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Rating: T

Summary: The turtles and Splinter find themselves on an enchanted island, where they have to face and conquer some of their worst fears, if they are to survive.

Notes: Efialtis – Greek noun for Nightmare. (According to the dictionary on the internet, anyway. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

For a change, a long story. Tame blend of action/adventure/drama, with attempts at humour thrown in. Feedback is much appreciated, help point me in the right direction so far as my writing goes. Most importantly, hope you like it.


Title: Efialtis



Four teenage turtles and one aging rat padded along the pure white sand of the desolate beach, looking around in awe at the apparent paradise they had landed on. To their right, the turquoise waves washed gently over their feet. The Vacant Sea. To their left was a lush green jungle, quite different to any other kind the five had ever known or read about. The Silent Jungle. Above them, the blue sky was as clear as the purest water. The Empty Sky. As they walked, they continued to drink in the incredible scenery with some apprehension.

No matter what my teenage sons think, we have not stumbled upon the Bermuda Triangle, nor are we extras on whatever Lost is. Although, I do not think we will be found any time soon.

This is not the first strange adventure my sons and I have experienced of late, and I fear it will not be the last. Like most things, we are taking it in our stride; at the moment, we remain unharmed on this island, but this will not last. It never does. In most cases, we must work together to overcome our foes and be victorious in our battles. However, where we are now, our battles are individual, and personal.

I had thought it nothing more than a legend – experience should have taught me to be more open-minded. But Efialtis, the island we have found ourselves on, is most certainly real. The enchanted island targets each being who unwittingly finds themselves walking upon it, and engages them in a battle. This, however, is not merely physical combat between opponents. The island homes in on the individual's deepest, darkest fears, and uses those fears against them.

My sons are strong, both in mind and in body, but everyone has an element of vulnerability about them, and no matter how deep-seated, the forces within this island can locate it. And when we faced with our fears, the lines that separate reality from our imaginations blur. To emerge triumphant, we must define those lines with logic, and then we can see the answer to the puzzle.

Of course, it is never that easy.