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Give me your hands

I'll hold them when you're afraid

I'll warm them when you're cold

I'll stroke them when you're sad

And I'll let them go if you want to be free

I Believe In You – Chapter 13


Xena let herself fall onto the bed with Gabrielle in her arms. Gabrielle laughed softly before leaning to the warrior princess for a tender kiss. Xena closed her eyes just as Gabrielle did, too and they both enjoyed the conatct. When they pulled apart Gabrielle let her head rest against the pillow. Xena smiled and planted a soft kiss onto Gabrielle's forehead. Gabrielle raised her hands and held Xena close to herself. Xena wrapped her arms a bit tighter around the blonde's body and breathed in Gabrielles delicate scent.

"This was the best evening in my entire life, Xena…", Gabrielle whispered.

"Mine, too.", Xena replied and rested her head onto Gabrielle's chest. After some moments of silence Gabrielle said:

"Is this a dream or did I just marry you…?"

Xena laughed softly, then lifted her head to look deeply into Gabrielle's eyes.

"This ain't a dream… it's real.", she whispered. Gabrielle smiled and took Xena's face in both her hands.

"So you're mine now.", she said softly.

"I've been yours since the first time you looked into my eyes.", Xena answered. Tears formed in Gabrielle's eyes.

"And I'll be yours forever.", Xena added. Gabrielle leaned forwards and kissed Xena gently. Xena sighed against Gabrielle's lips and deepened their contact. She then started to shower kisses all over Gabrielle's body. She wandered up and down, her lips never leaving the smooth skin. Gabrielle tried to keep her breath calm, but it was almost impossible.

"I love you Xena!", she gasped.

"I love you, too.", Xena answered, breathing against Gabrielle's shoulder. She reached Gabrielle's face and kissed her jaw, her chin, her cheeks, nibbled at Gabrielle's ear and brushed her lips over her eyelids. Meanwhile Gabrielle moved her hands across Xena's shoulders, head and back. She started to remove Xena's clothing. The warrior princess tried to help her a bit by lifting her body. Gabrielle smiled and kissed everything of Xena she was able to reach.

They were both quite out of breath so Gabrielle leaned back, pulling Xena on top of herself. Xena complied amnd they rested for some moments. Xena felt like bursting from happiness. And she knew Gabrielle felt the same. She didn't even need to look at her anymore to know how the blonde felt.

It was like that even before the joining ceremony… I knew when Gabrielle was afraid, when she was happy, when she was in lost in her thoughts, or when she was sad. But now… It's almost like I hear what she's thinking.

"I feel like this, too.", Gabrielle said into the silence. Xena was only slightly surprised at this statement. She had been sure that Gabrielle felt the same. The warrior princess smiled and let out a sigh.

"It's amazing, isn't it.", she said softly. Gabrielle nodded.

"I feel so… in peace, so soft, so easy. Like everything's just disappeared.", Xena continued. Gabrielle started to run her fingers through Xena's hair. Xena closed her eyes and sighed again.

"I love it when you do that.", she whipered.

"I know.", Gabrielle breathed happily. Xena smiled and stayed silent for some time. Then she took Gabrielle's hand and put it onto her chest, right where her heart was. Then she placed Gabrielle's other hand over Gabrielle's own heart and waited some seconds until Gabrielle realized what Xena meant.


"Beating in the same rythm.", Xena finished the sentence. Gabrielle's eyes were filled with tears of joy as their lips found each other in a deep, passionate kiss without any sorrow or pain darkening their souls as they were even closer now than ever before.


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