The Legend of Zelda: Saria's Quest

By Violetlight

Disclaimer: I don't own Zelda, Nintendo does. I know this, the readers know this, just about everyone knows that! So please don't sue me, since I'm a student and you wouldn't get much anyway! Btw…Zair and Reppa (two Guardian fairies) ARE my characters so please don't use them without MY permission!

Author's Note: Hi, just wanted to say that I've worked on this story for nearly 1 ½ years now, and I really hope you enjoy it. Saria is my favourite character in the Zelda games, there's just something about the gentle Forest Sage that I really love. Anyway, I always thought there must be more to her story than what was revealed in the game, and I wanted to voice my own opinions, and tell her story. Okay, yes, I guess this fic could be considered a Saria/Link fic, I know she's 10 and he's 17, but mentally, they're the same age and love knows no boundaries. If this grosses anyone out I suggest you stop reading now, but if you're an open-minded reader who wants to hear my version of how the two lovers overcome this obstacle, and, more importantly, how Saria can be a hero in her own right, then please, read on, and enjoy Saria's Quest

Chapter 1: Forever Friends

"Congratulations Link!" Saria ran up to her friend, who was climbing down his tree house's ladder, followed by a glowing ball of light. "You finally have a fairy partner! At last you're a true Kokiri!"

"Thanks Saria," Link smiled. His eyes lit up as he walked over to his best friend and gave her a hug, holding Saria tightly for a few moments, then pulling back, his bright blue eyes still smiling. "This is Navi," he said, looking toward the fairy hovering above his shoulder. "Maybe Mido will finally stop bugging me now."

"I hope so," Saria giggled. Saria and Link were Kokiri; members of the forest-children race of Hyrule and the best of friends. All the other Kokiri admired and respected Saria for her wisdom of the forest and Link for his courage except for Mido, the self-proclaimed "Boss of the Kokiri". Mido had a crush on Saria but would bully the other Kokiri and teased Link nonstop for not having a fairy partner, as other Kokiri do. Because of this, Saria would have nothing to do with him. Now that Link finally had a fairy, maybe Mido would leave him alone.

"Hey Link!" Navi suddenly called. "We're supposed to go see the Great Deku Tree now. Come on!"

"The Great Deku Tree? That's so exciting Link!" Saria smiled. "It's a great honour to be summoned to him. I knew you would see him soon." Saria had learned most of her forest lore from the Great Deku Tree, the spirit of the forest and the father-god of the Kokiri. Each Kokiri was summoned to his presence at least once in his or her lifetime. At last, it was Link's turn.

Link didn't look too thrilled about seeing the Great Deku Tree. "Saria, can I talk to you, alone?" he asked. They walked a few feet to the base of Link's treehouse, leaving Navi and Saria's fairy Zair behind. "I didn't want to mention this in front of Navi, but I'm really nervous about meeting the Great Deku Tree."

"Link, it's okay to be nervous," Saria said, trying to comfort her friend. "Everybody's nervous the first time they see him. You shouldn't try to keep secrets from your fairy either. Navi's here to help you, to be your guide and lifetime friend. She'd find out anyway, you know."

"I know, I guess I still have to get used to having a fairy." Link smiled, looking at Navi fondly. "But it's not just that, Saria," he sighed. "I've been having these weird dreams lately, nightmares about dark clouds and galloping horses, flashing images. I know it sounds silly but I have a really bad feeling about seeing the Great Deku Tree. I feel that something awful will happen."

Saria looked worried. She had been having the same kinds of dark, shadowy nightmares lately, full of flashing images, but she didn't want to worry her best friend. "I'm sure everything will be all right," she assured him. "Now get going! Don't keep the Great Deku Tree waiting!"

"You're right. Thanks Saria, you're a real pal," Link smiled.

"Come on, already! Let's go!" Navi yelled, buzzing impatiently around Link's head.

"You heard Navi, get going already!" Saria laughed.

Link started to run after Navi, looking over his shoulder at Saria before disappearing into the forest. Saria watched Link as long as she could. The bad feeling was growing stronger and somehow she knew that both their lives would never be the same.

