bathing suit. So Mark, where's my lemonade?"

"RIGHT HERE!" he yelled, squirting her down with the gun and then dashing into the house and locking the door.

"Mark, let me in!" Cindy demanded.








"A bee stung me!" Cindy said, "They must be attracted to the lemonade. Mark, let me in!"

"I can't let you in," Mark said, "The bees will get in the house."

And with that, Mark went up to his room, smiling triumphantly as Cindy's screams filled the air.