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Author notes: I've looked at multiple Ranma/Pokemon crossovers, (and yes quite a few Ranma in the pokegirl universe.) For one I think the best Ranma/Pokemon universe is Hung Nguyen's "Fist of the Pikachu" and I'm sure a lot of you people out there would agree somewhat or at least acknowledge that it is one of the best out there. Another thing is I like the general idea of anthro pokemon in pokegirls however the whole tamer and sex thing is totally out of my league. So I believe in making Anthro pokemon without the whole sex thing. This is a pokemorphs/Ranma crossover fic R&R please.

Ranma Saotome was contemplating his life so far. It had been a month since the wedding fiasco and Akane seemed to get worse by the day. One time at night she had got up and hit him yelling out he was a pervert and there wasn't even a real reason to in the beginning. It was all because she had a dream. She didn't even apologize just blamed him that he was probably thinking about it anyway. He was reaching the edges of his patience especially after a recent confrontation a few minutes ago.

(Flash back)

"Damn it Akane why? I fought for you, bled for you, I even killed for you I give you my word, I even try to be nicer to you, so why don't you trust me?" Ranma yelled out.

"That's because you can't be trusted, your word is just trash, you're probably trying to act nice so you can get into my skirt." Akane said each of her words stabbed and burned like a hot knife through butter. But the next words she spoke really got to him. "Besides you're supposed to do those things for me."

"Supposed… Supposed! I fought for you when you needed me, I bled countless times rescuing you and even ended someone's life, and I'm "supposed" to do that for you!" Ranma yelled out.

"Of course." Akane stated like it was no big deal. "I'm your fiancée after all."

"Akane!" Ranma grabbing both of her shoulders in his anger both her shoulders.

"Let go of me you pervert!" Akane leg went up between Ranma's legs hard and with a mighty swing with mallet-sama she sent him once again on her personal airways.

(End flashback)

"She doesn't even think I'm worth her time. She's takes everything I do for granted. Akane what happened to you?" Ranma said.

"You can't be trusted." He heard Akane's voice echo through his head. "Your word is trash." He winced as the words repeated themselves. "You're supposed to do those things for me." He gripped his hands till his knuckles were white.

"I'm nothing but a tool to her." Ranma said. "I'm actually better off dead." He said the hopelessness in his voice spoke volumes it was a voice of someone who had finally given up. Despite his nature, Ranma Saotome had finally given up a battle, the battle of the heart.

"Ranma Saotome!" Ranma's ear's perked as he heard a familiar voice of a certain duck cursed Amazon. "Prepare yourself."

Ranma smirked it was perfect so why the hell not? 'I'll just let Mousse end my suffering.' He thought and stood up. "Over here Mousse that's a T.V antenna." Ranma said to the Hidden Weapons master on the opposite roof.

"Oh it is." Mousse said putting his glasses on. He faced Ranma and put his glasses up again. "Ranma this time I'll win Shampoo from you." Mousse yelled out.

"Bring it on Mousse." Ranma said waiting for Mousse to attack instead the Amazon male pulled out a scroll.

"I realize your skill at cheating Ranma so I'll use this scroll to wipe you from the face of this planet." Mousse began to chant the words of the scroll. However since his glasses weren't over his eyes he botched the writings on the scroll, instead of eliminating Ranma he actually created a dimensional vortex before the suction of the vortex pulled Ranma in and soon after the vortex closed and Mousse was dancing all around the roof at his victory until he slipped and landed in the Koi pond below.

Pain, it's a feeling that Ranma was very familiar with, and he was feeling a lot of it right now. He didn't know what Mousse did but whatever he had tried to do had failed because Ranma knew if he felt pain he was still alive. "Damn you Mousse you just had to go and mess up didn't you?" Ranma said.

"Are you all right young man?" Ranma looked up to see the face of an older man wearing a lab coat.

"I'm okay I guess." Ranma said sitting up.

"Well that's good because you had better get off that pikachu." The man said.

