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"You are a jerk."

Varden looks at the girl sitting beside him. Her face is turned away from him, but he can tell by her voice (the name she called him helps) that she's annoyed.

"Why am I a jerk?" he asks, feigning innocence.

She turns to face him, golden eyes narrowed in a glare. He wonders (not for the first time) what color her hair is, but it's hidden under an old woolen ski cap. Besides, she's about to answer.

"You know very well why you are," she answers coldly.

He shrugs. "No, I don't. Enlighten me."

"Because you beat up Berard."

Ah, yes. The reason they're in the waiting room of the principal's office in the first place.

"Berard's an idiot." Varden says, voicing his thoughts as if that's the only excuse he needs to justify what he did.

"That does not mean you had to attack him in the hallway in the middle of class." He can hear the anger laced in her voice.

"Hey…" A though occurs to him, and he feels the need to voice it out loud. "What were you doing out there anyway? I highly doubt a straight A student like you was cutting class."

"I was not." She snaps. "I was coming back from the washroom."

She grabs his shirt collar and draws him in close to her, glaring directly into his eyes.

"And because I was out there, at the same place as your fight, they think that I was a part of this fight. This will be going on my report card. Jerk."

Varden gently grabs her wrists and pries her hands off of him. He doesn't, however, release her wrists.

"Hey! Let go!" she says, trying to wrench her wrists away. He ignores her, instead searching her gold eyes with his own.

"You're really uptight, you know that?" he asks.

"So what?"

"You need to relax more…"

He suddenly pulls her forward and starts kissing her. Her eyes widen in shock and she struggles. Realizing it's useless, she relaxes and lets him kiss her.

At that moment, unfortunately, Berard, one eye black and a bruise forming on his cheek, walks out of the office.

"THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND!!!" he yells, before letting out a fierce battle cry and attacking Varden.

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