"The Uncalculated Truth"

Chapter 13

Magenta Skies

He could only hear the soft hums, of familiar electronic equipment. The scent of paint and disinfectant swirled around the air, as he tried to inhale the oxygen around him. Something was forcing himself to breathe; he wasn't doing it on his own.

What was going on?

His head hurt more than anything, and why couldn't he stop hearing the voice, that familiar voice. There was something in his hand, it felt familiar. It felt soothing.

"You're going to be alright, don't give up." The familiar feminine voice he had heard many times in his head now seemed louder.

His whole body felt as if it were floating, as a silky feeling beneath him started to put him at ease. The beeping noise which continued to resonate near his ear, began to pick up its pace.

That noise felt familiar too.

His head hurt more than anything, yet both of his legs throbbed with every pulse.

There was something that he had been worried about; he couldn't remember what it was. He remembered being shot…Or was it stabbed?

"Grissom!" Sara screamed in joy. The voice shot his eyes open immediately.

He couldn't talk; there was something down his throat. He could see her. He somehow had the urge to draw back in fear, he thought he would hurt her…He couldn't remember why.

Now he couldn't remember anything at all.

The last thing he could clearly remember was him flying through the window and landing hard on the pavement. She was inside the car, she was alright.

The paramedics had gone over to him first because he was injured worse, Sara was still conscious. He remembered lying on the ground drifting in and out of consciousness, when he saw her.

She was demanding something to the paramedics.

"I'm not going anywhere until I see him!" Sara protested. Her magenta gown was torn to shreds in the places she had sustained injures. Despite her pain, she rose off the wheelchair and knelt down beside Grissom.

She took her hand in his, and told him everything would be alright, that she was going to see him through this. She kissed his hand one last time.

That's when he saw it. His vision was starting to go cloudy as Sara's dress flew into his face. All he could see was magenta. She still looked beautiful.

And that's when everything turned to black.

"He's back!" Sara didn't fight the tears, as she fought the urge to smother Grissom in one huge hug, as she called out once more to the doctor in the hall.

"They told me to give up, but I never did. I knew you would make it, you're too strong to quit." Sara had never felt so grateful in all her life. She was not a religious person, but during the past few weeks she began to pray, to what she did not know. She prayed every night for Grissom to come back to her, and now he was living proof that miracles do happen.

Grissom tried once more to say something, but his vocal cords seemed paralyzed.

"Don't try to talk Dr. Grissom; you're hooked up to a artificial respiration machine. You weren't able to breathe on your own for quite sometime." The doctor flashed a light in Grissom's eyes and seemed satisfied at the result. "We'll get a nurse to take the tube out of your throat right away. You now seem able enough to breathe on your own steam." The doctor quickly made his way out into the hall, leaving Sara in shock still.

"I still can't believe you're looking at me. I was dreading the thought of never looking into your eyes again." Sara fought the sting of tears that were starting to form.

Grissom let his lips curl into a smile, as he used all his strength to gently grab Sara's hand.

He remembered her being there. She was always with him, even during the worst times. He couldn't really remember everything, but he did remember seeing her with him. He just knew in his heart that everything was starting to finally feel normal, even though he couldn't recall what had been wrong.

As the nurse took out his tube and warned him to start speaking slowly, he had to say one thing.

"I love you." Grissom hoarsely whispered. He was surprised at the roughness of his voice. Sara on the other hand was just glad to hear him.

"I love you too." Sara gripped his hand. "You were in a coma for more than a month, although I'm sure it must have felt more like a year. Do you remember anything?" Sara hoped she didn't bombard Grissom with too much information. She could only hope that his brain wasn't damaged. The doctor said they would only know once he woke up.

"No." Grissom admitted.

"I have something for you; you lost it a little while ago." Sara smiled as she put a small purple box into Grissom's hand. The velvety texture sent a memory back to his mind.

Grissom opened the box and didn't bother to suppress a smile at its contents. A large diamond ring, greeted the couple as the light hit its surface and spread a small rainbow of light across Sara's face.

Grissom gently took the ring out of the box and looked into Sara's eyes.

No words were needed, and Grissom was barely able to say them. Sara could read his mind.

Sara felt a tear of joy grace her cheek, a symbol of acceptance as Grissom slid the ring onto her finger.

"This must have been the first silent proposal in the history of engagements, that is, unless a mute had attempted the same endeavor." Grissom thought.

As Sara continued to admire her ring and Grissom's wakefulness, the sound of fast heals clicking against linoleum caught his attention. The sound of a baby crying grew closer as well with every step. A wide smile formed across Sara's lips as she tried to read Grissom's reaction.

Catherine grinned with excitement, as she entered the room with a small, plump baby boy dressed in blue.

"Grissom! You don't know how relieved we are that you're finally awake. The team has missed you like hell. And… there is still someone you have to say 'hi' to." Catherine beamed as she passed the infant into the loving arms of Sara.

The baby cooed in response, and the sight made Grissom confused.

"I know you missed the delivery but let me assure you, you didn't miss anything important. This little guy had me screaming for hours on end. I had to squeeze Greg's hand the entire time. I think he must have endured a couple of fractures. Spencer, say hello to Daddy." Sara picked up the baby's tiny hand and made him wave in response.

A sick feeling started to creep over Grissom, as the doctor entered the room.

"So how's the proud papa? Has he experienced any amnesia that any of you two could tell?" The doctor asked.

"Not so far…" Sara smiled. She crossed her fingers as the doctor continued to stare at Grissom.

"I was just about to tell him that I was glad he at least saw me pregnant. I'll never forget the time he ran out at three am to buy me a watermelon, while at the lab. I'm glad I don't have those cravings anymore." Sara grinned, but became concerned at the bleak expression on Grissom's face.

"What's wrong?" Sara became alarmed as she noticed that Grissom was starting to grow pale, the doctor ran over to Grissom in response.

"…I never remember you being pregnant..." Grissom hoarsely confessed.

The End