Frightened Grimlock

"Me, Grimlock, no want to."

"Well, you're going to, because we're not leaving you alone like last time. You would just wander off and get lost again," said Wheeljack, exertion showing through in his voice.

Wheeljack hung back on the tiny arm of Grimlock's alternate mode trying to pull him towards him by using his weight. At the same time, Ratchet was pushing Grimlock in the back with two hands like he was pushing a broken down car, but even with the two of them frantically trying to budge Grimlock into moving, he was only going forward ever so slowly.

"Who's bright idea was it again to bring Grimlock along?" said Ratchet, grunting as he thrust his shoulder against the big Dinobot.

"Well, I thought he needed a little more social interaction," replied Wheeljack, the protrusions on his head flashing apologetically.

"Yeah and who got stuck with him? Us, that's who. And it's not the first time either." Ratchet turned around and put his back to Grimlock, pushing off with his legs to see if that method was more successful.

"It's not my fault the others don't want to hang around with him. Come on Grimlock, move for Primus' sake!"

"No! Me, Grimlock no want to go in merry-go-round."