Back in March, if you had told me that I would be writing fanfiction instead of just reading it, I would have laughed in your face. However, the story of CJ and Danny fascinates me and I am compelled to put my ideas in writing.

I'm too old to write angst, as life is too short, so there will be very little pain and suffering for them in my little universe.

Because in "Crackpots", CJ tells Josh "I'm Catholic", not "I used to be Catholic" or "I was raised Catholic" and because Danny went to Notre Dame when the student body was about 90 Catholic, in my universe they are Catholic "faithful, fallen, or in between.

I'll try to stick with the canon but may have to add some touches.

Maybe it's because the show is so good, but I feel I suck at actual "put words in people's mouths between two quote marks" dialog. (I also get very confused about how the punctuation works). I also don't feel comfortable writing sex scenes. I like them very much, and read a lot of them. It must be my Catholic guilt, but if Andrew Greeley can write them, why can't I?

Update: it's apparent that most of these scenes are about CJ and Danny talking. As long as they continue to talk, I think they will make it for the long haul.

Feedback is always welcomed, and for me, feedback includes pointing out typos, spelling, usage, and grammatical mistakes, errors about something I've incorporated into a story, etc. I want to be as accurate as possible. My research role model is Diana Gabaldon, but then, she's a multi-best selling author and I'm just having fun.

Please tell me what you think!

The characters belong to Sorkin, Wells, et. al., but they consume my soul

Addenda: 7/2/2006

John Hoynes has always fascinated me. I think he is the most complex character in TWW universe. Part of what makes him so believable is that the Hoynes persona is exactly what Eric Stratton would have become (IMHO). Don't be surprised if he plays a part from time to time.

If I wasa surprised back in May that I would be writing fanfiction, I was absolutely astounded when some of the others began to bother my muse, as it were. That is how the 5 interludes had their birth. In particular, Donna's story totally floored me. I had always been part of the "leave Josh and Donna the way they are until the end of the show" school of thought, but, looking back, the split was necessary for Donna to grow. And I truly do believe that she will and that, in TWW universe, what I wrote about her will occur.

I also must confess that I do need to bring one more piece of angst into CJ and Danny's life together; right now it is sitting in "Time out of Joint". Now I know how Sorkin felt about introducing MS into 'He Shall, from Time to Time'.

Author Notes: Revised June 2007:

Until April 2006, I could never have imagined myself writing fan fiction, even for a television show I loved as much as I loved, and still love, The West Wing.

However, the four CJ/Danny shows of season seven – "The Ticket", "Internal Displacement", "Requiem", and "Institutional Memory" -- began to tug at my psyche. At first, it was a small tug, wondering what that "first time" to which "Requiem" alluded was like, and I wrote "Genesis 1:27". Then I began to wonder about what happened after Danny said "What else?" in "Institutional Memory", and "Twelfth of Never" was born.

In the forums, some of us felt we had been cheated by the little snippets we had been given. But then, we began to realize that by leaving us with only hints, the owners of CJ and Danny gave us the right to let our imaginations take CJ and Danny to so many dimensions, to so many variants of our own West Wing universes. And we also began to talk of a CJ/Danny spin-off, much like "Frasier" arose from the ashes of "Cheers".

"Holding Hands on the Way Down" is my own little attempt at such a series. The basis of it is Danny's statement "You're gonna get good at it; we're both gonna get good at new things."

I started out wanting to write only CJ and Danny, but a funny thing happened along the way. Some of the other West Wing folk came to me and wanted me to tell their stories. CJ and Danny were not the only people who would get good at new things.Also, the new people in CJ and Danny's life also said "I think you should talk about me, develop me, flesh out me."

And then came the day that I brought back into CJ's life an old love, and a second series, totally alternative and "not gonna happen", has also ensorcelled my muse. This second series ("Fold in Gently") has allowed me to explore my ideas on how to make my Celtic mysticism work with my Catholic faith, how to explore the idea that there are "more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

Writing this series has given me a new passion in life. My old passion, my career, is winding down – by September 2013, I hope to be retired from my life's work. My new passion, creative writing, may never go beyond these pieces of fan fiction, and will certainly never see professional print, but it moves my soul.

I want to thank everyone for their input, especially Eleanor, who has given me so much advice and so many suggestions for improvement. My intention is, as I get the chance, to make improvements to the chapters posted in The National Library. However, I intend to leave the chapters as posted on as they are, to show how I have improved (at least I think I've improved) as a writer over the past 200,000 plus words.