Disclaimer: Inverloch is the amazing creation of Sarah Ellerton. Therefore, it (sadly)does not belong to me.

A/N: This is based of pages 295 and 296 of the comic. So, if you haven't read them, I'm very disappointed in you (excluding you Yuki) and this will alsobe kindaspoiler-ish. So, enjoy and review!

Varden is a thief (not a pickpocket). He takes from one rich person to give to another, for a fee. He has never been ashamed of it either. He doesn't feel like he should.

His reasoning is that if the person he stole from is rich enough to buy whatever it is he stole, the should be able to afford another one. Besides, it's not like the things are very important to their owners in the first place. They're just a boasts, proof of the owners' wealth.

But now, as he looks at the defeated thief-catcher (Lei'ella), slumped on the floor, whose only real possession was her speed, he realizes that he has taken from her the one thing she can't buy back, the one thing of real importance to her. And, if only for that brief second, he is ashamed of his thievery.

So, was it good? Did it suck? Please tell me (that means review! But no flames please ( at least, with out good reason. "OMG THAT TOTALLY SUCKED BECAUSE I HATE VARDEN!11!" Is not a good, validreason) Also, this might extend into a collection of drabbles, so be prepared.