"Pikachu?" Ranma said then looked down to see a cute yellow mouse head with a red dot on each cheek glaring up at him. "What the heck?" Ranma said before he got the shock of his life. He was launched off and landed several feet away. The pikachu got to its feet and began stalking toward him sparks flying from its cheeks.

The older man threw an object at the pikachu but it dodged and glared at the scientist and sent a thunder shock at him. The professor fell to the ground twitching while Ranma lunged and scooped up the object that was thrown not noticing the way his hand glowed as he held the object he threw it at the pikachu it hit right on its forehead and sucked it in much to the surprise of Ranma. The object wobbled for a few seconds and finally stopped.

"What the heck was that?" Ranma said.

"That was a pikachu." The older man said getting up looking singed around the edges.

"What the heck's a pikachu?" Ranma asked.

"You don't know?" The man said as he picked up the object. At Ranma's nod he looked thoughtful. "You better come with me back to my lab."

After Ranma told his story the professor was quite surprised. "I see so it seems you are from an entirely different dimension from us." The professor said.

"Is there a way to get back?" Ranma asked.

"Nothing like this has ever happened before so I doubt it." The professor said. "However I'll put it by my colleagues and start research on it right away."

"Where am I anyway?" Ranma asked.

"This is my laboratory in Pallet town, my name is Professor Oak leading pokemon researcher." Professor Oak said.

"Poke whatums?" Ranma said.

"Pokemon." The Professor said. "There are many types of pokemon with different abilities and skills, for example that pikachu uses electricity as a special ability."

"Yeah it was quite shocking." Ranma said rubbing his butt.

"Indeed." Professor Oak said. "Ranma since you're here why don't you become a pokemon trainer."

"Pokemon trainer?" Ranma asked.

"Yes pokemon trainers exist to train pokemon for various purposes they help control wild pokemon and even help with daily life. The majority of trainers however train to battle each other in tests of skill of who has trained their pokemon better. The ultimate goal is to win the league and be declared the league champion." Professor Oak said.

"I ain't got anything else to do." Ranma said. "Sure why not?"

"Very well Ranma." Professor Oak walked over to his computer and typed for a few minutes then picked up a red electronic device and five red and white objects. "You're now a pokemon trainer Ranma. I give you your pokedex and pokeballs."

Ranma took the items and put them in his pocket. "Is that it?" He asked.

"No I still have to get you a starter pokemon but I'm fresh out right now and… wait a second." Professor Oak took out the pokeball from earlier. "You can use the pikachu you caught earlier as a starter."

"Are you sure you want to do that?" Ranma asked remembering his first impression on the pikachu.

"It can't be helped, go ahead call it out just throw the ball." The professor handed the ball to Ranma who gulped and threw it.

The pokeball opened and the red light dumped out a figure. Ranma's gaze went down to the height of the pikachu but instead of an electric mouse he a pair of very slender legs his gaze rolled up and…" Ranma pinched his nose to prevent a nosebleed but noted the furry zig zag tail, his gaze continued upward past her… assets, to a beautiful angular face with two red dots on each cheek and a pair of furry yellow ears with brown tips sticking up from her blonde hair that flowed down to her lower back. A gorgeous pair of emerald green eyes glared at him.

"What the hell?" Ranma said, beside him the professor was struck dumb. Ranma regained movement when the girl before him squeaked as she discovered her new appearance. "Professor what happened, where's the mouse thing?"

"This is incredible." Professor Oak said. "A pokemon morphed into a human-like form. What an amazing discovery."

"Professor she's naked." Ranma said trying to avert his eyes.

"Oh yes here." The professor handed him a spare lab coat. "Put this on her."

Ranma took the lab coat and approached the morphed pokemon. "Easy there." Ranma said as the girl focused her gaze from herself to him. "I ain't gonna hurt ya I just want to cover you up it'll make us all feel easier." When he got within six inches of her her cheeks sparked and Ranma froze. "Don't worry I'm not here to hurt you." He slowly draped the lab coat over her shoulders gently pulled the flaps to cover her front and backed away.

The pikachu seemed confused and looked back and forth between Ranma and the lab coat and finally seemed to ease up on her glare.

