I know what you're thinking. "This girl is just buzzing with ideas!" But this one isn't really my idea. It is one of Wings of Morphius's challenges. I thought this would make a really good fic. So you have to give WoM a lot of credit, she did come up with the idea. I don't think I could have come up with it one my own.

I don't own Danny Phantom. I don't own this idea either, but I own the twins Terra and Sarah! (Yes I got the names from ADJL; I just couldn't come up with any good twin names.)


Tucker sighed as he got ready for his family dinner. "Thanks for coming Danny; if you weren't here I don't think I could make it."

"Don't mention it." Answered Danny; he was sitting at the desk playing on Tucker's computer. "Besides, your family can't be that bad. Your mom and dad are really nice; I don't think the rest will be awful."

"You've never met them, I have these twin cousins and they get under your skin fast. Although, one of them likes technology. And you feel the same way about your family." Countered Tucker.

"Yeah, but my family really is insane." Danny laughed straitening his tie he wore to the first school dance. Tucker was wearing the same one he had before as well.

"Once again, you've never met my family." He told him, walking down the stairs as the door bell rang.

"Connie! How are you?" Tucker's mother, Carrie, exclaimed answering the door.

"I'm just great, although we did witness a ghost fly through the sky on the way here." Connie, Carrie's sister, told her.

"Well, you know Amity Park. If you live here you have to deal with ghosts on a daily basis." Laughed Carrie. "Where's Stan?"

"He had to work, he's sorry he couldn't make it." Replied Connie. "Now where's that stud of a nephew Tucker?"

Tucker blushed and Danny tried to cover up his laughter. "Right here Aunt Connie." Tucker muttered.

"Tucker! Look how tall you're getting! I bet your fighting the girls off with a stick." Declared Connie.

"Um, yeah." Tucker answered.

"Don't you mean the girls are fighting him off with a stick?" A girl's voice asked from the door way.

"Good one, Terra!" Exclaimed another girl giving the first, Terra, a high five.

At this moment Danny couldn't take it any more, he burst out laughing.

"Danny! Your suppose to be on my side!" Tucker yelled.

"Sorry Tuck, but it is funny." Danny apologized as he wiped a tear from his eye.

"And who is this young man?" Tucker's aunt asked.

"I'm Danny Fenton, Tucker's friend." Answered Danny as Connie shook his hand.

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Connie. And these are my girls Terra and Sarah." She introduced, pointing to the two girls, twins that had now shut the door and were standing in front of Danny. "We'll just let you kids talk." And Carrie and Connie left.

"Hi, so what grade are you two in?" Asked Danny.

"Were in 8th." They answered at the same time.

"Yeah, they're 13." Finished Tucker.

"Is there a problem with that?" Demanded Terra.

"Yeah, you were 13 once, too. Less than a year ago." Snapped Sarah.

"Yeah, but you are still younger that us. In middle school, too." Answered Tucker shrugging his shoulders.

"What's so great about high school? I hear that you get bullied everyday if your not popular, which will be no problem for us, but you on the other hand must be beat up a lot." Observed Terra.

Sarah turned to Danny. "Although I'm sure you don't Danny, you look like a popular guy." She flirted, Danny didn't really see this.

"Why do you say that?" Asked Danny.

Terra and Sarah looked like the answer was obvious. "Duh! You're a hottie." They said in unison, Danny blushed; the twins however looked very pleased with themselves.

As if on cue Danny's cell phone went off. "Um, sorry. I have to take this." Said Danny digging the phone out of his pocket, but silently thanking God as he walked into the next room.

"Did you see him blush?" Exclaimed Sarah.

"So cute!" Terra said, just as excited.

"Think he'd like me?" Asked Sarah.

"Please, he'd like me more." Terra challenged.

"Oh please, like Danny would ever go for you two." Laughed Tucker.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Snapped Sarah.

"For one you're in middle school." Answered Tuck matter-of-factly.

"So! We're just as mature as you, more probably." Countered Terra.

"He doesn't have a girlfriend, does he?" Asked Sarah.

"Well, no but-" Tuck Hesitated.

"Then you have to try to set one of us up with him!" Pleaded Sarah.

"We would forever be in your debt!" Exclaimed Terra.

Tucker pretended like he was thinking about it for a moment, "No way!" He told them just seconds before Danny walked back in.

"Come one Tuck, dinner is ready." Said Danny, Tucker smirked at Terra and Sarah and walked into the dinning room. "You guys coming?"

Suddenly a idea sparked in Sarah's mind. "We'll be right there." She answered pulling Terra up the stairs. Danny shrugged his shoulders and walked into the dinning room.

"What's up?" Terra asked, and then she saw the look on her sister's face. "Oooo! You have an idea, don't you? And an evil one at that."

"Yep, come with me." Answered Sarah and she pulled her into Tucker's room. Sarah sat down at Tucker's computer and started to type. "The last time we were here I broke into Tuck's computer. I found a lot of stuff in it, one of those things was a digital diary." She started with a evil grin.

"I get where you're going." Said Terra. "We find something really embarrassing then use is as blackmail."

"I was thinking along other lines." Sarah explained her grin widening. "I was thinking that we get some really embarrassing entrees and put it in the Amity Park newspaper. I can hack into mom's computer in my sleep." Their mother was the editor of the town newspaper.

"Now that's what I call an evil plan." Complimented Terra. "I'm so proud that you're my sister."

"Thanks. So the last time I was on this computer the password was FryerTuck, let's see if it still is." Started Sarah, she typed it in and sure enough the computer started to load. "Bingo! The boy is so slow, and for once I'm glad."

Sarah double clicked on the 'Digital Diary'. Another password entry popped up. "Oh no, this wasn't here last time. What else do you think he would use?"

"Try FryerTuck again." She suggested. No luck. "I know, he has such a big ego. Try Tuck's the man, or something like that."

Sarah typed that in, it was right. "YES! You're a genius!"

"No, Tuck's just too full of himself." Answered Terra.

"Too true." Agreed Sarah. "Darn! He only has a few entries, he must have just started a new one."

"Try to find his older one." Said Terra.

"Girls! Come down for dinner!" Their mom shouted from down stairs.

"No time, let's just print this page and hope there is something good on it." Answered Sarah pushing print. After the page was printed they logged off and ran down the stairs, making sure to put the paper in their pockets before entering the dinning room.


Later that night when Terra and Sarah were at home they started to read the page.

"Wow, this is better than I hoped." Breathed Sarah.

"You can say that again." Said Terra.

"Wow, this is better than I hoped." She restated.

"I didn't really mean that." Said Terra rolling her eyes.


They waited till after their mother was asleep and they snuck down stairs to their mom's office. Sarah logged on and typed Tucker's diary entries on the second page. She saved and logged off. "Now when mom takes this to the printer tomorrow morning this will be read by everyone in Amity Park, even teenagers read it now. There is always something about ghosts in it, and this won't be any different."

Terra laughed. "Tomorrow when Tucker goes to school, we are going to have the last laugh."

"The best thing is that all the 8th graders are going to Casper tomorrow to have a tour of the school, we'll be able to see him suffer in person." Sarah reminded her sister.

"Even better." Replied Terra.

Sarah and Terra walked back to their rooms and thought about how funny tomorrow was going to be. Tomorrow Tucker would be flocked with questions.


I hope that was a good chapter! You get to find out what the entries are in the next chapter. I really like these twins, they are BOTH the evil twin!



And a thank you to Raven of the Night676, my beta reader!