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The door suddenly opened and the two guards went down with bullet holes before they had time to turn around.

Gregory could care in the least. He still controlled what was going to happen. "Are you sure you want to be doing that, Fogg?"

Gregory waved his hand at Sebastian and Jules got up at his command and stood defensively in front of Gregory.

"Fogg put down the guns." Jules said. Gregory smiled, he smiled a lot today; things were going right for once.


Jules said it, but something was off. Something was wrong about his voice, about his eyes.

"Jules," Rebecca started carefully, "Come, let's get out of here."

"I belong here." Jules's voice surely replied, but Rebecca watched his eyes and they said differently.

"What do you mean, Verne?" Phileas asked seeing nothing to impede their departure, "Let us leave."

"I'm staying." Again his steady voice answered but his eyes cried out.

"Jules" Rebecca whispered softly. She searched his eyes finding something incredibly wrong with his steady gaze.

"Perhaps," the count interrupted, "You should listen to the boy."

Phileas had caught on by now, "Verne, we are not leaving without you."

"Then you will not be leaving." Jules answered.

Rebecca watched Jules's eyes carefully, trying to pin point what was wrong. His eyes were screaming but they were firm. Constant and sure but they screamed.

Rebecca stepped closer to Jules, maybe if she got close enough she could figure out why they screamed. She was a foot from Jules. His posture reflected his eyes, solid and rigid and still. All too still.

"One more move, Miss. Fogg and you will face consequences." Gregory declared, just as Rebecca was about to take Jules's hand.

She frowned in confusion and looked to Phileas for an explanation. Phileas stared at Gregory waiting for him to continue.

"I do not like other people touching what belongs to me." Gregory stated calmly.

Phileas shook his head and stepped up to Jules and Rebecca. He put one arm around Rebecca's waist. While his other arm hooked lightly around Jules's shoulders. He began to lead the two out of the room but Jules quickly jerked out of his reach.

Rebecca swiftly turned and looked at her friend. She had few of those and she wasn't willing to lose any of them.


Damian wanted a little fun. "Hey, Sebastian, look at what I've got."

Sebastian looked at the taser, "Why did you bring that?" Sebastian asked.

Damian shrugged, "I thought it might be a good idea. Do you think the boss would mind?"

Sebastian shrugged in return, "Probably not. Ask."

Damian walked to the count, fingering the taser along the way. "Boss, can I have a moment?"

The count looked at Damian and then back at the Foggs. He nodded at Damian, not even knowing his full plan.

Damian strutted up to the Foggs and casually put his arm around Jules's shoulders.

"Hey," Damian started, "Why don't you two get the hint? The kid wants to stay with us. Isn't that right, kid?"

Jules nodded and Damian stepped forward.

Damian held the taser up to Rebecca's face and flicked it on. Rebecca startled backwards as a flicker of electricity glowed brightly.

"Guess what this thing can do, baby." Damian drawled, "It can send volts of electricity through your body, knocking you out or killing you, I fixed it so that it could do that."

Damian circled Rebecca and walked towards Jules, "Watch", as he passed Phileas, Damian stopped as he reached Jules and quickly turned the taser on him.

Jules didn't cry out but fell to knees with a gasp.

Damian laughed and rejoined his brother as Phileas pulled Jules up, put his arm around his shoulders and began leading him and Rebecca out of the room.


Phileas had it. He decided that he was going to sort everything out later. Right now, the only thing he had to do was to get Jules off of this metal contraption.

When Jules pulled away from him again, Phileas quickly turned and threw a punch, hoping to knock Jules out with one well placed hit.

However, Jules had acted like he knew Phileas would try to immobilize him and had been ready. Jules ducked down and socked Phileas in the stomach, completely following through with his body weight.

The punch was strong enough to bring Phileas to his knees but he only doubled over.

Rebecca was at his side in less than a second, "Are you all right?" she asked unnecessarily.

Phileas nodded and stood up; unconsciously he kept low to lessen the sores. "What did you do to him?" Phileas demanded.

Gregory smiled or did something that was equivalent of smiling. "He belongs with us now and do not think I will divulge my plans to likes of you. We are here today to witness the destruction of the Foggs."

"For an evil genius, you're a real idiot." Phileas heard Rebecca mumble. He gave her a small smile before turning his attention back to Jules and the count.

"Monsieur Verne, please dispose us of your friends." The count ordered.

Sebastian began to make the clicking sounds louder and faster, a fact which both Foggs had only dimly noted as their friend suddenly lashed out at them.

Jules went for after Phileas first and when Rebecca was about to jump into their fray, Damian had pulled her aside, gun in hand.


Phileas didn't want to hurt him. Jules had been through so much pain all ready it seemed incredibly wrong for Phileas to cause him any sort of hurt.

