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Author's Note: I made another one cuz it suddenly appeared on my head and I couldn't afford to forget it cuz I know it'll be a great story. I'm not that good of a writer but I know you guys can bear all of it. So this is a new story with pure love. Mwuah!

Summary: Sakura is going to Hong Kong to visit her grandma. The address was on a Kit Kat wrapper. Suddenly, a strong wind passed by and the wrapper flew somewhere. Now, her first priority is to find it. Will she find what she's looking for or love is what she will find? SasuSaku


Kit Kat


Love is like the wind passing by.

"Hong Kong Universal Airlines" A girl with pink hair read. She reached the airport and all she got to do it to find where her grandma lived. She was about to get the address when her cell phone rang. She answered it.

Sweetie, are you already in Hong Kong? Her mom asked.

"Yes… mom. All I have to do is to find where grandma lived." The seventeen year old gal said.

Oh okay… well… I gotta go… Careful Sakura. Finally, her mom hung up.

When Sakura was about to look at her grandma's address, there's suddenly a strong wind passed by and the wrapper where the address was, flew somewhere.

"Oh no! What am I gonna do now?" Sakura groaned. "How am I supposed to find that Kit Kat wrapper?" She asked herself. She then decided to walk and try and find it.

Sakura was so worried now. She doesn't know what to do. Where is she gonna sleep when the night comes? How is she gonna eat when she's hungry? When is she gonna be able to find that piece of candy wrapper?

Till now, Sakura was still walking. She went down a park where there are a lot of people hanging around. There's cotton candy stand, ice cream stand, candy shop, balloons, and other fun stuff. There, she saw an empty bench at the corner. Then, she decided to sit and rest. Her legs are sore now. "Uhhh… how am I supposed to solve this problem?" That's all Sakura can think of now. What else could she do anyway? Sit and cry? Well, not exactly. She started panicking and then cried. She was a seventeen years old girl for goodness sake. Why does she still cry? Oh well, that's all she could do right now.

"Wow! Talk about a cry baby." A deep voice behind said, or more like teasing.

"Shut up whoever you are. I'm not a cry baby." Sakura retorted.

"Yeah right! Look at you, aren't you too old to cry for such non-sense things?" The guy mocked.

"I told you I'm not crying. And this is not non-sense. How would you feel when you lost the address where you supposed to live? Now I have to live to some place like…. like…. like under the bridge." Sakura cried again. The guy chuckled.

This girl is sure is interesting. How childish. The guy said.

"What happened to the address?" The guys asked. Sakura looked at him. For the first time, her heart seemed to stop. She never thought of seeing a week-in-the-knees handsome guy at her state right know; but she guessed wrong. A hot guy is actually talking to her. Not to mention, the first person who talked to her ever since she came to Hong Kong.

"I-I… Uhhh… err.." That's all Sakura could say.

"Why? Cat got your tongue?" The guy smirked. Sakura got irritated. She put all her stuff down, raised her eyebrow, and put her hands on her waist. "For your stupid information, NO! Does that answer your question?" Sakura neared her face to the guy's face. The guy smirked.

"You know, you got attitude." The guy complimented. Their faces were still inches apart. "So?" Sakura asked softly, staring into his hot onyx eyes. Once again, the guy complimented.

"Look, I have some more important matters to do than to talk to stupid trash like you." Sakura said aloud. She then stepped back to have some space. "Ow… that hurts." The guy acted like it hurt him. "Stop acting." Sakura said. "Why should I?" The guy asked.

"Because I can see that your ego is thicker than your face." Sakura retorted. She doesn't even know if that made sense. "Actually, that doesn't make sense. That's like not our topic." The guy said. "Shut up! Whatever! Arrggh!" Sakura's temper was so going up now. If it wasn't because the guy's face that's in front of her is not ugly, she could've sent him to the hospital with crushed face.

Okay that was kinda funny but for Sakura, it's serious. She thinks that this conversation that they're having is just wasting her time; but someday, she'll realize that everything happens for a reason and this includes. "Okay… can you please leave me alone now? I'm like trying to find the address." Sakura said. The guy raised an eyebrow. He can see that Sakura is looking for it inside her bag but she forgot that it's not there anymore.

A couple of minutes of realizing, Sakura comprehend that the address was missing. "Uhhh… how could I forget that the address is somewhere here in Hong Kong?" She stupidly asked herself. She kneeled down and cried. "I'm so stupid." She said to herself. Anyway, she also forgot that there's a person standing beside her. The guy smiled. He thought that she is really cute. Especially with her pink hair swaying with the breeze.

