Leaving the Eastern Lands

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Summary: A Thief. A Knight. A Joke. A Kiss.

Author's note: So my little tale comes to an end.


Much to her embarrassment, Alanna felt herself falling face first on the ground, with no time to stop herself. She felt a hand helping her to sit up.

"Ye alright lass?"

She knew that voice, it belonged to George! Wasn't he meant to be in Port Caynn by now? That's what the letter he had given her said.

Alanna nodded and looked up to see George's concerned face. "I'm sorry I ignored your letter, George, I came down to see you, but by then it was too late and–"

He silenced her with a kiss. This time, Alanna had no objections.

"I couldn't have ye riding off to war without ye knowing how I felt, could I?" George asked, his hazel eyes ablaze.

Alanna blushed and shook her head.

"I'm glad you didn't let me."


The people on the roads were watching the group of rogues very oddly, Rispah noted. He planned to ask George about this, when she first noticed her cousin's absence.

"Marek," she called out. He slowed his horse so he was now riding next to her. "Where's George?"

"He turned back a while ago."

"Back to Corus!"

Marek nodded. "T'Corus."

"I don't understand, the rogues need seeing too."

"That ol' Rogue has much on his plate and yet he'll shove it all aside for the love of his lass," Marek said knowingly. This only puzzled Rispah, what lass?


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