Jules threw a punch and Phileas defended himself with a block. However, Phileas knew he couldn't last long this way. It was only a matter of time before he had to attack with good intentions.

Yet the intents still didn't sit right with him. Sure he had been willing to knock Jules out earlier but that would have been one smooth hit that would have resulted in nothing more than a headache.

Now he had to fight, the results would surly be agonizing. He didn't want to hurt Jules and unconsciously he was holding back.

Jules kept up his assault while Phileas searched for a fault in his movements. A few hits later and Phileas noticed that Jules lingered for a micro second before moving back from a punch. He waited for the next one which was aimed at his right chin.

Phileas blocked and grabbed in the same movement. He pulled Jules towards him and then twisted Jules's arm until he had his friend in a head lock.


Rebecca watched her cousin and friend fight. When Phileas had gotten Jules in a head lock, Rebecca thought it would be over but Jules managed to use the position against Phileas. Jules back peddled a few steps and jumped back causing Phileas to fall to the floor.

Jules was on top of Phileas in a second. He punched Phileas repeatedly.

Suddenly he stopped and sat back, straddling Phileas as he did so. Rebecca could tell that Phileas was having a hard time deciding if he should fight back or not.

"Sebastian, give Monsieur Verne a knife," Sebastian got up and handed Jules a pocket knife Sebastian had bought as Gregory continued his monologue, "I have always felt that knives were more personal than guns. Do you not agree, Miss. Fogg?"

Rebecca glared at the count but soon Jules was in motion again. She could easily disarm her captor but she needed a distraction. She waited as Jules expertly flicked the pocket knife open and she wondered faintly if she had ever seen Jules remotely comfortable with weapons.


Jules watched himself as he flipped a pocket knife open with practiced ease. He fought as hard as he could but to no avail. No matter how much he tired he couldn't get himself to even slow down.

He knew his face had relaxed and set into emotionless stare. Jules trialed the knife down from Phileas's upper jaw to his neck, drawing a thin line of superficial blood.

He felt himself getting ready to thrust the knife deeper and Jules struggled to stop himself. But he couldn't control his arms; his muscles listened to a different command.

He pressed the knife into Phileas's neck electing the faintest whimper as steel dug into flesh. Then Jules pulled back and was about to plunge the knife into his mentor, his protector, his friend but someone stopped him.

Damian tumbled into Jules knocking him back while the knife was a safe distance away from Phileas.

Damian began to get up but Phileas knocked him down with a well placed kick and jumped up to stand with Rebecca.

While Phileas joined Rebecca, Damian took the chance to join his brother. Jules slowly stood but stayed in the middle, between the Foggs and the count.


Rebecca had disarmed and threw Damian at the same time. She stood with Phileas, pointing Damian's sliver gun at the count.

Phileas brought out his own pistol out and joined the gun holding contest.

The count watched the scene with detached interest. He glanced over at Sebastian and looked back at the Foggs with a knowing smile. "I suggest you point that in another direction Miss. Fogg."

Rebecca glared at the count, "Or what?"

The count smiled at the challenge and nodded at Sebastian.

Jules stepped in front Damian's gun and began rolling up the sleeve until it rested on his bicep.

Rebecca was about to step around Jules when he held the knife over the crook of his arm. Jules pushed the knife in slowly until it hit bone. Gradually he began to drag the knife down his arm, towards his wrist. Blood gushed from the cut and dribbled to the floor.

"Point the gun elsewhere, Miss. Fogg." The count repeated with a smile.

She realized she was still aiming the gun at Jules and as if reading her cousin's mind, Rebecca quickly pointed the gun at Sebastian and fired while Phileas fired his own at Damian.


Both shots were clear and had it their intended marks. Both men went down, dead before they hit the ground.

There was still the count and still a sub full of people willing to do his bidding and they still needed to get out of here. But, for now this was the best they could do.

Phileas rushed to the device that Sebastian was using. He took a moment to study it. Maybe he could figure how to switch it off. But Phileas was met with no such luck. Everything on the device only confused him. So he decided to do the next best thing. He picked up the device, which was surprisingly light, and smashed it against the wall.

Phileas crouched down and retrieved a gun stashed in the waist band of Sebastian's body. He quickly stood and trained it on where the count should have been.

Phileas swore under his breath and hurried to help Rebecca with Jules.


Jules heard two shots but he couldn't rip his eyes away from what he was doing to himself.

Less than a second later he felt someone take the knife out of his hands and watched as skillful hands wrap a piece of cloth around his arm, pulling it tight to impede the blood which quickly soaked the material.

"Jules?" someone whispered, "Jules, can you hear me?"

He couldn't answer, he couldn't move, he could only stare at bandaged arm.

"Jules," the same voice, this time hinted with desperation, "We have to go."

Jules suddenly felt a jolt course through his entire body. He cried out and crumpled to the ground.