"I will have to do more research on this." Professor Oak said with a gleam in his eye that died down when the pikachu focused her glare on him. "On second thought this may be a good opportunity to study in the field. Ranma I put you in charge of her. We'll keep this incident under wraps for now until we figure out what caused this phenomenon." Professor Oak pointed at the pokeball that captured the pikachu. "Point the ball at her and say return."

The pikachu saw Ranma complying and sparks flew from her cheeks again Ranma stopped his actions and dropped his hands away from the ball. "I don't think she wants to go back to her ball professor."

"Noted." The professor said. "But she'll attract too much attention if she stays like that." The pikachu looked at herself and then to a poster that had a pikachu picture in it, she closed her eyes and suddenly the lab coat fell piled to the ground soon after a regular pikachu came crawling out.

"I see she's able to switch between her regular form and her human-like form, most intriguing." The professor said. "Ranma you must try to keep this as secret as possible. No one else shall know of this except you, me, and a small handful of my people if word came out of this you and that pikachu would be in great danger especially for her."

"I understand professor. I'll protect her, I swear it as a martial artist." Ranma said.

The professor nodded and walked over to his closet and rummaged around in it for a few seconds and finally pulled out a worn backpack. "This pack was used in my days as a trainer I entrust it to you Ranma."

"You can count on me." Ranma said with a new sense of duty in his life he felt a lot better then he had a few hours ago.

"Good luck Ranma." The professor said. Ranma moved to pick up his pikachu when she gave him a shock he thought otherwise.

"I think I'll let her walk with me." He said with a puff of black smoke coming from his mouth. So here he was with a pikachu on an insulated string. "Look I'm sorry for before I didn't mean capture you." Ranma said but received a glare from the pikachu.

"Look if you don't want anything to do with me you can go off on your own, however remember you change now and if somebody sees that you'll be in a lot of trouble." The pikachu glared at him again and something clicked in Ranma's mind. "Wait your blaming me for you changing?" He asked.

The pikachu turned her head away and with a huffed out. "Pika."

"Hey I don't know how that happened I swear if I knew I'd try to get rid of it but I don't." Ranma said, the pikachu continued to face away from him. With a groan Ranma kneeled down and removed the string. "If you don't like me you can leave." Ranma said.

The pikachu looked at him and began to scamper away. Ranma growled, mad at himself for failing so early. He was about to walk away when he heard a loud. "Pika!" He rushed to the source of the noise and saw a flock of bird like creatures attacking the pikachu. Pointing his pokedex at the birds he got his information but he didn't really listen to it, only getting spearow and flying type, he rushed in arms whirling around swatting at the spearow.

"Hey get away from her you overgrown turkeys!" Ranma yelled out scooping up the pikachu and began retreating but he was in a clearing and there was little cover the spearow kept pecking at him. He came to a decision and slipped off his pack and put the pikachu in. "Stay inside and brace yourself." He said and closed the flap and cupped his hands before throwing them straight down at the ground. "Moko Takabisha!"

The ball of ki exploded on the ground blowing aside the entire flock of spearow and Ranma was sent flying off clutching the pack to his chest protectively and cushioning it with his body when he hit the ground. After a few minutes the pikachu worked her way out of the pack and found a battered and bruised Ranma on his side still clutching the backpack protectively. Looking him over she realized his wounds were quite bad she looked around and saw a tree. Thinking back to her time at the laboratory she closed her eyes and concentrated. A tingly sensation came over her and when she opened her eyes again she was standing at 5,2 again. Despite her increased size it was still quite a chore to drag Ranma to the tree.

After she had him against the tree she reached for the water bottle that Ranma had in his pack. Mimicking how Ranma unscrewed the cap she poured water over his scratches and did her best to try and clean them. Finally she curled up beside him and dozed off.

Ranma groaned as he stirred opening his eyes he saw the darkening skies above him. "It's evening already?" He muttered sitting up. He winced as his wounds made themselves known. "Ouch I don't want to do that ever again." He said and looked around and spotted the pikachu beside him. "She's still here." He checked himself again and found that around his scratches were surprisingly clean. "Did she do this?" He thought and espied the half empty water bottle. "She used that…" He looked over himself again and blinked. "But I haven't changed." It was true he was still slightly damp but he was still male.

