Cases of people being beaten up are not new to York Shin. All of the people there knew that. The usual victims are mostly boys. Each of them states that their attackers are really strong and are in great number. All of them are with unique abilities and each of the gang's member belongs to a well-known family. That is why none of the victims get their justice. The police do not want any fusion with the suspects' families. And besides, the suspects never leave any evidence, making their victim's look liars. That's how the genei ryodan is known.

Leorio knew that, thus he did not bother to sue them. But he still wants revenge. Not because of the wounds, pain and injuries, but the pride… the pride every man wants to, not to be stained specially by the spiders. He also wants to be the very first one to make the spiders kneel and apologize. But he knows its like waiting for the fishes to fly, its impossible. Leorio sighed after thinking about his impossible dream. Forget it you could never ever do such thing. He thought.

"Leorio… are you sure its alright if we left you here alone?... Leorio!... LEORIO!" Leorio almost jumped out of his seat.

"You didn't have to shout." Leorio smirked at Kurapika.

"Don't blame me im not the one who is day-dreaming…!" Kurapika smiled."We are leaving now take care of yourself" she added.

"Aunt Mito will come soon just wait for her… I have already told her about what happen and she said she will take care of you. Wait for her ok?"

"right right … you have told me that a hundred times Gon!" Leorio complained at Gon.

"Gon let's go! We're going to be late you know!"

"Alright Killua!...coming!"

"just stay here for a while…okay? Wait for us to come back and don't go out. Who knows what will happen to you out there! Do you understand Leorio?"

"yes Kurapika, Gon had told me that already!"

"just reminding you! Ok we're going! Bye!" Kurapika headed the door and waved at Leorio.

"do you think Leorio is going to be fine?" Gon looked at Kurapika.

"of course!" Kurapika answered. "he is quite old enough to cope with situations like this, and besides Leorio is strong, he can handle hiself!"

"strong?... if he is strong then why did he let some bunch of guys beat him up!" Killua mockingly asked.

"He did not LET them beat him up, he just can't handle them all at once!" Kurapika grinned at Killua after her statement.

"in short he is a coward, if I'm in a situation like that, I can finish them all in just a minute! and using only my two fingers!"

"its because you're a professional assassin! A serial killer! A murderer! A cold-blooded assassin, who knows nothing but to kill and hurt others!"

"hey! Are you saying that all I do is killing? That I'm a heartless killer who kills anyone in my way! Is that what you think I am!"

"I didn't say anything like that!" Kurapika defended herself

"but that's what you meant right? I can't believe you can say such thing Kurapika!..."

"I told you I didn't say anything like that!"

"…just to defend a coward boyfriend of yours! I can't believe this!" I can't even believe the fact that he is your boyfriend! What are you thinking Kurapika! Worrying and caring to a stupid person like Leorio, don't you know that I'm way better than him? what the hell did he do to you? Maybe some sort of love potion or a secret prayer! I don't know! And you always look at me like a little brother! can't I never be more than that? oh Kurapika if only you knew my feelings!

"Leorio is not a coward! And of course I'll defend him although I hate to admit it, it is my responsibility as her girlfriend!" what is happening with you, Killua? You're not like this before? Ever since the day me and Leorio had been together you began acting strange. Only this few days that you had came back to yourself again. Maybe because of the island get-a-way that you and Gon won a month ago, that you have relaxed a little bit. But now, your beginning to act not-like-you again for some reason which we all, even Gon, don't know.

"stop it, you two!"

"Gon" Kurapika and Killua, almost in duet, said

"it is a very great morning and here you are, arguing! Can't we just walk to school happily without you two quarrelling?" Gon explained trying to smile the argument away.

"Your right, Gon, but I am still mad at Killua he should have not called Leorio a coward in the first place!"

"And what should I call him then? A dumb-ass guy? Well that's more like him anyway!" Killua smirked

"Why you—little brat!"

"won't you just stop?" Gon cut Kurapika out before she said anything that would hurt Killua more. Knowing the fact that his best friend loves Kurapika secretly, he just don't want his friend to be hurt by his love more. Even Killua don't say anything Gon knew him very much that he can read his best friend's actions—Killua really loves Kurapika he thought and he is jealous with Leorio.

Gon then drag Killua away from a very angry Kurapika.

"What are you doing, Gon?" Killua complained while struggling in Gons hands.

"Cooling your head off!"


"Where are you going Gon?" Kurapika curiously asked.

"Since your heads are fuming hot, why not relax a little. Since there are two ways to school, why not we go separate directions? You go for the short-cut and we have the longer road, is that okay with you, Kurapika? And I'll go with Killua cause no one knows what he can do now that he is really mad."

"Oh alright! I don't want to be with him anyway!" Kurapika turn around to start her journey.

Upon hearing Kurapika's words Killua felt weak, as if someone pulled his spinal cord down. She don't want to be with me? What have I done? Now she won't talk to me ever again and it is all my fault! He thought.

"Killua are you alright?"

"Im very stupid!"

"Why? Is there something wrong?"

"She hates me now!"

"How did you know?"

"She really said it in my face she don't want to be with me"

"Does it hurt?"

"Of coarse it does! I really lo… what the heck am I saying! Killua mantally slapped hiself as he was awaken that he had almost confessed his best friend his hidden feelings for the Kuruta. "I hope he did not hear it!" Killua whispered.

"What are you murmuring there Killua?"

Killua tried to post a smile in his face. "Ah, nothing much Gon its just that.. uhm… I'm hungry, yeah I'm hungry! Can we stop at a near-by store to have an ice cream or something a chocolate maybe." I hope I can pull this off!

"hhmmm sounds like fun! I'm quite hungry also, and a slice of cake would be fine!"

Hew! that was close, I guess he didn't hear anything at all!

But in reality Killua was wrong, Gon heard everything. everything it is.

This just cleared it all! Killua is very much in-love with Kurapika. Gon smiled as he watched his friend ran to a candy store.

(To be continued---)

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