I guess I own an apology to all of my reviewers, who so kindly await the next chapter of this story with a heavy heart, for all the wait I have put you through. I am not exactly passionate to what the Sasuke/Sakura pairing was anymore, so I can no longer begin banter to those who oppose this pairing.

However, I will continue this fic! But, as you have may noticed, my style of writing has change, my words, my descriptions, everything has been enhanced to such an extended that I don't even count myself as a child. I will re-write every chapter.

I won't give up in this story.

All of this is because of my passion for writing, my desire to become a writer—meaning I can't stall my stories any longer just because I've been having a writer's block. Have faith in me, I beg of you, this story will reach its completion soon to a real fanfic which I can relish as a true one, and, hopefully, you can, too.