"What happened to my curse." He muttered but his thoughts were interrupted when he heard a groan beside him. The pikachu was getting up, she yawned and stretched making Ranma's hands shoot for his nose at the sight. "Uh hi." He squeaked.

The pikachu stopped her stretching and looked at him and looked really happy for a few seconds before it was replaced with fear and she backed away from him.

"Did you do this?" He asked pointing at the bottle and to his wounds. At her nod he smiled. "Thank you." He said, earning a smile from her. "Are you all right did those spearow get at you when I was out?" He sighed in relief when she shook her head. "I'll be fine now you can get going." She shook her head. "You want to stay?" He asked she nodded enthusiastically. "Alright!" Ranma said at his cheerful words the pikachu moved closer to him. Ranma became a bit nervous as the cute but very naked girl approached him.

"I think you better put something on." He reached into his pack and pulled out a spare shirt that he put on the pikachu. He looked at her thoughtfully. "You know I think I should give you a name. Calling you pikachu is impractical. He looked her over and noticed her beautiful emerald green eyes staring at him in anticipation. "Emerald, that sounds nice. How bout it? Would you like it if I called you Emerald?" He asked.

The pikachu smiled, liking what she heard and wanting to reply struggled with the words she heard earlier. "L-L-Li-Like." She said. This made Ranma's eyes widened. "E-E-Emer-Emerald like." She finished.

"Holy shit." Ranma said. For the next week Ranma and Emerald stayed away from any sign of civilization there he did his best to teach her how to speak and taught her Anything-Goes martial arts. Emerald was very much like him in a way she took everything in like a dehydrated sponge and was always eager to learn more. But by the end of the work they were forced to head toward Vermilion city to restock on supplies.

"So this is Vermillion city." Ranma said looking at the small city from his perch in a hill. "Looks like a nice quaint place."

"Shall we head to the nearest store Ranma?" Emerald asked.

"Yeah we should, but first you need to change back." He sighed at Emerald's pout. "I know you want to go into town like that Emerald and I don't mind at all, but you're going to attract a lot of attention and you know what the professor said."

Emerald hung. "Yeah, yeah I know I wouldn't be very in… incun… incan… what is the word?" She asked.

"Inconspicuous." Ranma said. Over the week he eventually revealed that martial arts wasn't exactly the only thing he was good at, Ranma was actually a very intelligent young man he was able to understand what his classes at Furinkan taught he just didn't show it because if he did his father would accuse him of putting aside the art for useless junk that he wouldn't need to learn. (All those who agree that Genma never passed high school raise your hands, and believe me I will be counting.)

"Yes, that's it." She said, than looked at Ranma with teary eyes. "But please Ranma don't put me in that pokeball. Can I stay out here with you?"

Ranma fell to the look in 2.3 seconds. "Uh, sure I see no problem with that." Emerald smiled and closed her eyes again seconds later the clothes she was wearing fell in a pile and a cute little yellow mouse crawled out from it. The mouse then leaped up from the ground and with a little flip she landed on Ranma's shoulders with her arms up like a gymnast finishing a performance. "Little show off." He muttered.

Emerald stuck her tongue out at him and let out a little. "Pika."

"Alright let's get going shall we?" Ranma asked.

"Pi!" Emerald said pumping her tiny clenched paw in the air. Ranma began his sprint downhill to the small city of Vermilion to restock how was he to know that soon he would be meeting a very powerful legendary pokemon that would scare the pants off him.

To be continued.

Author notes: It's a little hasty I admit, It's my first take on a Pokemon/Ranma fic with anthro pokemon elements. I know there are a lot of questions left unanswered in this chapter, but they will reveal themselves as the story progresses. It's actually how most of my work is done if you've read most of them. Well in all this is the new fic that I said would appear. Don't worry I haven't forgotten my promise of another chapter for War Angel Ranma. Please R&R sternly but hopefully not flaming. So until next time.