AN and Disclaimer: I don't own the DaVinci Code nor any of the characters --- I just want to borrow them for a while…anyways, be kind this is my first DaVinci Code fic --- so enjoy! I'm taking things from both the book and the movie….I'm not sure which one will be used more.

Chapter One:

Robert Langdon hadn't even shut the door to his car when he was tackled around the legs by something.

"Papa!" a girl's voice happily said. "I missed you today!"

Langdon knelt down and picked up his five year old daughter, Sarah Elisabeth. "I missed you too today."

Sarah placed a big kiss on her dad's cheek as he carried her back into the house.

As they entered the small house, Kiki, the family dog greeted them happily as well. To Langdon, it seemed that everyone missed him that day.

Sarah scrambled out of his arms and ran down the hallway towards her room and Kiki followed close behind. He laughed slightly. He figured that Sarah had drawn him another picture for his office.

Soft hums were coming from the kitchen as well as wonderful smells.

Langdon followed the sounds and smells and found his wife preparing dinner.

He smiled happily as he watched her.

His Sophie…

It had been almost eight years since the events that brought him and Sophie Neveu together. It was a wild and amazing adventure that they shared and it was that adventure that bonded them together even more.

A month after their adventure, they met for a few days in Florence, Italy, where their love began to slowly bloom. Then after rendezvous around Europe and even a few in the States, they knew that they were deeply in love with each other.

After about a year, Robert Langdon had two surprises for Sophie. The first was that he had been offered a job at King's College in London. And the second was an engagement ring for Sophie.

Langdon had to admit one thing. Married life was far better then bachelorhood.

Then about two years after being married, it was Sophie's turn to surprise Langdon. She was pregnant with their first child.

Though the pregnancy for Sophie was difficult, the reward at the end was worth it. Nine months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, with her green eyes and Langdon's dimpled chin.

Out of tribute to Sophie's past, they named her Sarah Elisabeth.

And for the past five years, life has been wonderful and it still was.

"You're quiet tonight," Sophie said in English with her French accent still evident. She hadn't turned around to look at him yet.

"I'm just thinking."

Sophie turned around and smiled at him. "Don't think too hard because Sarah made anagrams for you today."

Langdon laughed as he pulled Sophie towards him. "And did her mother help her?" he asked eyeing her.

"What do you think?" she answering smiling a bit.

Langdon smiled back at her before kissing her softly.

A family forced to flee….royalty….a family crest with a tree and lion…..a white banner with a red Templar Cross emblazed on it…a secret to die for….

A young woman sat up breathing hard in bed. Her hands gently moved around her neck to calm herself down.

This was the third dream in as many nights. What where they trying to tell her? what did they mean?