The Legend of Zelda: Saria's Quest

By Violetlight

Disclaimer: I don't own Zelda. However, Zair and Lessa, the Queen of Hyrule, are my characters, so please don't use them without my permission!

Author's Note: I started this story years ago, back when I was in high school, and now I'm in 2nd year university. I doubt I'll ever finish it now, but since I had to reformat the existing chapters anyway, I thought I'd post the last little bit of this story I managed to write, before real life started to get busier. My writing style has greatly improved since then anyway, so please check out some of my newer stories if you like my writing. Anyway, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this story. This was my first venture into the realm of fan fiction; everything I've written since then has happend because of your initial support and encouragement. One day, I may just revisit the land of Hyrule. Until then, thank you and good luck with your own writing.

Chapter 3: A Link to the Past

The sun was shining brightly down on Hyrule Field as Link and Navi left Lon Lon Ranch. A lot had happened to them since that morning they had left Kokiri Forest. Most importantly, since they had met the Princess of all of Hyrule, Zelda, and were given the task of finding all three of the mystical gems known as the "Spiritual Stones." Link had already won the Kokiri's Emerald, the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, after trying to save the Great Deku Tree and now, he was supposed to go to Death Mountain to find the next, but Link didn't feel like hiking up the mountain trail just yet.

"Link, come on!" Navi said, perched on Link's shoulder. "Impa said he second Spiritual Stone is on that big volcano. Let's go get it already!" Navi noticed that Link wasn't paying any attention to her. "Link, what's wrong?" she asked her friend.

"Nothing's wrong, Navi," Link said. "I was just… thinking."

"About what?"

"About…well…I was just wondering how Saria and the others are doing. I just feel kind of…"


"Yeah. I miss Saria a lot."

"And I miss Zair," Navi sighed.

"You don't know Zair, do you?" Link asked.

"Yes I do!"

"But we've only been partners for about a week"

"What, you think fairies don't talk to each other? Zair and I have known each other for a long time."

"Oh," Link said, feeling kind of stupid. I really do have a lot to learn about fairies, he thought.

Link sat down, put his hand on his chin, and sighed. "I want to go home and see Saria, but how can I go back after Mido told everyone that I killed the Great Deku Tree, Navi? What if the others believe him and not me?"

"Since when do the others believe a thing Mido says? Believe me, Mido's the least of your worries right now," Navi assured him.

Link smiled. Navi was right. He had a world to save, why should he worry about the lies that Mido had surly spread. Anyway, what a story he had to tell Saria! Walking through the vast plain of Hyrule Field, of meeting the strange, yet oddly familiar people called the "Hylians," and of meeting Princess Zelda. As he thought of his adventures, Link couldn't wait to tell them to Saria. "Come on Navi!" he said, standing up proudly. "Let's go home."

"Hero of Time? Future of Hyrule?" Saria wondered aloud. "Great Deku Tree, how could I possibly be that important to Hyrule? I'm a Kokiri. I can't even leave the forest."

Thou art a simple child of the Forest, the ancient voice continued. This is true, but thou dost hold great power.


Thy powers will be realized when the time comes, but for now, I must continue with thy message.

"But Great Deku Tree, there's so much I want to ask you. Why did Link have to leave the Forest? Is he still alive? What's so important that you had to come back from the dead to tell me?"

Do not fret, child. Link is alive, and now, my message will answer thy questions. To Saria's surprise, one of the Great Tree's dead branches started to move and reached out towards her. The branch hovered momentarily in front of Saria's startled eyes, then tapped her lightly on the forehead…


Instantly, Saria found herself standing in a strange place. She had never seen anything like it before, a wide, open field, with only the occasional, pathetically skinny tree. She could see for miles, spotting a small group of buildings and a high, circular wall in the middle of the field. Far to the north, Saria saw another high wall, fringed by a small river. A bridge crossed the river, connecting whatever was behind that wall to the field. Saria stared at the scene around her, speechless.

"Saria, w-w-where are we?" Zair stuttered, buzzing nervously around her head. "This isn't the forest! Mommy!"

"Zair, calm down! I think we're actually still in the Great Deku Tree's Meadow. This…this place must be part of his message."

"Yeah, you're right, I guess," Zair agreed nervously, "but that doesn't make me feel any better. This place is too open. It's freaking me out!"

"Great Deku Tree," Saria asked calmly, trying to ignore Zair's buzzing. "Where are we? What does this place have to do with my destiny?"

