Sequel To 'Sakura's Dramatic Search'

Have You been asking what was that small white box?

Sasuke asked the same

Late that night Sakura snuck out of bed, she slowly lowered the stairs being careful not to make a loud sound that would wake her lovely Sasuke-kun. She made way to the kitchen and opened the fridge, she took a step back as the milk poured to the last drop, she shifted eyes, she extended her hand grabbing the small box, she closed the fridge only to find—

"Sakura…what are you doing up so late?" He rubbed his eyed sleepily

"Nothing Sasuke-kun! Sudden…!" She furrowed her eyebrows 'talk about cravings…I'm hungry'

"And what's that you're holding behind you?"

"hehe..nothing Sasuke-kun..Go back to sleep I'm fine!" She smiled, he was too tired to hesitate now, so he nodded and made his way back to the bedroom. She sighed in relief, she placed the box in the counter.

Sasuke sat up in bed with no sight of Sakura around the room, he swung his legs to the side lifting himself up.

I'm sure being a Jounin is quite the work for our Uchiha, besides he had a mission today, he walked into the bathroom flicking the switch, as the light flashed across the room he noticed that his pink-haired wife was lying asleep leaning to the wall.He kneeled down and moved her a bit, she moaned opening her eyes.


"okay…first;you mess up the house over your ring, second; you dug a hole, third; you woke up at midnight saying you have cravings and now sleeping in the bathroom?…Is this a habit I wasn't aware of?"

Sakura blinked…he said too much for Sasuke Uchiha, she snapped out from her thoughts.

"No..I just…nothing really" She smiled

After taking a bath and doing the usual routine, he walked down with his bag only to be greeted by Sakura on the kitchen.

"You..have a mission Sasuke-kun?" She wasn't aware of this, why wasn't she enlisted to go along, he answered her with a nod.

He bid his goodbyes turning to the door, she frowned, she didn't get to say anything.


He turned to her, her shoulders fell "It's nothing, Be careful Sasuke-kun!" She forced a smile just as he closed the door behind him she sighed.

"Sasuke!" Naruto waved wildly as Sasuke made way to him and Shikamaru

"He sure is loud in the morning" Shikamaru sighed dropping his finger from his damaged ear lobe.

"Get used to it" Sasuke smirked "So..we just have to exchange scrolls with the Grass village…"

Naruto huffed "I want an exciting mission! A HOT ONE!"

"That's going to be hard to find Naruto, since the temper around here as been running low, such exciting missions as you ask are rare ones" Shikamaru couldn't help but explain "..troublesome"

"That doesn't matter! 'cause I'm going to be Hokage!" Naruto raised his fist high "Believe it!"

"Let's get going, I'm tired of wasting my time hearing Naruto brag about Hokage's" Sasuke walked past Naruto and Shikamaru.


"Argh…why did I get stuck with fat-boy here!" Ino yelled as she sat across Choji who was too busy gnawing on some chips.

"Because Shikamaru had to go on a mission" Choji managed to talk trough his chip devouring jutsu…

"I know!" She crossed her arms and sighed "this is…stupid"

"Sounds like you miss Shikamaru"

Ino scoffed glaring at Choji

"I don't miss that lazy guy! All he does is mumble troublesome and stare at the clouds! He doesn't do anything!..200 HQ my butt!"

Choji rolled his eyes as he kept devouring the poor chips.


"…oh how I wish to drink warm sake and relax-"

"Tsunade-same! This isn't the time to be slacking off"

Tsunade sighed "'ve turned out quite demanding"

Shizune smiled "Now…work!"

Tsunade dropped her shoulders in defeat as she lazily looked over the papers.

Sakura snuck her head in getting the attention of both Tsunade and Shizune, she smiled as she stepped in completely closing the door behind her.

"Sakura-chan" Shizune made way to her "Would you like something?"

"Oh I'm fine" Sakura smiled

"I assume you want to have a word with me" Tsunade snuck her head out from over the paperwork in front of her, oh how she loved Sakura right this moment to interrupt her from doing all this work.

"yeah..Tsunade-sama yesterday I-"