Title: Accidentally in-love

Author: efay

Summary: Gon and killua planned a party to end their vacation. They invited Kurapika and Leorio.

Disclaimer: the characters of hunter x hunter are not mine neither the anime itself. So please don't file any case whatsoever.

Note: this my very first time to write and I'm not I repeat I AM NOT an american or a british to have a perfect grammar so please read and point out my mistakes… and make review too that would really help.

CHAPTER 1: invitation

"it's almost up.."

"yah.. just one day before our vacation ends.."

"you're right.. quite sad to admit.."

"hey..! Killua.."


"something just came to me"

"what is it?.."

"why don't we have a little celebration tomorrow night…that would be fun!"

"just the two of us that's BORING.. besides I'm getting tired of your face you know.."

"you're so mean Killua!"

"heheh….. I know! why don't we invite Kurapika and Leorio I'm sure they'll come!" Killua said while heading the door.

"yah! Kurapika and Leorio!.. why didn't I thought of that" Gon whispered placing his index finger on the chin.

"what are you waiting for Gon! Let's go.." Killua said while grabbing Gon's hand.

"oh yeah right!"

And the two boys went to their neighbor, Kurapika who was, at that moment reading a book at the living room. Without even knocking Killua went in, very excited, followed by the also much excited Gon.


"Gon" Kurapika smiled as she recognized the voice.

"Kurapika!... (catching his breath) we… huff … ha… huff….!

"We have something to tell you!" Killua continued the postponed sentence of Gon.

"And what is that 'something' that made you ran just to tell me?" the blonde-haired girl asked curiously.

"We want you and Leorio to come tomorrow night to our place" Gon replied while giving Kurapika a big sweet smile.

"And why is that?" Kurapika, more curious now, asked.

"We'll be having a party!" Gon said excitedly.

"Oh..! sounds like fun… but I don't remember anyone having a birthday tomorrow… though." The blonde commented.

"it's not a birthday party…Kurapika" a silver headed boy said "it's a farewell-vacation-hello-schooldays party" He continued.

"huh?" the confused blonde said while eyebrows slightly curve at each other.

"oh! Please come Kurapika!" Gon begged. Looking like a child wanting a candy from a store, he got the yes from a cant-refuse Kurapika.

"alright then! I'll come!" the blonde girl said.

"tell Leorio about it too!" Killua added.

"ok I'll tell him" Kurapika answered.

"well then! tomorrow night at 8:00 o'clock!"Gon said, getting ready to go.

"ok 8:00 o'clock!" the blond replied

"see yah!" the two boys said together before heading the door.

After the two had left, Kurapika pick up her cell phone and called her boyfriend.

"Ah! Hello Leorio?" (yes Leorio is her boyfriend here for now, sorry to those who don't like these two together!)

"Kurapika! What is it? Why did you call? Ahh.. I know you just want to here my voice right?

"baka! Not that reason again…! Gon and Killua are having a party tomorrow, and they want us to come!"

"oh I see! I'll go then!"

"that's great see you then!"

"is that it? No kiss or Iloveyou's to your boyfriend? Just one mwaah…"

tut tut tut tut

"oh that kurapika! She's not like those other girls who just live to flirt…"

Background: Kurapika just like what like Leorio said is not just an ordinary girl. She's into rock and hip-hop music, she hates pink, she is very athletic, she's not into make-ups blush on lip gloss etc, she hates pink, she don't like skirts, she's into jeans and pedals and she's very simple not to forget she hates pink! But she's not a tomboy! Dah she has a boyfriend.

Leorio, the current boyfriend is a simple gentle man who likes suits. But he is very flirty at times. He is a kind person and is a year older at Kurapika. Although he is a mature-looking guy, he is very childish most of the time.

He is an incoming forth year same school as Kurapika together with Gon and Killua.

Speaking of the two, they are bestfriends (dah!... what are you expecting? It's always been like that in every fanfic. except yaoi, right?) they are always together, and they treat each other more than bestfriends but like brothers.

Although they are very close, their lifestyles are completely apart and different. Killua is so very totally no-doubt ultimately i-don't-think-its-possible kind of rich! uhm.. they just own a mountain. And Gon on the other hand lives in a little and simple but cute house with his aunt.

-to be continued

Well that's about it. These are the main characters for now… the rest? Soon to come