Taken me ages this has, just cant seem to get into it. I think I might be a bit depressed with the last book out and all. I still haven't read it. Well here is another chapter, hope you like it.

What had he gotten himself into? He was playing with a dragon again, he'd thought it would be enough with the first time but no, he just had to do things all over again.

The gasps coming from outside the tent were just as bad as the first time, it gave him the shills knowing what was out there.

He'd decided to fly again, it had worked like a charm the last time so why change something good? Hermione had been against the whole idea of course.

"You want to fly! Against a dragon? Are you completely out of your mind Harry?" she'd asked, looking from a convinced Ron to a shrugging Harry.

"Oh, relax Mione, if anyone can out fly a dragon, it's Harry." Hermione had glared at Ron, looking unconvinced.

"We are talking about flying against a real living fire breathing dragon here Ron." Harry smiled at the memory, and to think he'd already done it all once before.

Krum was eyeing him suspiciously.

"You are not afraid?" Krum finally asked, making Harry look up in surprise.

"Terrified, you?" Krum gave a half smile and nodded slowly. A whistle interrupted them and then Krum was called out leaving Harry all alone.

Trying to find something to occupy his thoughts with, Harry looked around and spotted a Daily Prophet on a seat.

Rita had as expected written an article about Harry, surprisingly it had been somewhat good.

She had written about all of them this time, Harry and Fleur had gotten most of the attention though. Rita was under the impression that Harry and the enchantingly beautiful Fleur were an item. They had decided to just ignore it and wait it all out. Strangely enough nobody in Hogwarts seemed all that bothered and had taken it all with a pinch of salt.

"She would have gotten you in bed already if you were an item." Fred had said over breakfast the day the article came out.

"Yes, and then our little Harry here would be an innocent boy no more." George had said wagging his brows and grinning like a mad man.

"So I'm not gay anymore then?" Harry had asked calmly, taking a sip of orange juice.

"Nah, that Beauxbatons guy hanging with Fleur would have gotten you in bed before that." Fred had said nodding towards the Hufflepuff table were a blond boy was laughing at something Cedric had just said. Harry looked back at Fred confused.

"He can't stop talking about the amazing Harry Potter." George had said in a bored tone, taking a bite of Ron's toast. Ron had given him a glare and moved his plate closer to Hermione in order to protect his precious food.

A sharp whistle brought Harry out of his thoughts and he drew a deep breath. Time to face the action.

He exited the tent and walked the short way and up through the fence. He looked around the stands and saw hundreds upon hundreds of faces looking down at him. The Horntail was waiting at the end of the enclosure guarding her eggs. Harry took a deep steadying breath before lifting his wand.

"Accio Firebolt." He whispered, knowing it would be on its way. Strangely enough he felt that he wasn't as nervous as he'd thought. He could do this again, he was sure of it.

He heard the crowd gasp as the Firebolt came soaring towards him.

Harry smiled ruefully feeling rather silly. Here he was, flying on a piece of wood against a fire breathing dragon.

"Must be as mad as Hagrid." He muttered before mounting the broom and lifting high up above the stands.

The dragon looked just as annoyed as the first time he flew against it. It looked up from the clutch of eggs it was protecting. Green eyes meet yellow and it hissed showing him many sharp teeth.

Harry slowly flew nearer, the dragon narrowed its eyes and let out another hiss.

"SStay…hurt…tear you…" Harry eyed it in shock, he quickly had to swerve to the side though as a jet of fire came at him. He ignored the gasps coming from the crowd. He had understood it, somewhat at least. It had sounded very strange though, not like a snake but somewhat similar.

He flew nearer again wanting it to speak once more. Another jet of fire was released and he had to swerve quickly again.

"Oh, come on I just want the golden egg, nothing else." Harry muttered flying nearer once again. The dragon lifted its head trying to get nearer, forcing Harry to rise higher. It unfolded its wings and Harry had to quickly move out of the way as it very fast shoot up from the ground and headed for him. He urged the broom up as fast as he could heading higher and higher, putting the Firebolt to the test. He could hear the dragon's wings beating the air ferociously behind him as they rose. He very quickly turned and made a dive narrowly missing the spiked tail as the dragon flicked it at him. He dove faster and faster, feeling the broom starting to shake slightly under him.

"Come on…come on…don't give up now." He muttered, the dragon was getting left behind as he plummeted towards the ground faster than he'd ever gone before. He started to level out getting ready to grab the egg when his broom started to shoot out sparks from the back. It gave a high keening noise and gave up. Harry rolled as he hit the ground and made a run for the eggs which were in sight. The dragon gave a loud roar and he could hear it getting closer. He was almost there now just a couple of more feet and he'd have it. There was a loud crash behind him and he turned pulling his wand out. The dragon was eyeing him furiously with its yellow eyes. It opened its snout but instead of breathing fire it growled.

