Matchmaking: Cyclops and Phoenix

Summary: Rogue decides to play matchmaker for Scott and Jean, much to a jealous Remy's…amusement?

Disclaimer: X-men: Evolution is not my property

Warning: AU, OOC, language,

Pairing: Romy, Jott, Amyro, Lancitty

A/N: Scott is not Xavier's first student, obviously.

A/N2: This, like my Inuyasha story 'Two of a Kind' will only be updated when I feel like updating it. I've got the first three chapters already, but I'm going to space them out, so I can have time to work on chapters ahead of time. So, enjoy!

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The New Student

Remy chuckled as Rogue mocked Jean. Little Miss Perfect had once again taken it upon herself to lecture them about responsibility and being nicer to their peers. Apparently, she didn't appreciate them handing her favorite nightgown over to Amara and John to 'play' with. And by play he meant use as fuel in a successful attempt to burn her van. Not that Remy or Rogue knew why they wanted the gown to burn the car, but they figured it best not to ask. It pissed Jean off, so they thought it was a wonderful idea.

Rogue smiled and chuckled along with him, leaning against his side. "Ah cain't believe they actually burnt Jean's car, an' got away with it!"

She, of course, was referring to the fact that Xavier hadn't punished them for their deed. Jean was doubly pissed about that, hence why she'd gone after the assistants in this horrible prank too rather than just the pranksters. Apparently, Xavier thought the more they used their powers, the better control they would have over them. Burning Jean's van wasn't what he'd had in mind, but he couldn't deny that they were following his advice when they said as much. Of course, Jean was getting a new car for her troubles, her pick too, but still.

"I know," he chuckled. "Génie, pur génie!" (Genius, pure genius)

Rogue nodded in agreement.

"Hey, did you guys hear?" Kitty asked, appearing before them. Rather than jumping, the mutants looked at her questioningly. They'd gotten far too used to her and Kurt popping up out of nowhere, so it really wasn't that surprising when they did.

"Hear wha', p'tite?" Remy asked curiously. Kitty giggled and blushed before getting back to her reason for phasing into the rec. room.

"We're getting a new student!"

"Oh?" Rogue and Remy shared a look, identical smirks appearing on their faces.

"Yeah," Kitty giggled, oblivious to the mischievous looks. "His name's Scott Summers. Apparently, he can shoot laser beams out of his eyes or something like that, but he can't control it. He has to wear these ruby quartz sunglasses in order to keep the beams in."

"So, he makes t'ings explode too, eh?" Gambit asked thoughtfully, talking more to himself than to Kitty.

"Well, that's one way to put it," Kitty nodded. "Anyway, I just, like, wanted you guys to know!" and with that, she phased through the floor.

When she was gone, Rogue turned to Gambit expectantly.


"Yo' plannin' somethin'," Rogue said knowingly. "A prank on the new kid perhaps?"

"Remy don' know what yo' talkin' 'bout, chere." Gambit denied, shaking his head. But the smirk on his face said otherwise. Rogue raised a skeptical brow, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Alrigh', alrigh'," Gambit caved when he saw her giving him the look. "Gambit may have somet'in' up his sleeve. Pourquoi, (why) you wan' in?"

"Sugah," Rogue began admonishingly, "you know Ah do!"

They laughed again, and began talking over their plans for the new kid's 'initiation' into the mansion.


Scott walked slowly up to the mansion's door, his nerves on edge. He'd been excited about coming to this school for mutants ever since Professor X had contacted him in Hawaii. His brother, Alex, was invited too, but he'd opted to stay with the folks. It was bad enough one son was leaving, but both? Besides, he could control his powers, even though he was younger than Scott.

Taking a deep breath, he rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. After a few minutes of standing, Scott was beginning to wonder if anyone was even here, but just as he was about to turn around, the door swung open. His eyes slowly turned to whoever had opened the door, and his jaw promptly dropped. She was gorgeous!

Even though everything was in red for him, it was in different shades. He'd learned to differentiate between the shades, so he knew what color everything was. He could tell this girl had auburn hair with white streaks, green eyes, and pale skin. Her lips were naturally red, so lipstick was something she wouldn't need. He could tell this because lipstick tended to be a bit darker red, even when it wasn't dark red at all, than when it was natural.

The girl's eyes widened when she saw him, then narrowed seductively. "Can Ah help ya, sugah?" she asked, stepping closer to him and running her eyes up and down his body. Scott gulped. He knew he was a looker, he'd had many girls crushing on him back home, but it always embarrassed him when someone hit on him. After all, Scott Summers was far from vain.

"Uh, hi! I'm Scott Summers, the…"

"Yo' the laser beam guy?" Rogue interrupted surprised.

"Actually, I prefer optic blasts, but yeah. I'm the laser beam guy," he nodded, blushing slightly. She was still eyeing him appreciatively.

"Well, twist mah arm!" Rogue muttered to herself, who knew this guy was a looker? "Mah name's Rogue, but you can call meh anythin' you want."

