She can't tell them.

Slowly licking down that toned body, lean, muscular, beautiful.

They wouldn't understand, wouldn't approve.

Shedding jeans and panties on her way.

They'd judge her, both of them.

Taking her first taste of wet flesh.

They'd tell her God would want her straight-and innocent.

Fevered moans like music to her ears.

She will tell them.

Hearts beating in identical rhythms.

She won't care about their reaction.

Fingers dancing across wetness and soft skin.

She will tell the whole world.

Bodies melt together, souls connect.

She has to tell them.

Contemporaneous explosions behind hazel eyes and blue.

God has made her exactly the way He wants her.

Cradling the spent body against her own.

God has handed her a gift.

Dropping a lazy kiss onto a strong shoulder.

She found love.

And she will tell them all.