A cold stab of fear ran straight to his heart. Phileas crouched down next to Jules's prone form.

Jules's eyes were open and searching. Phileas gathered Jules in his arms, "Verne," Phileas said, "Can you hear me?"

"Fogg," Jules said softly, "I'm sorry, I tried but I couldn't stop…"

"Jules, Jules" Rebecca interrupted, "It was not your fault" she soothed lightly.

Jules closed his eyes for a moment then opened them startled, "Fogg, Rebecca, I can't move."

Rebecca shot Phileas a worried look and began to stroke Jules's inert arm. "Jules, do not worry, we will figure this out." Rebecca promised.

Jules's breathing became labored. Frantically he tried to draw in more air, and Phileas realized what was happening and pulled Jules against his own chest. "Verne," he commanded sternly "Breathe with me in and out" Phileas paced Jules's breaths until he had control again.

"Fogg," Jules rasped, "You need to get out of here…"

Jules started gasping again and Phileas immediately began coaching Jules to breathe. "Verne, do not speak. Rebecca, help me carry him."

Rebecca nodded and slung Jules's arm around her shoulders while Phileas lifted the writer up.

They made it into the hall way when Jules cried out, clutching his head as he buckled to his knees.

"Rebecca, check the corridor." Phileas ordered as he worriedly pulled Jules against his chest and gently tried to wake him up.

Rebecca nodded and ran off, understanding that she got to beat anyone she met along the way up.

Phileas put his hand over Jules's chest and felt the erratic beats thumping against his hand. Phileas listened to Jules's breathing, desperately trying to hear an intake of breath. "Verne, you're going to be all right. Just breathe."

A slow, struggling whine of air was pulled through and Phileas relaxed a little. Phileas concentrated on those little pulls and pushes of air and situated Jules so that he could breathe easier. However, he could tell that with each pull it was getting harder.

"Fogg," Jules gasped

"Verne, don't. Save your energy." Phileas admonished.

Jules faintly shook his head, "No, you…listen" Jules breathed.

Phileas nodded and watched Jules's half-lidded eyes. "You leave…without me" he managed slowly.

Phileas instantly protested but Jules continued, "they…will…get me…no matter what…nanites." Jules took a shuddering breath, "trackers…" he mumbled, his eyes closing.

"Verne, you know we are not leaving without you, so stop trying to convince us." Phileas said sternly. He felt Jules nod against his chest and Phileas released a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"Verne," Phileas started but suddenly Jules opened his eyes and looked at Phileas. He desperately grabbed onto Phileas's lapels.

"When he…shocked me…" Jules started, "it was me…for a moment…"

Phileas shook his head, "I don't understand…"

"Taser," Jules said weakly.

Phileas nodded, gently laid Jules down, and ran back into the room and picked up the taser where Damian had dropped it. When he got back into the hall way, Rebecca was back. Her hand was gently stroking Jules's cheek.

Rebecca gave Phileas a nod, "He said to turn it as high as it could go and shock him right here." She pointed to his heart and stood back.

"Would that kill him?" Phileas crouched down and looked at the taser, he flicked a button on the end to one side and hoped it meant that it was on full blast.

"I think that was the point," Rebecca thought about it for a moment, "maybe this is what is needed."

Jules eyes had closed and his breathing seemed to have completely stopped.

Hoping that Jules was all right, Phileas set the taser against his heart and pulled the trigger. The electricity was enough to make Jules arch his back as he spasmed against the current.

An eternity later and Jules still had not moved. Rebecca kneeled next to Jules. She lightly touched Jules's cheek and brushed his hair back.

He gave a light moan, at the sound Rebecca pulled him up into a hug.

Phileas had never been so relieved to see his friend's eyes. It seemed almost normal. If only they weren't under the water and surrounded by metallic gray walls.

"Verne," Phileas asked worriedly, "are you all right? Can you stand?"


Jules was confused. The last thing he remembered before waking up in a dark corridor with two people staring down at him was that he and Paul had been playing in the back yard with a stray dog.

It was strange when the man had called him by his last name, which was usually reserved for his father. Now that he thought about it, his father would be extremely angry if he knew where he was at the moment. Then again, where was he?

Jules looked at the man and woman, they looked concerned about something but Jules couldn't figure out what they could be worried about.

Jules decided that he really had two choices. He could sit there and wonder or he could speak up and find out what was going on. But before he could the two pulled him up and began to lead him through the hall way.

He followed silently, hoping to delay the conversation that would not be in any way comfortable.

They reached their destination without any major problems and Jules thought that he could trust these people. Although he had always been quick to trust in the past, he knew because his father had yelled at him for that once.

He sat in the boat and smiled back at the man who was waiting for them. Jules wasn't sure how to handle this situation. He felt different, almost as if he was bigger. Not that he was taller, because he didn't feel funny walking but…just bigger.


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