"Uh…thanks? Can I come in?" he adjusted the strap of his duffel bag on his shoulder and shifted his feet nervously. Rogue, coming back to herself, nodded and stepped away from the door.

"So, how old are ya, Scott Summers?" Rogue asked, drawling his name out. Scott shivered and blushed darker.

"I'm eighteen, and you?"

"Twenty-three," Rogue said with a shrug. "Ain't too much difference eh?"

"Um, no, no I guess not. Where is everybody? Or are you the only student he has?"

"Nah sugah," Rogue shook her head, chuckling. "Ev'ryones jus' out havin' a good tahme. Those that're still here are doin' their own thin'. Lucky you, Ah was in the kitchen when the doorbell rang, else no one woulda answered."

"Oh, yeah, thanks!" Scott smiled unsurely at the woman. She certainly didn't look twenty-three, but what reason would she have to lie to him?

"Ah age slowly," Rogue said, reading his confused expression correctly. "Mah powah is absorption. If Ah touch ya, Ah gain yo' memories, yo' skills, yo' knowledge, an' if yo' a mutant, yo' powahs. Ah absorbed a woman named Carol Danvers, whom had invulnerability, flight, super strength, an' a 'seventh' sense that detects any immediate danger. Her invulnerability 'long with Logan's healin' factor makes meh age reeeeaaal sloooow laaahke." she dragged the last words out to emphasize her point.

Scott laughed good-naturedly. "You must be real lucky if you can fly. I would give anything to be able too! My dad used to be a pilot, guess I inherited my love for flying from him. It would certainly beat these stupid optic blasts. It's not fun being the guy who can kill with a look."

Rogue smiled understandingly. "You think that's bad? Imagine meh when Ah couldn't control mah skin! Fo' years Ah had ta stay covahed up lahke a mummy cuz Ah couldn' touch no one. The girl who can kill with a touch."

"Wow," Scott let out a low whistle. "Some team we would've made, huh? The guy who can kill with a look, and the girl who can kill with a touch. Sounds like some kind of bad comic book or something."

Rogue chuckled. She liked this boy already. He didn't pity her the way everyone else did when told of her powers. Instead, he seemed to understand that she didn't want pity; she just wanted to be treated like a normal mutant. Then again, she wouldn't be surprised if he was subjected to his fair share of pity too.

"So, what about yo' family? Any siblins?"

"Yeah, my little brother – Alex. He's a mutant too, but he can control his powers. They're a lot like mine, optic blasts, except they shoot out of his hands."

"Mus' be nahce fo' him then," Rogue said. "Ah got a brothah mahself. Kurt Wagner. Ya should meet him soon, cain't miss him really. He's blue with yellow eyes, three fingers an' two toes, an' teleports everywhere."

Upon seeing Scott's widened eyes, Rogue chuckled. "Ah was adopted," she informed.

"You were?" he asked skeptically. He wouldn't have imagined she was the adopted one. Rogue nodded.

"Our mothah, unfortunately you'll meet her when we go ta battle against the Brotherhood, is Mystique. She's a blue woman, yellow eyes, looks perfectly normal othahwise, who can shape shift."

"So, your mother is the enemy?" Scott asked, shocked.

"Yup," Rogue nodded easily. "Bitch too, but that's jus' fo' the record."

Scott chuckled and shook his head. "Whoa, I just got here, and already my brain's overloaded!"

"Hmhm," Rogue smiled seductively, causing Scott to gulp. "Ah could remedy that, sugah. Get yo' mind offa thin's real quick."

"Um, th-that's okay," Scott stuttered nervously, backing up a few steps. "I'm just fine, really! I mean, what's a school for but to overload your brain, right?"

"Ah s'pose yo' rahght," Rogue nodded disappointedly. A few minutes passed in silence, before she smiled again. "C'mon, lets take you ta meet Charles."

"Charles? The professor?"

"Mmhm," Rogue nodded. "Ah absorbed an old friend o' his once, who jus' happens ta be the leadah of the Brotherhood, an' haven't been able ta call him professor since."

"Ah," Scott nodded in understanding. "Well, I guess he would like knowing he's still considered something of a friend to this guy, right?"

"Rahght you are, sugah!" Rogue smiled, and knocked on the door to Xavier's office.

Come in, Rogue, Scott

Scott jumped when the voice sounded in his head, but Rogue just giggled lightly. "He does that a lot. You get used ta it."

She pushed open the door, allowing Scott to enter first. She stuck her head in, smiled at the professor, and left. Scott watched as the door shut behind her before turning his attention back to the smiling professor. He blushed, realizing he was having indecent thoughts in front of a telepath.

"It's quite all right. You're only a teenager," Xavier reassured him, but his words only made Scott's blush darken. "Let's talk about your schooling here, yes?"

"That would be nice," muttered an embarrassed Scott, sitting in a chair across from Xavier.