Jean snuggled into Scott's side. They were sitting on the couch in the rec room with Remy, Rogue, Amara, and John around them. The three couples decided a day of rest and relaxation was just what they needed. The professor announced a new student would be arriving soon, and they wanted a break before the new teen came to cause mischief.

The relationship between Scott and Jean was a great one. It had lasted throughout Taryn's failed attempts to seduce Scott and Duncan's failed attempts to woo Jean. Three months now, and neither showed signs of wanting to breakup. They had their fights of course, what couple didn't? But they always made up in the end.

"This is nice." Amara sighed lovingly, snuggling back into John's arms. Mumbled agreements met her statement. It was rare that the three couples were together without starting fires, giving lectures, or just acting downright perverted in front of someone. It was always nice when it happened though, but none would ever give up their respective hobbies for more of these peaceful moments.

"So, what do ya'll think th' new guy'll be lahke?" Rogue asked as Remy rubbed his hand up and down her side. Scott shrugged, Amara and John shared hopeful looks, and Jean mulled the question over.

"I don't know," she finally said, "but I hope he's not another pyrokinetic."

"Wha's wrong with bein' a pyro?" Pyro asked, indignant. Amara frowned.

"I think she just doesn't want more people setting her things on fire, sweetheart," she informed him. "Besides, I hope he's not either. He might try to steal our job!"

"Y' job?" Remy asked. His expression said clearly he already regretted asking.

"Settin' things on fire o' course!" John said happily. Remy's frown deepened, meaning his regret had only gotten worse.

"Ya so smart thinkin' o' that, love," he praised Amara. She grinned and kissed him. Jean smiled at the two, though the wariness in her gaze never wavered. They still enjoyed burning her things, and Scott – while usually helpful – sometimes found the events funny. Lucky for him, he knew just what to say to reduce her temper.

The ringing doorbell signaled the end of their quiet time. The new student was here, and it was time to meet her. Feet pounded on the steps as Kitty raced past.

"I'll get it!" she called. The couples sighed and stood. The professor would want them to greet the newcomer anyway.

The door swung open, and Kitty was unable to keep a gasp from escaping. The boy, no man, standing before her was gorgeous! He was tall with short hair and deep blue eyes. His body appeared to be made of muscle. She was unaware of drool forming at the side of her mouth.

"Hello," he greeted with a thick Russian accent, "I am Piotr Rasputin. This is Xavier's School, yes?"

"Huh? Oh yeah!" Kitty grinned. "C'mon in, I'll take you to the professor!"

Piotr smiled gratefully and picked up his bags. As the two passed, Rogue shared a grin with her friends.

"Are ya'll thinkin' what Ah'm thinkin'?"

"I think we are, Rogue," Jean said with uncharacteristic mischievousness. "I think we are."


Yes, it's sickeningly short, but it's also just the epilogue and not an actual chapter. Hope you enjoyed the story! Remember, tell me if I should stop or continue this in a series. I already know most of you will say stop, but it never hurt to ask. Maybe my ego will get a nice boost by some of your replies. Ignores mutterings that it doesn't need a boost, but something to take it down a lot.