"Ahem!" The guy said to get the attention of the young lady. Sakura looked at him and shouted, "What are you still doing in here!" The guy stepped back a little. "You're making me deaf." He said. "So? I wish you're deaf." Sakura said. The guy smirked and said, "Huh? What did you say?" He mocked. Sakura was boiling inside now. "I said, I wish you're deaf." She yelled. "Huh? I still can't hear you." The guys said. Deep inside his thought were full of my ear drums are being crushed.

"Go away." Sakura cried. The guy chuckled. Wow! Ever since she met this girl, he got addicted on teasing her. While Sakura is kneeling on the ground, the guy joined her and sat on the ground. People who are passing by them always have a confused look on their faces. Maybe wondering why they're sitting in the ground when there's a bench behind them. "Why don't you guys sit on the bench, instead of the ground?" Some guy yelled and laughed.

The guy beside Sakura glared at the person who shouted that and said, "You know, that guy has a point. Why don't we sit on the bench?" to her and helped her up. There, on the bench, they we're sitting and talking to each other about the missing address that was written on the Kit Kat wrapper.

"I was about to look at the address when a strong wind blew it." Sakura said.

"He! He!" Is all the guy could do. Sakura looked at him and asked, "Is that all you could do?"

"Then what do you want me to do?" The guy asked.

"Go away." Is all Sakura could think of. The guy looked at her and smirked. He stood up and said, "Okay. Bye! Have fun finding the address." The guy once again smirked. Sakura made a face behind his back.

As the guy was walking, he saw a Kit Kat wrapper. He picked it up and saw an address behind it. He smirked. This must be what she was looking for. Come and find it then. The guy placed it inside his pocket. He didn't even turn around.

On the other hand, when Sakura looked at the pretty guy, she saw that he place something that is red inside his pocket. Red? Isn't that the color of a Kit Kat wrapper? Red? Uhhh… he must've have it all along. Uhhh. Jerk. Sakura called him but he didn't turn around. She then stood up, get language and other bags and followed him.

The guy heard that she called him but he decided not to turn around. Is he just being hard to get? Isn't girl supposed to be like that? Unfortunately, the kit Kat wrapper is being hard to get especially when it's on the hand of the jerkest guy in the world. The guy can also feel that she is following him. She must've seen me placed the wrapper inside my pocket.

Sakura called him again but he didn't turn around. She ran to catch up with him and luckily, she did. She was now walking beside him, panting since her bags are so heavy. The guy smirked. He turned to look at her. She also looked at him. "Hey jerk! Give me the address." She accused him. The guy acted that he's confused and he doesn't know what she's talking about. "Huh? What are you talking about?" The guy asked.

Sakura was getting irritated again. "Okay… can you just give me the address so that I can get out of your sight?" The guy raised his eyebrow and responded, "Actually, you're beautiful in my sight. Why would I want you to go?" He smirked. Sakura blushed. "Can you just shut up and give me the address?"

"Why would I have the address?" He asked her. Sakura was raging with anger now. This guy really loves to piss her off. "Actually, you placed it in your pocket." Sakura pointed.

"Then go get it. I wonder what you might get there though." The guy mocked. Sakura blushed. She got what he meant. "Uhhh… you are so—" Sakura was cut off by him. "Totally sexy. I know."

"Okay… I'm done playing now." Sakura said.

"Playing what? I didn't remember you playing what again?" The guy teased.

"I'm done playing with you!" She shouted.

"Actually, I didn't remember myself playing with you." The guy shouted back.

"Uhhh… give it to me now!" Sakura said and put her hand inside his pocket. She touched his leg and whatever is there. Then she felt a candy wrapper. She took it and looked at the guy. "Pervert!" The guy stated to her. "No I'm not! I'm just trying to get this." Sakura showed him the Kit Kat wrapper she found.

"No you just wanted to do that because you wanted to touch me precious leg." The guy smirked. "I'm not! Can't you understand that?" Sakura yelled. Almost all the people around them looked at her then the guy.

"Fine there. You have the address. Bye… I wish you know how to get there." The guy teased her again. He knew that she's just new here and doesn't know the places. Just from the look at her, you really can tell. Once again, Sakura followed him. He turned around and asked, "Why are you following me now?" He smirked.

"I don't know how to get there." As soon as she said it, she cried. The guy chuckled. After a couple of minutes, she looked at him with teary eyes and pleaded, "Can you bring me there please?"

The guy just smiled. "Come on." He said.

Till now, Sakura still doesn't know what his name is but she'll take care of that later. She's going home now and that's good. Only, with a guy with raven hair beside her, driving the dark blue car.

To be continued….