Sharpay sighs and says, "You know, if I was'nt failing english, I would'nt be here."

"Oh come on, were helping out the comunity." Gabriella says.

"Yeah the comunity can help it's self, if we were'nt getting a free test grade for doing this, I'd be asleep." Chad says.

Shows a bus pull up in front of an old decrepit hotel.

Shows Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Zeke, Ryan, Chad, Taylor, Kelsi and Jason getting out of the bus.

"Good morning, I would like to thank you for volunteering to help restore the hotel, you will be spending the night, we will provide a sleeping area and food, both lunch and dinner." Says a woman.

Shows two filthy fingers reach for someone's eye.

"Well I guess this is worth it." Troy said sweeping.

"I better pass after this." Jason says.

Shows an eyes watching Sharpay mop a floor through a hole in the wall.

"A whole night in here." Kelsi says, laying on a bed.

"It smells like dust and mold." Taylor says.

"Well I'm going to be with Zeke." Sharpay says, waking out of the room.

"I can't belive I'm staying in this piece of crap." Chad says, kicking some trash away.

"Well I'm not, I'm gonna go be with Kesi." Jason says, hopping up and walking out of the room.

Shows Jason walikng down one hallway, he stops walking when elevator doors begin to open.

"Kelsi?" He calls.

Sharpay sees him from the end of another hallway, a hook shoots through his throat and drags him forward.

She covers her mouth and begins to run, only to get lost.

"Hello." She calls, tears streaming down her face.

Shows her backing up in a pitch black room, she bumps into something, she turns around very slowly...IT'S THE WALL!

She sighs and turns around, a hand wraps around her throat and picks her up.

Shows Gabriella reading a book.

"Did you hear that?" She asks.

"Here what?" Taylor asks, taking off her ipod.

"It sounded like Sharpay...Sharpay screaming." She said.

"Maybe we should go look for her." Kelsi says.

Gabriella nods and they head out the door but Taylor stays.

"Dude, Jason's been gone for like and hour now." Chad says.

"Yeah, so?" Zeke asks.

"He has the only cellphone." Chad says.

"Damn it, sigh...let's go look for him." Troy says, closing his magazine and stading up.

Shows Chad, Troy, and Zeke all walking down a hallway.

"Guys."Ryan calls, just waking up.

"Guys..." He says again.

He stands up and walks out of the room.

"Great now I'm lost, maybe this elevator can take me somewhere." He says, walking into it.

He walks into a room which has tables with all kinds of jars full of blood and human eyes.

"What the fu..." He starts, but a sledge hammer comes down on his head right behind him.

Shows Gabriella and Kelsi walking along a dark hallway.

A hooks drops in front of them and hooks someone...

(This is the part where the images flash by)

Shows Troy and Chad flying in to two different walls and Zeke getting kicked in the face...

Shows a hand rip through Taylors bed and cover her mouth...

Shows and axe beging swung at Troy's head...

Shows a flaming body go flying through a window...

Shows a hand grab Chad's throat and throw him onto a hook in a wall...

Shows a mouth, it opens to reveal and evil grin and rotten teeth...

Shows Troy with a gun pointed at someone...

On July 19...

Shows Chad flying through a glass window...


Shows a dirty pair of fingers reaching for Sharpays eye...


Shows Gabriella being choked...

Shows Troy being thrown over a table...


SEE NO EVIL 2 - High School Takedown

"Maybe...she's just playing a joke.." Gabriella whisperes to Kelsi...

Shows a body fall from the celing right in front of them...