"You're just trying to freak me out by saying really random things!"

No, I'm tryin' to figure out what's happened to me since Roxas left…I think I'm tryin' to get Roxas back and I'm tryin' to beat Axel to the punch…I want to punch you. I want to hold you.

He used to give me that exact same look.

When I cornered him, when I raped him, when I insulted him, when I looked at him, when I touched him, when I—not when I kissed him.

"I…goodbye. When I have my heart, I'll…"

I didn't stay to listen, when he had his heart? We'll come back together, when he has his heart?


The boy struck him down.

"I'm not Roxas!"

Struck them all down.

"We'll see."

He didn't remember and he didn't see.

"My name is Sora."

I wonder what Braig would have thought of the kid…Would Braig have loved him?

Fade from existence, Braig had no hold.

Never has.


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