"You don't want to hurt your eggs do you?" Harry asked quietly looking it in the eyes. The long tail scraped long gouge marks in the ground but it didn't come to close to Harry. He twirled his wand around thinking furiously.

"Right a stupefy it is." Harry muttered before raising his wand. The dragon hissed again and he stood still aiming, the dragon was looking him straight in the eyes unblinking. There he could se the cornea moving, it coated the eyes before lifting.

"Stupefy." Harry said clearly, watching the dragon get hit. It shook its head before giving out another hiss.

"Not strong enough…" Harry kept his wand level getting ready.

"STUPEFY!" He bellowed, almost losing his balance when the dragon fell down on its stomach. It was still looking at him with its yellow eyes, he quickly moved towards the eggs grabbing the golden one, he started to walk away from the dragon but turned.

Sighing he started to move closer to it. He eyed it making sure it wasn't moving. He was closer to it than he wanted but kneeled down carefully still in its sight.

"It'ss not an egg." He hissed, hoping it would understand. He slowly moved closer until he could reach out the golden egg so that she could see. He opened it letting the awful screeching noise escape before shutting it quickly. He then backed of and walked away leaving the keepers to care for her.

"Amazing, simply amazing! Potter did not only just freeze a dragon but he also went near it to give it a pat. Simply amazing the boy is fearless." Harry glared at Bagman, he had not petted the dragon.

He moved to stand in front of the judges, ignoring Madam Pomfrey who had her arms crossed looking very irritated.

When it became clear that he wouldn't join her for a check up the judges got ready to give him his points.

Madame Maxime was the first judge to raise her wand. A large figure nine appeared surprising Harry. The crowd burst into applause and Harry felt himself blush slightly. Mr Crouch was next, he too shooting up a nine into the air, likewise Professor Dumbledore who was looking rather smug. Ludo Bagman gave him a ten, but Harry knew that the man just wanted him to win for his own profit and so felt no pride.

Next up was Karkaroff who looked very put off, he raised his wand and a four appeared. Seemed like some things wouldn't change Harry thought with a smile. He gave the crowd a smile and waved before finally indulging Madam Pomfrey and letting himself be poked.

"You're in first place, Harry! One point over Krum, I can't believe it mate, you made it! You're the best!" Ron screamed ecstatically hugging Harry tightly. Harry laughed and hugged him back. His face fell however when he noticed Hermione who looked rather subdued.

"I can't believe you did that Harry. Stopping a fully grown dragon with a stupefy, are you out of your mind?" She threw herself at him looking ready to strangle him, but she ended up giving him a hug as well.

"That was great Harry! Look I have to send mum an owl but I want to hear all about where you learnt to Stupefy a dragon. Here's you broom, not good for flying anymore though, big shame really they're such good brooms." Charlie said giving Harry a pat on the back after handing him the broom.

"Looked great you did. Oh yes, Bagman told me to let you know that you need to stick around a while longer. They're waiting for you in the tent." He said before rushing of.

"We'll wait for you mate." Ron said looking at Hermione who nodded against Harry's shoulder.

Harry joined the others in the tent after giving Hermione over to Ron.

"Right, well done to all of you." Bagman said beaming at them.

"There will be a nice long break before the next task which will be held on the morning of February the twenty-fourth. The eggs you're all holding have little hinges on the sides, you see…they all contain a clue inside and will tell you what the second task is and enable you to prepare for it. Well that's it, of you go." They all exited the tent together, Ron and Hermione joining them as they made their way up towards the castle.

"How did it go Fleur?" Harry finally asked putting an arm around her shoulder.

"It was good, but you, you were great, Arry." She said smiling at him.

"Yes Potter, that was pretty amazing. What did you do to it?" Cedric asked, raising a hand to touch his face which had orange goo covering one side.

"Oh, he just hit it with a Stupefy." Hermione said lightly as if it had been planned all along.

"Stupefy? You did that to the dragon?" Krum asked surprised. Harry nodded feeling silly with all of them giving him looks.

"I'm not crazy! I read about it in a book." Harry defended himself. Fleur smiled at him and gave him a peck on the cheek before joining her fellow school friends who were waiting for her. Krum gave them a stiff nod before he too left, walking down towards the lake.

Harry was happy to see that they were up at the castle before long.

"Only you could get away unharmed after Stupefying a dragon." Hermione said with a giggle smacking him on the arm.

"That's right, Harry Potter the-boy-who-knocks-out-dragons." Ron said with a smile, making Hermione and Cedric snort.

"That's awful Ron." Hermione said shaking her head.

"No it's not, if someone can name him the Boy-who-lived then why can't I name…" Harry let the three of them walk on without him. Well it could have gone worse he thought looking down at the useless Firebolt. He could have been eaten this time.