Thou wilst discover thy destiny with time, but to understand thy future, thou must have knowledge of thy past. What thou art seeing are shadows of times long since past.

"You mean I'm actually seeing the past?" Saria wondered.

"Um, I'm confused," Zair said as he buzzed around. He was obviously still upset. "You mean we're seeing this place as it was, not as it is? What is this place anyway?"

This, the Great Deku Tree continued, is Hyrule Field, the home of the Hylians. But thou art seeing the field how it was 10 years in the past. The events that thou will now witness already have happened. Thou views merely their shadows. They cannot be changed.

"But why would we want to change them?" Saria asked.

Hush now, child. Watch and listen, and thou wilst understand.

As Saria watched, the sun moved across the sky with surprising speed, morning changing to dusk in just a few moments. Now night, she suddenly heard a sound coming from near a small river in the east of the field. She looked towards the thumping sound and saw two huge white animals running towards her.

"Ahhhh! What are those?!" screamed a panicky Zair.

"I … I don't know." Even though the hoofed creatures frightened her, Saria was somehow drawned to them. She started walking towards the galloping animals.

"Saria? Saria! What are you doing?! SARIA! LOOK OUT!" Zair shouted as one of the creatures ran dangerously close.

"Ahhhhh!" Saria screamed and tried to jump out of the creature's way, but it was too late. She closed her eyes and braced herself for the impact … but it never came. Nervously, Saria opened her eyes. Zair was hovering slowly in front of her, glowing with a pale, blue light that Saria knew meant the fairy was spooked. "Zair, what's wrong?"

"Tha-tha-tha-those things ran right through you!"

"They what?"

"They ran right through you," Zair repeated as he watched the white creatures slow down and come to a stop. "How did they do that, anyway?"

"I-I don't know," Saria stuttered nervously. "Wait, didn't the Deku Tree say that we're seeing shadows of the past? Shadows can't hurt us."

Thou hath guessed correctly, child, the Deku Tree's great voice boomed. The shadows that thou regards cannot harm thee, and thou in turn cannot do harm to them. To answer thy question, O inquisitive faerie Zair, the large creatures that would have collided with Saria art called "horses", but it is thee who rides them who art of thou's interest. Behold, the Hylians!

As Saria watched, two creatures climbed down from their respective horses' backs. Saria inched closer to get a better look and gasped. The "Hylians" were twice the size of any Kokiri, but apart from that, they didn't look much different. They had two arms, two legs, and Kokiri-like hair and faces, complete with the long, pointed ears that characterized her race. They were both female and in their arms they both held a small carrier bag, overflowing with cloths and blankets, strapped to their chests. Saria crept closer as the two Hylians stretched, still from their ride.

"Ohhh…my back is killing me!" one of them moaned. The woman had long blond hair, tied back into many regal braids, and was dressed in the most beautiful clothing that Saria had ever seen. She wore a beautiful magenta dress with gold shoulder armour, a golden belt, and a blue cummerbund showing strange symbols of a red abstract bird and three golden triangles, hanging gracefully over her skirt. From her elfin ears hung golden earrings shaped into the same triple triangle design and crowning her forehead was an elegantly bejeweled golden tiara.

"She's so beautiful," Saria whispered as the Hylian woman stretched from her ride, all the while carefully holding onto her carrier bag.

"She's pretty," Zair agreed, "but the other one's scary."

Saria turned and looked at he other woman. She was older than the first, with snow-white, closely cropped hair and dark eyes shining with the wisdom that only comes with age. Despite her years, she looked strong, with well-muscled arms and legs, and was dressed in tight-fitting blue, black, and purple body armour and knee-length black boots. On the front of her armour was a strange symbol of an enigmatic eye. Saria gasped as the woman turned her head and her eyes glowed with reflected moonlight. Saria was confused. The other woman's eyes didn't shine like a wolfo's.

The warrior woman art not a Hylian, the Deku Tree explained, sensing Saria's confusion. She is a Shadow-woman, a Sheikah. Her kind hath sworn to protect the Royal Family of Hyrule.

"Royal family? Does that mean…?"

Watch, child, and thou will learn.

Saria nodded her head and crept closer to the women to watch and listen.

"Your Majesty? Are you alright?" the Sheikah woman asked her companion.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little stiff, that's all. And Impa, why must you always be so formal? It's not like we haven't been friends for years." the Hylian woman smiled at her friend, as she stretched a little more.

