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Paranoia Means that One is Afraid of Everyone and Everything, that Includes One's Friends


An explosion came from the lab room where Jules and Passepartout were experimenting with something new.

That can not be good for the ship. Phileas thought but continued to read his copy of The Times. They were going to the Caribbean, for a two week get away. A good deserved rest on a beach resort; this would be great if only Verne and Passepartout would stop working and enjoy themselves. Although they might enjoy the explosions so that this was fun for them, meaning that they might be blowing things up for a while.


Oh no, not another one! Phileas sighed and put down his paper.


"Passepartout, I don't think that adding the sulfur is helping, it seems to make things worst." Jules said as Phileas walked in.

"What is happening in here?" Phileas asked strictly with a slight hint of annoyance and amusement.

"Master, we just are working on the formula for the…" Passepartout trailed off shyly.

"For the…what?" Phileas demanded.

"For the…robots." Jules answered.

"What?" Phileas was thoroughly confused. What are robots?

"Well, Passepartout and I wanted to make a machine that could automatically pilot the Aurora. So we have finished all the outlining of the robot but then when I thought about it, we would need some kind of fuel for the robot to run off of, and that was the explosion that you heard." Jules explained.

"Why did you need sulfur?" Phileas asked but then quickly shook his head; he did not need Jules and Passepartout to confuse him. He did that pretty well himself.

"Are you sure this will work?" Phileas asked, he was curious but confused.

"Actually, I don't think it will work at all," Jules said, "I just wanted something to do."

"I agree with master Jules, master." Passepartout said.

Phileas shook his head. These two acted like five year olds sometimes, smart and annoying five year olds.

"Come on, Passepartout, lets have some lunch" Phileas said.

"Yes, master." Passepartout went to the galley.

"Verne, will you try not to blow up my ship, at least until we get to the island." Phileas asked.

"Sure thing, Fogg." Jules smiled.


The rest of the trip passed without any incident. Fogg read The Times, Rebecca cleaned her knives, Jules wrote/sketched in his notebook, and Passepartout divided his attention from either dusting off furniture that did not need dusting and keeping the Aurora on its route.

When they landed the Aurora they went to the Golden Acers Hotel, not even Passepartout was supposed to work these two weeks. This was going to be great.

Nothing could possibly go wrong. Phileas had arranged everything. And maybe being a little over cautious he had put down the reservations under a different name, found a hotel that was both grand and secluded, and had told no one of their true destination. He had not even told Rebecca, Verne, or Passepartout about where they were going until they were in the air.

This meant that there was no way that anyone could know about their whereabouts. Meaning that there would be no one there to bother them, chasing them, or whatever they had wanted to do.

Phileas checked in and they all went to their separate rooms, which –thanks to Phileas- were all right next to each other, after agreeing to meet for dinner at the hotel restaurant.

The bus boys put their luggage in the appropriate places and then left. Phileas decided to take a shower and then read before going to dinner.


Jules was ecstatic, this was the first time that he had ever been on a trip where there was no mission to accomplish. He couldn't wait to explore the island. There were sure to be some interesting things here.

He looked at the time, it was only four. Good. He had two hours to explore before having dinner. Maybe Passepartout would join him.


Rebecca had been extremely surprised at this unexpected turn of events. Surprised in a new wonderfully, happy way. Which was quite different and enjoyable compared to her normal surprises, they usually ended up with someone getting hurt.

Their rooms were wonderful. Phileas had taken bought the most expensive rooms, not like he needed to care about expenses, and they were fully equipped with everything. A master bed. A small bar. A marble bathroom with running hot and cold water.

She felt great, and she decided to take a bath. For two whole weeks her life was going to be on hold. There was nothing to worry about. Nothing to run after or chase down. Nothing at all.


Passepartout was not supposed to be working for two weeks. This was going to be awkward. What in the world did Master Fogg think he was going to do?

His job was practically his life. Although he did feel a part of the world that the Foggs and Jules created he did not feel like he should share that world. This was too much. He can't go two weeks without working. That is impossible. How can anyone do nothing for more than two minutes, he will never understand.

When Jules came by to ask if he wanted to explore the island with him, Passepartout practically jumped at the chance. It was only five minutes into the 'vacation' but he already felt like a slug.


Dinner came a bit too quickly for Rebecca. She had gone down to the hotel's bar after her long bath and met a charming young man. He was gorgeous, beautiful light green eyes, nice athletic body, a smile that would win over a cardboard box, and one hell of a tushi, but he had no chance. Rebecca loved it. Especially when he tried to 'escort' her away from a gentleman with a foul mouth.

Now she was sitting at the hotel's restaurant's table, recounting the antics of the young man to her protective cousin and waiting for Jules and Passepartout. Not only does she get a new nice man but she got to make her cousin jealous. This was perfect.


