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A lovely beginning

Sorry for the delay, but I didn't feel happy with this chapter and had to ponder on it for a bit. To all who haven't read my other story: Harry Potter and the power the Dark Lord knows not, read that first as you won't understand this one, as it's a sequel. Happy reading!

The sun was shining down on the perfectly groomed gardens at Privet Drive, a street known for its pristine and perfect exterior. Everyone living there agreed that their street was a perfectly normal street and that the people living there fitted in just perfectly since they all were hard working normal people.

Well maybe not all of them normal, there was that strange Potter boy who'd appeared on the door step to house number four one day as baby and been there ever since. The poor Dursley's had been forced to raise the good for nothing boy, as Petunia Dursley happened to be the unfortunate aunt. Everybody knew of how the boy's father had gotten Petunias innocent little sister pregnant only to kill her in a car crash leaving the mourning Petunia to look after the boy. She and her husband Vernon had tried their best to raise the boy with a firm hand but clearly, the boy took after his father. The Dursley's had finally admitted defeat when the boy turned eleven and had told the neighbours of their decision to send him to St Brutus's Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys. Every year since the parents on Privet Drive had lived in fear for their precious little children's sake. Windows had been smashed, cars painted on, gardens destroyed and children bullied. Now, as nobody had been able to catch the little terror and all of the children refused to point a finger on the brat, nothing could be done.

The Dursley's had a son about the same age as the Potter boy, Dudley Dursley was a very hard working young man. He had made it his personal quest to follow Potter around the neighbourhood, trying to catch the other boy in the action. Unfortunately, the boy was on the pudgier side and had a hard time keeping up to the skinnier boy's pace and thus he always appeared when the crime had been committed. Not that anyone blamed him for being late, they all knew he'd catch the whelp someday. He was instead honoured for his strength of character to withstand his cousin.

Now, besides the Potter brat being strange and all, there were other strange things going on. Like that mass murderer Sirius Black, getting of the hook with a pardon after twelve years in prison.

Moreover, having that same mass murderer walking on the streets of Privet Drive eating ice cream with the before mentioned Potter brat made it even stranger. Really, where was the world going?

Petunia Dursley's nephew, Harry Potter couldn't care less about what they were saying behind his back, he was having to much fun spending some very longed for time with his godfather, the mass murderer, Sirius Black.

They were currently sitting on the swings in the park licking up their melting ice creams, and talking about the up coming Quidditch world cup. (A game played on brooms.)

Now that might sound strange, but since Harry and his godfather both were wizards, it was plain normal, for them. Harry had not been attending St Brutus's Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys as the Dursley's had told the neighbours, he had in fact been attending Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. It had to be kept a secret from the muggles (non-magic people) who had no idea what so ever that there was a whole world of magic right besides them.

Now just as here on Privet Drive, Harry was considered strange in the magical world too. His parents had not died in a car accident but been murdered by a Power hungry wizard who had struck the wizardry world in such terror that no body wanted to say his name. Harry had just as his parents and countless wizards and witches before him been hit by the Avada Kedavra, also known as the killing curse.

Now this is where Harry became seen as strange in the wizardry world, as he was the only one who'd survived it. He had only a small scar in the shape of a lightening bolt on his forehead to prove it had happened, and he had cursed it every day since he entered the wizardry world. People would take one look at his face and then their eyes would travel up to his forehead and once their eyes connected to the scar their mouths would hang open in awe and they'd get all flustered. The first time that had happened, it had been a little scary and strange, as he hadn't known the reason for it. Now it was dead boring and very irritating. He couldn't go anywhere without being recognised for his scar.

Now you might think that they'd get over him surviving the killing curse eventually. But it wasn't actually the scar in it self they were awed about, it was its meaning. The night Harry had received it, the night his parents had died, the evil wizard Voldemort had disappeared. The killing curse sent from his wand had bounced of Harry's forehead and hit Voldemort, making him disappear for thirteen years. Yes, he had survived too, not as well as Harry but enough to hang around.

Now Harry was actually even stranger than anyone knew. He had, somehowgone from being sixteen (soon seventeen) to being thirteen in the matter of seconds.

(The wizards had means of doing this. They had time turners, little hourglasses that transported a person to a time they chose. It was however very illegal to do so if not approved by the government, the Ministry of Magic.)