Days later, Link returned form the Great Deku Tree, looking tired, but determined, as if a great responsibility had been thrust upon him. Indeed it had. Although Link fought bravely to break the death curs upon the Tree, it was to no avail. The Great Deku Tree was dead, but with his last words had told Link his fate: to meet the "Princess of Destiny" and to save Hyrule from the evil force that had killed the Great Deku Tree and now threatened the entire world! The fate of Hyrule now rested with a ten-year-old Kokiri boy whose biggest concern, just days ago, was how to get through a day without getting teased by Mido! It all seemed like too much, too fast to Link but he knew what he had to do: leave Kokiri Forest.

As Link walked toward the exit log from Kokiri Forest to Hyrule Field, he was stopped by Mido, who came running up behind him. "Hey, Mr. No-Fairy! Where do you think you're going?"

"I have a fairy now Mido," Link sighed. He hated that stupid nickname Mido had given him. "And I'm going to Hyrule Castle."

"Hyrule Castle! What are you talking about? You know that if a Kokiri leaves the forest he'll die!"

"I'm under orders from the Great Deku Tree. I think I'll be okay."

"Speaking of the Great Deku Tree, what happened over there? You were gone for a long time," Mido asked. Link stopped walking for a moment, and then decided against telling Mido anything. He still didn't trust that bully. Link resumed walking towards the exit. "Come on Link, what happened?"

Link slowly turned around. The Great Deku Tree had been the Guardian of the Forest. All Kokiri deserved to know what happened to him, even Mido. "Mido . . . the Great Deku Tree . . . he was sick," Link began. "I tried so hard to save him but . . . but. . . ."

"Link, what are you saying?" Mido gasped. "The Deku Tree's okay, right?" Link hung his head. He couldn't answer. "Is he . . . dead?" When Link nodded his head, Mido exploded! "This is all your fault!"

"No Mido, you don't understand! I tried to save him! There were these giant spiders and Deku Babas and . . ."

"Shut up! Stop trying to make excuses! You killed him! You killed the Great Deku Tree!"

Mido's yelling cut through the normally peaceful atmosphere of Kokiri Forest like a dagger. Before long, a crowd of startled and confused Kokiri had gathered around Link and Mido.

"What's going on?" asked one of the Know-It-All Brothers.

"What are you two fighting about?" asked Flora, one of the Twins

"Something about the Great Deku Tree," her sister, Fauna piped up.

"Mido, is the Deku Tree okay?" asked Fala, Mido's sister.

"Will someone please tell me what's happening!" another Know-It-All Brother shouted.

"I'll tell you what happened!" Mido yelled to the crowd, while his fairy, Reppa, circled above his head. "Mr. No-Fairy here killed the Great Deku Tree!"

The crowd gasped. Shouts of "it's not true!" "By Farore!" and "Link, how could you!" filled the forest. Link frantically searched the crowd for Saria, the one person who would stick up for him. She was nowhere to be found. "Please believe me," Link begged. "I didn't kill the Deku Tree. A Gerudo in black armor put a curse on him and I tried to save him . . ."

"You actually expect me to believe you?" Mido sneered. "You, Mr. No-Fairy, the outsider. You've never been a true Kokiri, never truly one of us, and now when our Creator is dead you expect me to believe it's not your fault?!"

Link knew he wouldn't get through to the furious Mido. He looked at the other Kokiri. Most of them had also put up with Mido's bullying over the years and probably didn't believe him, but they were too afraid to speak up. Link turned back towards Hyrule Field. It really was time to go. "Goodbye Mido," Link mumbled, walking through the exit log.

"So long loser! Don't ever come back!" Mido shouted as Link disappeared. He turned to the crowd of shocked Kokiri. "Well come on, show's over. You can all go home now." The crowd dispersed, Kokiri talking amongst themselves as they left, some going back to their daily routines, others heading towards the Great Deku Tree's Meadow. Mido lagged behind, angrily glancing one last time at the exit log. He kicked a nearby stone into it, watching as it bounced into the darkness. I hope that hit him. Mido thought, finally walking away.

