"It was a battle they had fought..."

Shows Troy and Axel swinging it out in te middle of the house.

Shows Ryan and Bladez fighting in front of the camper.

Shows Chad jumping and a shed exploding.

"...and won."

Shows Troy tackiling Axel through the second story window.

Show the camper crushing Bladez.

Destiny had pulled through.

Shows Troy hugging Gabriella.

Ryan looks at the locket with his and Sharpay's picture in it.

"But even then...fate had a twist..."

Show the truck pulling up to reveal a city lying in ruins.

Shows Troy and Ryan looking at each other.

"We have to fight." Troy says.


Shows Troy and a monster circling a rooftop of a building.

"I am the very essence of evil." The monster says.

"You don't even know what evil is." Troy says

Lighting stikes behind him.

"Do you think we're the only survivors?" Ryan asks.

"No, there are more, we need to round them up, we need to make a team, we have to stop these things." Troy says.

Shows Ryan puching a monster in front of him and kicking one behind him.

Show Troy choking one the same way Axel did him.

(That super creppy air raid sirens from the Hills have eyes,Silent hill commercials starts playing)

"Sir we have a problem." A scientist says.

"What?" A man is a genral suit ask.

"715 has escaped, he's joining the rest of the monsters." The scientist says.

"Holy mother of God." The general says.

"Ok, here's what we're..." A man starts, but a loud bang cuts him off.

Shows him walking down a dark flight of stairs.

"Hello?" He says.

"Hello?" He says again.

Shows a hand about the size of a computer screen wrap around his face.

Shows him flying through a door.

Both Troy and Ryan jump up.

"What in the hell?" Ryan asks.

You see (from behind) a ten foot tall man standing in front of Troy and Ryan.

Ryan rushes him and gets knocked down with one punch.

Shows Troy and the monster staring each other down.

(This is the part where the images flash by)

Troy flying through a window.

Ryan in a room with tons of monsters in front of him.

Troy standing in middle of the street, four monsters surrounding him.

Ryan and Troy face to face(like their about to fight).

Lighting striking a rooftop and it catching on fire.

Troy tackling a monster throgh a window.

Ryan smashing a brick over a monsters face.


Shows Troy looking freaked out

Shows Ryan looking freaked out

Shows Gabriella looking freaked out

Shows a grave plot on fire.

Troy stands up and walks towards the fire.

Shows a someone standing in the middle of the fire, about CHAD'S height...


If these hills could talk 2: Invasion