You all couldn't wait for it so here it is, the sequel to Let's Pretend, Our Lives Together

Our Lives Together

Part 1

By Word Life 316

A lot had happened in 2 years, Danny and Sam became high school sweethearts and in fact were voted "Most Cutest Couple" at their graduation assembly shortly after that they moved into an apartment together closer to Amity Park College where they were both studying and of course they were still engaged.

Danny and Sam weren't the only ones lucky in love, in grade 9 Tucker got rid of the glasses and switch to contacts which got the attention of one Valerie Gray and soon enough they started dating and still are.

Right now they are all in their senior year of college with graduation in 3 weeks and soon after that Danny and Sam will finally become husband and wife, right now Sam and Jazz were in Jazz's car driving into town to get Sam fitted for her dress.

"Sooo, how long until the big day" asked Jazz.
Sam looked at her watch "2 months and 3 days till I become Mrs. Samantha Fenton" Sam then shivered "Everytime I say that I fell a tingle up my spine".
"So I guess you being excited would be an understatement" Jazz said.
"Oh you know it I've dreamed of this wedding all my life, and then the honeymoon" Sam started to giggle when the thought of her and Danny being alone in the honeymoon suite came to mind.

Jazz smirked "Just remember Sam, when it comes to honeymoons, the loving isn't restricted to the bedroom".
Sam gave a little laughed "This is coming from a girl who A isn't married or even engaged and B lost her virginity in the back of a Volkswagon Beetle".
Sam looked at the fuming Jazz and gave a wicked smile "BEETLE! BEETLE! BEETLE! BEETLE! BEETLE!..." she said over and over.
"SHUT IT SAM!" yelled Jazz who was now honking the horn in anger.
"But Jazz you're driving a beetle" Sam said in her defence.
"So, I like thinks that are small".
"That would probably explained why you slept with him" Sam said before bursting into laughter.

Jazz then put her foot down on her brake and pointed and glared at Sam "If you weren't my brother's fiancé I would throw you out of this car so fast".
"Doesn't matter, cause we're here" Sam pointed out.
Jazz had been so busy fuming over Sam's teasing that she hadn't noticed that she had parked right in front of the boutique, she gave a little growl as they got out of the car and headed inside.

"I don't understand why you insisted on coming here, I mean what's so good" that was when Jazz noticed the person behind the counter, it was a boy about her age with blonde hair and bluer eyes than her brother.
"SAMANTHA!" he said as he went up to hug her "How's my favourite cousin doing".
"Great" she replied and that's when he noticed Jazz.
"And who is this" Joel said as he headed towards Jazz and for some reason Jazz could only say one word "I'm...I'm...I'm".
"This is Jazz, my fiancé's sister and also the maid of honour at my wedding" Sam explained for her.
"Well it's pleasure to meet you Jazz" Joel said before he kissed her hand which made her giggle like an idiot.

"So I guess your here for the dresses" asked Joel when he got back to Sam.
"That's correct" she replied.
"Well the designs are in the back, I'll just go get them" said Joel as he headed to the backroom, meanwhile, Jazz had walked over to Sam and looked at Joel's behind as he headed towards the backroom.
"Please, Please, Please tell me he's single" Jazz whispered to Sam.
Sam looked at her and smiled "Your in luck" she replied which caused Jazz to squeal.


A short chapter I know, but I want to leave you guys hanging and this time I won't be so frequent with updates and also if you though this was going to be a fully fluff story, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!