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Chapter Nine:

"She's been spending a lot of time with a family from London," Lief said over the phone. "But now she is on her way to Paris. I'm certain that she leaves tonight."

"Really now?" he asked.

"I first saw them on the plane trip to London. Then she met the mother and daughter again at Rossyln Chapel."

"Very interesting," the man on the other line said. "What else has she done with this family?"

Lief went on to explain how he had watched Kyla and the woman meet several times for lunch, as well as babysitting the young girl from time to time. The man on the other end knew for a fact that Kayla Watkins knew nobody in London. All her family was dead and her friends were in NYC. So, what was it about this family?

"Use this family to get to Kayla Watkins. Use any means necessary without killing anyone."

"Yes sir."

Marie Chauvel dropped the telephone receiver and fell to her knees. Word had just arrived from London that Sophie had been attacked in her home and beaten to near death, while Sarah had been kidnapped. A neighbor had witnessed the attack and kidnapping and called the police. The only thought that ran through her mind was the fact that the Priory hadn't been there to protect the Holy Grail.

Joseph ran into the room and helped his grandmother up as she clung to him for support. He helped her up and over to a chair. He too had just found out what happened.

"What about Langdon?" he asked.

"He's with Sophie at the hospital. He said that he will call later," Marie managed to say through her soft tears.

"Should some of the Priory members go down there?"

"Some are on their way. We should leave as well."

Joseph nodded in agreement.

Robert looked up and wearily rubbed his eyes. Sophie lay in a hospital bed, sleeping. The doctors were certain that she would survive, but they wanted to keep her a few days for observation. Between watching Sophie sleep and being worried about his daughter, Robert Langdon had never felt so vulnerable in his life.

"Robert?" a soft voice asked from the doorway.

He turned his head to see Marie and Joseph standing in the doorway. They had just arrived from Scotland. He stood up and walked out into the hall to talk with them.

"How is she doing?" Marie asked.

"As well as she can," he answered.

"Does she know about Sarah?"

Robert shook his head no.

"Have the police found anything yet?" Joseph asked.

Once again, Robert shook his head no.

"Listen Robert, the Priory is doing all we can to try and find Sarah. But I need you to do something." Marie said in a hushed whisper.

"What's that?"

"Find Kayla Watkins. She may be the only one who can help."

Robert looked at Marie oddly for a second, but didn't ask why. He remembered Sophie telling him something about her being a descendent of the Templar Knights, but it was all a bit fuzzy. He just knew that he should do as Marie suggested.

Kayla sat looking out the window, just before the train drove into the depths underneath the English Channel. She wasn't worried about going to France, just going under the English Channel to get there.

But Marie Chauvel had told her to start at the beginning and work her way back. And her family had originated in France back in the 900s - well at least according to her family tree that had been created over several centuries.

First, stop the National Achieves in Paris. Then who knew where after that.

She was settling into her seat with a book, when something in front of her caught her eye. A young man was wrestling with a little girl, trying to get her into a passenger car towards the front of the train. He seemed to be having a difficult time with the girl.

For a brief second, the girl looked to be Sarah Langdon. Kayla swore that her eyes were playing tricks on her. Then she got a second look.

She had been right.

It was Sarah Langdon.