Rei sped up his pace as he walked out of the busy supermarket. With his free arm, he pulled out a sweet bun from the paper brown bag in his left arm. Biting into it, the sweet sugary flavor filled his mouth and almost made his lips pucker.

He turned on the sidewalk and weaved between the many people in his way. Smiling and saying, "Excuse me" politely each time.

It was dark and the city lights shone brightly. The smells of booths selling sweet treats filled the air. In addition, up above him, the starts sparkled brightly and full of cheer.

He finished the sweet bun in a few more large bites. His fingers were completely covered in the sugar icing that had covered it. He smiled, almost purring as he licked his fingers.

Rei loved to walk. That is why he did not have car; in addition, he did not want to pay the high gas prices that were sweeping the nation. He preferred to be able to control exactly how fast he was moving and how he moved. Cars terrified him, going down the road at eighty plus miles. Max always teased him for that little quirk and said it made him cuter.

One of his more prominent quirks was that he enjoyed doing all of his errands at nighttime, or in a rush. He was a procrastinator, but excelled when pressure was on him.

Rei walked close to the buildings and far away from the road where cars zoomed past him. Rei shuddered looking at the road and wiped his semi-sticky hand on his pants leg, not caring that he would have to wash them later. He did the majority of the chores in his apartment anyway. He was rooming with his long time friend Max who was always busy at work with his mother in a laboratory.

The young blonde haired boy had grown up too fast in Rei's opinion. At the time when they were both in eighth grade, his mother had pulled him out of school to work at her company when they were short of employees. That was the turning point where Rei had lost all respect for Max's mother. What kind of woman pulls her own child out of school?

Max told Rei that he was being home schooled on a computer now, but he missed being able to be with his friends at school. Of course, Rei was told all of this via e-mail when Max was allowed to use the computer for leisure, which was hardly ever.

Rei thought that Max's mother was screening his replies. He would ask a question like "Hey Maxie when are you coming back?" or "Whatcha doing at work?" and Max never answered them.

Max had eventually stood up to his mother, demanding that he was allowed to move out and see his friends. His mother, over time had agreed but he needed to come to work still.

As he walked, he noticed a sign on the front of a shop. "We're closed. Open tomorrow on the seventh!"

"The seventh? Oh! That means that today is June sixth." Rei thought walking past the shop without slowing down. "Wait June is the sixth month, on the sixth day, in the year two-thousand and six." Rei sighed, "666, the number of the devil. I'm glad I'm not superstitious or otherwise I would be hiding in my closet."

Rei snickered slightly, remembering that this "day of the devil" was also Teacher's Day. This was terribly ironic, and Rei was sure that most students would agree with him on that. This just proved it.

Teachers are the spawn of Satan.

Not that Rei hated teachers though; he rather enjoyed his professors in college. As long as they were able to keep his attention for the most part and didn't babble on like a fountain that is. Usually this wasn't the case, unlike the common stereotype of the infamous college professor. They weren't so bad in reality.

Rei did not notice the elderly woman sitting on a worn blanket next to a run down shop. Her skin was tanned and leathery, and it seemed she was missing a few teeth.

At her feet lay a sign on a piece of cardboard written neatly in black marker.

"The end is near. Pray, for your chance shall end."

The castle was carved in the side of a mountain. With crags of rock as its defense, it stood malevolently during a permanent maelstrom swirled around it. Feral wolves prowled around it always hunting. Always watching.

A candle flickered distantly sending shadows across the well-furnished room in a demonic frenzy. It gave off a stale orange glow that lit up the room only slightly.

Kai stood up from his seat at his dark wood desk and strutted over to the window overlooking his morose kingdom. Rain battered against the windowpane almost angrily, trying to find any way in.

Flashes of lightning streaked across the sky and struck the ground. It lit up the dark black sky shortly before fading into the night. It was always a rainy, stormy place. Never sunshine, and Kai preferred it that way. The dark was much more suitable to his talents.