Link walked slowly through the exit log, emerging onto a wooden bridge on the other side. A second log, leading to Hyrule Field, was in front of him. Link recognized the surrounding trees and plants as part of the Lost Woods. In fact, he and Saria had often played hide-and-go-seek in this very clearing. Link had always wondered where the mysterious bridge had led and now he knew: Hyrule Field, and destiny. Link suddenly felt something hit his ankle. "Ow," he complained, looking down to see a small stone by his foot. When he looked up again, he realized that he and Navi were not alone on the bridge. He quickly turned around, to see the soft, blue eyes of his best friend gazing back at him.

"Oh . . . you're leaving." Saria said, the two friends moving closer together. "I've always known you would leave the forest someday, Link, because you are different from me and my other friends, but that's okay because we'll be friends forever, won't we?" She looked so sad to see her best friend leave, but Link also saw understanding in Saria's gentle eyes. She knew he had to go.

Link threw his arms around Saria and hugged her closely. "We'll always be friends, Saria, for now and forever," he assured her. Saria and Link had always been close. For as long as they both could remember the green-haired girl and fairy-less boy had been the best of friends, almost like they were brother and sister. Neither had ever thought they would be apart but now, Link had to leave.

Tears formed in Saria's eyes. "The Great Deku Tree told you to leave before he died, didn't he?" She asked, trying her hardest not to cry.

"How did you know?" Link asked, reluctantly pulling back from Saria's arms.

"I was just sitting in my house an hour or so before you came back to Kokiri Forest when this strange feeling came over me," Saria explained. "I just 'knew' that the Deku Tree was dying and that you tried so hard to save him. I'm not sure how I knew. I just . . . 'did'." Ever since Saria was a little girl, even before her guardian fairy, Zair, had come to her, Saria had the occasional "feeling" whenever something unusual was about to happen. Before, she had shrugged off the experiences as just coincidences or being all in her head. Lately, however, the "feelings" had become stronger, more frequent, and much more intense. Saria couldn't ignore them anymore, but she still didn't really want to talk about it. She quickly changed the subject before Link could ask any questions. "How long will you be gone?"

"I don't know," Link admitted. He was curious about Saria's "prediction" but could sense that she didn't want to talk about it. "The Great Deku Tree told me to go to Hyrule Castle and I have no idea how long that will take."

"I thought you would have a long journey ahead of you," Saria said, and pulled something out of her pocket. "I want to give this to you." She handed Link a small, brown, oval-shaped flute-like instrument. "I wanted to give this ocarina to you as a fairy-day gift, but I guess now it can be a going-away present too."

Link reached out slowly and took the ocarina, his fingers touching Saria's as he admired the beautiful instrument, lovingly crafted from the finest Deku wood. "Thank you," he smiled. He didn't know what else to say.

"I made it especially for you," said Saria, "after you and Navi left. I thought you would only be gone for a few hours, enough time to make you a present to celebrate Navi's coming. You took a little bit longer than I thought," she joked.

"I'll remember next time to tell you before I go to kill giant spiders living in talking trees," Link laughed. "Thank you so much Saria. I've always wanted an ocarina. Now, what can I do to make up for keeping you waiting?"

"Link, you don't have to do that."

"Aw, come on. Just think of something."

"Okay, okay . . . um . . . how about when you learn some songs for your ocarina, you'll come back to the forest and teach them to me?" Saria suggested.

"It's a deal," Link smiled and he and Saria shook hands. The two friends gazed into each other's eyes for one last, long moment. "I'll miss you, Saria." Link said quietly, backing slowly towards the exit.

"Goodbye Link." Saria whispered. Link turned quickly and ran through the exit log before he could turn back or change his mind. Saria watched him leave, a single tear sliding down her cheek.

Zair landed on her shoulder. "Let's go," he said gently. "You know he'll be back before long." Saria nodded and headed back towards Kokiri forest. She knew in her heart her best friend would return, but that didn't make her feel much better as she walked back to the place of her past, while Link raced towards the future.