A/N: Thanks to my betas Unspoken and Erynn. As always a story is not a story without an editor. This story was started in Dec of 2005 and has continued to be worked on to this date. I have held back publishing due to time constraints. Now I can continue to update and write!

Magenta Skies


For: Chewy June14 1997-June 4th 2006- love ya always.

"Tell me more of what you saw." The man's voice made Grissom drift deeper into his subconscious, a place that held many secrets and desires he kept hidden from others and now even himself.

"The sky." Grissom's voice seemed to stutter as he tried to stop himself from remembering the past.

"What about the sky?" The man's voice held Grissom under a strange spell, a spell that was too strong to break.

"It was purple. Everything was dark, but the sky was always purple. Nothing seemed right after that night- she was gone. I know she was taken. But the sky, how is it that no one else noticed?" Tears welled up in his eyes as his mind battled with his subconscious

"Gil, stay focused. Where are you?" The man calmly asked.

"I'm there, with her. She's holding my hand. She is telling me that I'm going to be fine. She says that she is going to see me through this." Grissom's eyes rapidly moved, as he relived the night that has haunted him for nearly a year.

"But she disappears. I wake up and she's gone. It's my fault, I did this! But I can't stop it they are telling me I'm going to be fine, I'm going to get through this!" Grissom cried.

"Who is telling you this Gil?"

"The people; who only I can hear. They live in the purple skies- the skies above. And I'm there looking at her, bleeding. Bleeding, bleeding. And it won't stop! And I'm there all alone, I'm going to die and so will she."