Harry had however not used a time turner, he had just received a letter from a teacher at his school. Harry wasn't sure how, but had a feeling that it was the letter that had transported him back three years in time. The teacher that sent the letter was the potions professor at Hogwarts, and probably knew loads of illegal potions that could be used. Harry had searched for many hours in the library for an answer to how he had ended up as a thirteen year old again. Not that he complained in any way, he was enjoying knowing what was being thrown at him before it came. He had always thought that the Headmaster had kept to many things from him and that he could have chosen differently had he known what was going on. Now he knew more than the headmaster, which he relished in.

At the moment however he was relishing the fact that he and Sirius were sitting in the park eating two cold ice-creams under a blue sky. Aunt Petunias face expression when Sirius had collected him for an ice cream had been hilarious. She had looked terrified and just about thrown Harry out of the house shrieking that he wasn't allowed to bring the freak into the house. Sirius hadn't combed his wild hair, saying he liked the just of a motorbike look. Harry thought it looked more like an I've-never-seen-a-brush-in-my-life look, but he wasn't about to say anything as his hair wasn't that much better. Sirius seemed to be bursting with excitement, it had been decided that Harry was to go to Sirius house (which Harry had yet to be told the whereabouts of) on his birthday and stay until school started. And since Sirius had been freed of all charges they could go together to get Harry's school things from Diagon Alley when Harry's Hogwarts letter arrived. Diagon Alley was one of the busiest wizardry shopping street, everything from frogs liver to Quidditch brooms could be found there. Harry was eager to get there, as he wanted to find some potion recipes and some books on good hexes and spells.

Harry wanted to figure out a way to stop his potions professor, Severus Snape, from being forced to kill the headmaster at Hogwarts. Snape was a Deatheater, one of Voldemort's followers, but he had turned into a spy for the light side.

Voldemort had used a spell to force him into killing the headmaster and now Harry wanted to stop that from happening. He figured that Voldemort had used the Dark mark (a tattoo on his followers arms) to somehow get control over Snape's mind and will. Harry had the bright idea that he could bind Snape's mind to himself instead, by usingmagic.

Ron and Hermione his two best friends, seemed lost as to what to think about Harry's new behaviour, he hadn't been this studious before. Hermione encouraged it but Ron detested it. Harry hadn't told them of his time travel adventure and didn't think he ever would. He had in fact nottold anyone. The headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, seemed to think thatHarrywas a seer, something Harry felt very insulted by. However, as it was a good excuse for knowing all sorts of things he had resigned himself to the terrible fate. He had even turned one of his school rivals into a friend of sorts. He would probably never call Draco Malfoy a proper friend. They just had an agreement. Harry's friend Ron Weasleyhad been terrified after seeing the two talk calmly. They usually just threw hexes or insults at each other. And Ron's two older twin brothers had made the school believe that Harry and Malfoy were more than friends, much to Harry's terror. He was not gay and if he were he wouldn't chose Malfoy as a boyfriend. No, Harry was much to busy to have a love life. He had been told at the end of his fifth year that only he had the power to vanquish the Dark lord Voldemort. He had had a girlfriend, well actually two if you counted the first, which had been a disaster. His first real relationship had been with Ginny, Ron's little sister, they had become an item in Harry's sixth year. But with the death of the headmaster and the ever looming threat of Voldemort, Harry had felt that it was unfair to put Ginny at risk. Ginny had accepted that it was over saying she'd been expecting it and Harry had put the ordeal behind himself. Maybe he just wasn't made for love. The headmaster would have shaken his head and told Harry that love was his strongest power. He seemed to believe that Harry would defeat Voldemort by using love and Harry figured he needed to have the people he loved alive, in order to do that. No, he was going to stay single and not let any more people die because of him. So far, it was going very well.

He'd cleared his godfathers name and pointed out the real culprit. Moreover, he'd destroyed one of Voldemort's Horcrux, a piece of his soul, very unintentionally. He couldn't say that he looked forward to the upcoming year but as he was going to change what happened anyway he wasn't to bothered.

Harry was now back in his room sitting on his bed gloomily after being escorted back to the Dursley's by Sirius. Sirius had promised to come and get him on his birthday but as he was busy getting his house in order, that would be the next time they meet. By the look on aunt Petunias face when the door closed Harry was going to get a good shouting from his uncle, Vernon Dursley. He already knew what to do in order to get some peace and quiet, he just had to mention Sirius coming over to have a talk with them about treating him right and they'd leave him alone for sure. They would after all not want Sirius to come over so soon again. What would the neighbours think? Harry smiled to himself at that thought and slumped down on the bed to rest.