Impa, as the Sheikah woman was apparently called, carefully placed her carrier bag down on the ground where she could easily see it, and gestured for her friend to come over to her. The Hylian woman smiled and walked over to her. She carefully placed her own bag next to Impa's, and then sat down in the soft, green grass, cross-legged before them. Impa knelt down behind her and started to massage her friend's back and shoulders. "Feeling better now, Queen Lessa?"

Queen? Saria wondered.

"Oh, yes, thank-you. Oh, right there, that's the spot," Lessa sighed, closing her eyes as she relaxed, all her aches and pains melting away with Impa's expert touch.

"Please excuse my formality, Lessa. I know you and the King have been married for years now, but I still remember back when you were both little children playing in the castle garden."

"And now we have little ones of our own," Lessa smiled and looked towards the two bundles lying by her feet.

Following Lessa's gaze, Saria looked more closely at the two carrier bags and noticed for the first time that they gently expanded and contracted in a soft, slow rhythm, like something was breathing inside of them. She inched closer until she was kneeling beside the Queen. She leaned over to look inside the bags, and gasped. "Oh Zair, look."

"What? What is it?" Zair buzzed. He flew over Saria's shoulder, shining his light down onto the bundles before her. "Oh."

Lying before them, with their tiny heads just peeking out of the carefully padded carriers, were two very small Hylians. Saria gazed at them in wonder. "Zair, they're so cute," she cooed.

"You think anything miniaturized is cute – like me! I'm cute, aren't I?" Zair buzzed. "Well, aren't I? Hello, Saria, anybody in there?" Saria's eyes were fixed on the tiny Hylians. She didn't hear Zair. "Oh, that's right. You've never seen a baby before, have you?"

"A…baby? Is that what they're called?"

"Well, yeah. Babies are really young, really little Kokiri … and Hylians, I guess. They can't walk or talk or anything like that. Oh, and they cry a lot."

Zair's attempted explanation didn't help very much, but Saria hardly noticed. Her gaze was fixed in fascination upon the babies. Saria watched as one of the babies, a little boy with soft baby blond hair, opened his tiny eyes. He yawned, sat up, and started to wiggle out of his carrier bag. Once he was free of his makeshift cradle, Saria could see that the baby was dressed in an expensive-looking white and blue silk jumper, with the yellow triple-triangle design below an uncomfortable looking collar, which the baby immediately tried to pull off. He cried in frustration when the tightly buttoned collar wouldn't move. His crying woke up his sister, a little girl with lighter, more golden hair, wearing a tiny pink silk dress. She started wailing too.


Saria put her hands over her ears. "I see what you mean, Zair."

"You're telling me!" Zair agreed, flying into Saria's pocket to get away from the noise, "but that one kid looks strangely familiar," he looked questionably at the little boy, and then dove back into the pocket. Just when Saria and Zair thought they couldn't take it anymore, the crying stopped. They slowly looked up.

Lessa had given each of the babies a small, glass baby bottle filled with milk. She smiled as the babies happily grasped their bottles and began to drink. Oh, my poor little ones! Were you that thirsty?"

"I'm not surprised," Impa remarked. "I don't think they've been fed since before the Royal Zora hatching ceremony."

"Well, you know the Zoras, they like to take their time, especially with royal matters. Besides, Link and Zelda didn't seem to mind."

Zelda? Link?!

Sunlight and shadow danced in a dappled pattern over the forest floor. From the canopy of lesser trees surrounding the Great Deku Tree's Meadow, two shining golden eyes watched the lone figure knelt before the remains of the Great Tree.

The Skull Kid tilted his hooded head curiously. The Kokiri girl was strangely still. Even her guardian fairy had ceased its usual orbit around its partner, instead lying dimly at her side. He leaped down from his hiding place among the tree branches and with small, quick steps scurried closer to the green-haired girl he had followed into the Meadow, stopping at her side. He silently observed her. Her eyes were closed in a trance and her face was twisted in a look of confusion. A branch of the old tree was lightly touching her forehead. The Skull Kid's eyes grew wide. Spiraling out from the point where the Deku Tree's branch touched her were four, brightly glowing green crescents, marking her forehead.

Is she…? Suddenly, the purple, eye-shaped jeweled pendent the Skull Kid was wearing around his neck rose up magically, shining with a purple light of its own, its beams reaching out and merging with the forest girl's green light. Dazzled, the Skull Kid reached for the Kokiri girl's hand and held it gently.

Yes, he thought to himself. She is the One.