"It will be soon." He murmured quietly putting a pale hand on the cold window and tracing a finger on the edge. His death crimson eyes swept over his lands once again then trailed up to look at the sky, which was flashing with lightning and pouring rain. "When the moon is at it's highest I'll be able to shift between the realms."

It had been far too many years since he had been on his earth. Last time, he was sealed away by divine powers. Kai smiled knowing that it would not happen again, by sealing him; the divine power had used itself up until the point of no return. Nothing would stop him this time. Nothing in his way. Nothing could go wrong.


He had been planning his next visit for a while now. It was too perfect and foolproof. If anyone even thought to stand in his way he could easily dispose of them, and if need be, his true form could take on anything that came into his path.

He frowned at the thought of having to wait much longer. It would be midnight soon, but after waiting hundreds of years, even that seemed like an unfair eternity. Kai turned swiftly and walked out the heavy door into the dimly lit hallway. He grabbed the nearest servant by the scruff of his neck and ragged clothing.

"Send for Lord Bryan. Tell him to meet me by the gate." He commanded gruffly.

"Y-yes master." The demon servant stuttered out closing his eyes tightly in the fear of being struck. Kai released him, pushing him away. The small demon ran off down the long corridors to Lord Bryan's quarters.

When he reached the large wooden door, the demon gulped and knocked on it. The door swung open, almost knocking the servant over and Lord Bryan stepped out. "What." He asked, although it was more a statement.

"M-master…" The demon gulped again, "m-master requests your presence a-at the gate my lord."

Bryan gave no sign of acknowledgement and strode out of the room. Before leaving down the hallway, he sliced his hand across the servant's throat, beheading him.

The now twitching corpse fell to the ground. In addition, in a matter of seconds, nothing was left than a small pile of ash.

"Useless scum." Bryan spat before walking away from the remains. He walked along the long corridors until he was outside the castle. He walked through the rain on a wet cobblestone road that winded back and forth.

Up ahead of him was the stone gate. Standing seven men tall and three wide it was massive. The gate was the fabled linking passage from earth and the netherworld. Bryan had seen Kai pacing in front of it many times before. He assumed Kai was plotting on what to do once it opened again.

He stepped up the stone steps to the main platform where Kai stood. "Master." He greeted giving a curt bow.

"It will be midnight soon Bryan. Are you ready?" Kai asked without turning to look at him. His eyes were transfixed on the stone gate.

"Yes my lord." Bryan answered standing beside him.

Suddenly, a streak of crimson red lightning struck the gate, sending sparks into the air. The gate trembled and shook. In the center, a small red bead formed and slowly started to grow.

"Finally." Kai beamed taking another step closer to the gate watching the opening form. The bead now was the entire width of the gate and touched all four sides of stone. The swirling red vortex gave off a steady light that reflected off Kai's face. He traced a pale hand on one of the stone edges, "It's been far too long."

He turned to face Bryan who was standing close to him. Bryan had served under him for eons. He held Bryan in the highest in Kai's mind, and he trusted no one more in his entire realm. Even more than his grandfather, Voltare, who had made it possible for him to rule over this realm. Although he had never told Bryan this.

"Bryan," Kai started, his voice was calm, but after the many years of knowing him, Bryan knew it was almost shaking with excitement, "When we get there, you are free to do as you please. Feel free to bring things back with you as well."

"Alright." Bryan smiled, his lilac eyes glittering.

Kai was first to step into the portal, after he had stepped in, the vortex tugged him inside quickly. The red swirling depths swallowed Kai and his skin tingled in a strange way as he was shot across time and space. Bryan stepped in after him, not liking the tingle, but going along with it just the same.

They landed seconds later on the other side of the portal, their feet gently tapping to the ground. They had landed behind a large building in a dark wide alley. Water dripped down the outside walls of the building. A rat scampered away from the two men, squealing in fright, it was in his instinct.



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