You think I'm stupid. That's fine. I've spent my whole like getting that kind of thing. Dad says it's just a part of life and as long as the important people think otherwise, everything's fine.

The problem is, you're important.

My teammate, my friend, and you've never taken the time to look past the outside into a person worth knowing. I'm sad for you because I know that's how you view most everyone. You're afraid, or rejection or closeness or something like that, and it's plain to anyone who bothers to look at you…

I look at you.

I see past coarse words and a loud mouth. Past the supple body and gorgeous face. Past the obsessive personality and need for attention. And inside all that, I see a young girl trying so hard to get people to notice that she's blossoming into a young woman. You are amazing. Your brilliance and determination leave me in awe. I try so hard to be worth being a part of your team and that greatness that will follow you if you let it.

I don't even think he admires you as much as I do, and he's in love with you. You won't see it, though. He hides so well, but he's my best friend. I notice. I can't say anything because he hasn't actually told me about it yet. He's smart, so smart, but sometimes he can be really dumb, ya know?

He's so lazy. It was a bit annoying before I realized why he does it. Most of the time, he's thinking. He thinks so hard and at such a high level that it tires him out quick. So, he spends whatever time he can manage outside of training, research, and missions not thinking. Clouds give him the distraction he needs. Oh, he still has odd thoughts about them. Once, I heard him rattle off how much mass one took up with something having to do with the volume of gasses, but even if I could have understood all of his little mutters, I wouldn't have understood. I'm not stupid. He's just a genius. That's fine.

I've seen him watch you. The way his eyes grow soft and fond when you aren't looking back. How he relaxes just a little more when he knows you're okay. He listens to you, ya know. Almost as much as I do. He worries and angsts and tries so hard to protect you without ever letting you know. He knows you'd react badly to that.

There are some times when I'm scared for you. So passionate and chaotic, I'm so afraid you'll burn yourself out and leave us in the dark without your light. Man, that sounded so flowery, but…but it's true. You run so hard, so long, and then push even more. I don't get how anyone could not admire that.

He will always be behind you, ya know. Watching out. Making sure it's okay to go ahead and let you do your thing. Did you ever notice how sometimes he steers us around town the long way, just so you can keep writing verbal poetry to the Uchiha kid? What's with him, anyway? Seems like a right bastard to me, but who knows. He still listens to you. That makes me proud.

I know that some day, you and he will finally figure out what you mean to one another. You'll go off and get married, maybe pop out a few kids. Live in a nice house that gets visited by your Pop all the time, just so he can glare at the man who took you away. He'll think it's troublesome, but he'll bear it for you. He'd bear anything for you…

And then…and then I'll have to figure something out. Oh, sure, we'll stay friends but it won't ever be so close anymore. I'll baby-sit your kids, maybe drop by for dinner a few times, but I wont'…be there. I know you guys will be okay without me but the thought still bothers me and I just…I just wish that I could be…there…with you…

It will be a while yet. You're both so stubborn. I'll be okay. You'll be okay. He'll be okay. We'll be fine. As long as you let me, I'll be here, too. Watching, listening, seeing. You and he won't ever notice, but that doesn't matter.

I just wish it could last forever.


A/N: I love the character of Choiji. He's one of my favorite ones and this drabble popped into my head at lunch so I had to write it. I might do two more from the other two's point of view. Somehow, ShikaInoCho is becoming one of my favorite pairings…