A/N: I decided to rewrite a lot of this fic. It's a lot more detailed than the first version -almost completely different actually, so let me know what you think please!


Secrets rushed through River's mind with the force of a speeding bullet. She knew everything that passed through everyone's thoughts, she heard what was said before a word had even been spoken and she was even able to feel what they felt – their love, their hate and their passions.

She knew all of their deepest secrets and she hated it.

It came to her in waves, drowning her in memories and emotions that weren't her own. She was constantly being pulled under, fighting to stay alive in a world where she could feel everything. She wasn't doing well at all.

That was the weakened state that Simon had found River in when he had rescued her from the Alliance. River had suffered countless anxiety attacks and her mental health had been steadily deteriorating.

Simon had done his best to relieve River of her pain, yet she was still prisoner to the Alliance because of who she was. Or rather, what she was.

The Alliance had made River theirs. They had played with her brain and changed the way she saw the 'verse. They had made it so she would never be the same again. They had broken her apart and put her back together different.

River was no longer just River. She was a weapon.