Jules and Passepartout had spent the first hour of their vacation walking aimlessly on the beach. The second hour they had spent near the water examining an odd plant. It had first looked like an animal but upon closer inspection, it looked more like a plant. Alright so it was still undecided if it was whether it was a plant or an animal, but it was interesting nonetheless. The last thirty minutes they spent dragging the plant/animal thing back to the hotel and into Jules's bath tub without anyone noticing.

The plant/animal thing was about the size of a dog, so it was easy enough to hide but the thing was the weather was humid and neither of them had bothered to ware anything more than a short sleeve shirt and trousers. The thing was wet though. and any attempts to hide it down one's trousers would result in stares.

So they did what normal people did when faced with this problem. They bought a suitcase and put the thing in it.

Now Jules and Passepartout were in Jules's bathroom staring at the plant/animal thing.

"What do you think it is?" Jules asked Passepartout, not expecting really expecting an answer.

"Master Jules, we have to get to dinner." Passepartout checked his watch, they were five minutes late and Fogg would not like that.

Jules sighed and got up from the toilet he was sitting on.

They cleaned up as quickly as they could and went down to meet Phileas and Rebecca.


"What kept you two so long?" Rebecca asked smiling.

"Sorry, Rebecca, Fogg" Jules spluttered, "Passepartout and I were caught up in something." Jules did not want Fogg or Rebecca to know about the plant/animal thing yet, afraid that Fogg might tell him to get rid of it before he could find out what it was.

They ate dinner and past the time without any mentioning of the thing, clearly Passepartout had gotten Jules's idea.


After dinner they had gone to the bar for a few drinks. Jules drank half of his wine glass before his curiosity got too much to bear and he made a sorry excuse to Fogg and Rebecca before heading off to his room.

The plant/animal thing consumed his mind. Naturally, Jules was a curious man and for him to find something so different bugged him constantly. He wanted to know everything there was to know about the strange new creature/plant/thing.

Jules went into his room. He turned on the lights and threw off his evening coat, pulling up the long sleeves before entering the bathroom slipping on something and crashing into something wet and sticky.

Holy crap! What happened in here?

The bathroom was covered in a thick green slime. Jules scrambled to get up but only managed to cover himself in the same slime. Then he calmed himself using the bathtub's hand holds to get up.

The plant/animal thing appears to be an animal with attributes of a plant. This only sparked Jules's interest.

The animal had stretched itself out and was a lot longer than it was before. It also looked a lot different than it did before. Before it looked like a small, green animal. Now it looked like it had transformed into a half fish, half human thing.

Jules reached out to touch the seemingly sleeping thing. The skin was hard and scaly, just like a fish's but the form underneath was human like.

Jules moved his hand across the creature's chest and then its face. Its whole body was covered in the green fish like scales.

Suddenly the creature grabbed Jules hand causing the writer to jump and gasp but the creature held on tight, not letting him get away.

Jules pulled but apparently the creature was strong. It easily pulled Jules closer to it. Its face was human like expect the eyes were completely black and its nose was covered in a light transparent cover.

Jules struggled more but the slime in the bathroom made it extremely difficult to maneuver. In a vain attempt to get away, Jules tried to wrench his hand away but that only resulted in him falling into the bathtub with the creature.

The creature held Jules down with one hand and with the other it clamped down on Jules face.

There was a hiss and an odd smell and Jules was out like a light.


It needed to get out of here. At first when it woke up, it had been dark. He could see very well in the dark but, it was unnaturally dark.

He did not like that. Unnatural means humans and humans mean trouble.

He stretched himself out and decided he needed to do something to protect himself. His natural defensives came on and he did what he normally did.

He felt better now, with some sort of half thought out plan, but he was still injured from the incident with the sharks and could barely move his left leg. He lay still for a long time and must have drifted off because he woke up to something touching his chest.

When he saw that it was a human, he could not move for an eternity. Then finally he went from stunned to panic and knocked the human out.

He had to find a way out. Where did the human come from? He looked around and found that there was some sort of hole in the wall. Funny, he did not see it there before.

He pulled himself up and limped to the hole. The human was lying exactly where he left it. The human was face up; half in the tub and half out, its eyes were open but unseeing. He did not like what his poison did to the humans but he had to do something! It was touching him!

Good thing he would not be around when it woke up. He hated how the humans reacted to the poison. No one knew for sure why the humans reacted that, but they do.

The thoughts of what will pass sent a shiver through his body.

It was going to get worst before it got better, and on accident he had given this human a much larger dose than he had intended to.

He limped out of the room and found himself in a larger room. The lights in there were all on and he saw another hole in the wall; this one smaller than the other and it lead to the outside.

He smiled to himself, he can get home now!


Phileas, Rebecca, and Passepartout stayed at the bar for half an hour before retiring. They had discussed their plans for the next day. They were to go to into town for shopping and sight seeing.

Each retried to their own rooms without even the slightest idea that something went wrong.