The Dragon Dilemma

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Chapter 27

He nods as he watches from his hiding spot, watching as the four Zoids battle the gigantic Deathsaurer. He just prays that Naruto and Shadow will be enough to defeat the violent Zoid without resorting to transforming into Liger Eternity. He shivers slightly, remembering how long the collective minds had battled that demonic fox spirit that resides within Naruto since the day of his birth.

He sighs and keeps a wary eye on the battling below; he would have to move often just to make sure he doesn't want to end up a blood stain on these rocks. He also had time to think about what he's going to talk with Kakashi about once they survive. 'If anyone can pull off a miracle, it would be Naruto.' He tells himself as he seeks out the Rogue Liger. Knowing that the survival of this world is resting on the shoulders of the thirteen year old, blond demon container piloting the Rogue Liger and on the blonds' friend and partner, Shadow the black Organoid.


They found it easier to be in close quarters of the Deathsaurer for the gigantic Zoid seems to have trouble battling without using its Charge Particle Cannon. They easily dodged the slow moving limbs as they attempt to climb up the back to destroy the fan on the back of the Zoid. They also found it hard to keep the Deathsaurer from trying to travel towards the closest village, which Kakashi says is southwest of where they had first spotted the gigantic Zoid. They were now about thousand kilometres from it and he could only hope that Tobi went on ahead to give that village warning about what's heading towards them.

He sighs and once more tries to climb up the back of the gigantic Zoid. He's just not quick enough to get all the way up on a single run and it's hard to get the Rogue Liger to use its claws to continue to climb up the back. The Rogue Liger roars as they are forced to leap off the back and onto the ground. "I might have better luck. This Zoid can fly quiet well." Kakashi says casually. "Gee, you could have offered sooner you know." He growls at his ex teacher. "I agree with him on this one." Sasuke adds and the man with cloth mask over the lower part of his face just shrugs, not at all calming either of them down. He sends a glare at the man before turning off the vid link.

He sighs and does a simple hand seal. Chakra moves around him and then moves away from him and the Rogue Liger. Three water clones of the Rogue Liger appear. He surveys his work and nods in satisfaction as he looks at them on the screen. Though it tired him slightly creating them, they should be enough to help distract the gigantic Zoid enough for it to forget about the village a bit a way from them.

The clones move without him issuing any orders, he knows that the other three with him were more then a little stunned by the fact that he just used a jutsu to create water clones of not just himself, but of the Zoid he's piloting, though he doubts that the jutsu was able to copy Shadow, which in the end was fine by him as he evades one of the large feet of the monstrous Zoid.

Soon the clones were in position and he says over the com link, "Sasuke cover Kakashi. Hinata stay position yourself so that you can race up the back if Kakashi gets thrown. We'll keep it distracted and hopefully still for either of you to get to that fan." "It's nice to know how much faith you have in your old teacher." Kakashi says mockingly. "I just want our bases covered. We do weaken this thing if we take out that fan. That should give us time to figure out how to get to the Zoid Core." He informs the man who had once been his jonin instructor once upon a time.

Soon the others got themselves organized and he with his clones began to dance out of reach of the Deathsaurer's feet and tail, and into mid range where the cannon that the Zoid uses can be used. It was a tricky tactic but oddly enough, it worked. They did it in a wave formation, with them darting in a weaving pattern as they dodged the beams of light coming from the gigantic Zoid's mouth.

He rolled his eyes as he notices that Kakashi over shot his mark; he fired a few shots from the Shock Cannon in order to keep the destructive Zoid's attention away from the others. He doesn't know why the Deathsaurer seemed so uninterested in what the others were doing, it was almost as if it knew who the true threat was…

"Ambient did see what happened to those Sound nins. He's most likely already bonded with the Deathsaurer." Shadow growls out from deep within Rogue Liger. He closes his eyes for a second and nods. "You're most likely right, Shadow. I do believe that they're over confident about our chances of destroying that fan." He says as he does a tricky manoeuvre as one of his clones speeds up to evade a beam of light from the gigantic Zoid.

Just as a beam of light crosses his path, it dissipated and he can hear Sasuke shout out, "Hinata!" He pores chakra into Rogue Liger through his connection with Shadow. One minute, he's racing sideways around the front of the Deathsaurer and then charging the belly of the gigantic Zoid with his Zoid glowing blue.

All four blades are active and he cries out something unintelligent as Rogue Liger leaps into the air, their target is the Zoid core in the lower half of the body. Though they didn't get it as they pass right through the body, they did manage to inflict a great deal of damage. They use a huge over turned stone face that looked strong enough for him to use as a spring board.

Once more they're flying through the air and he opens himself to both Shadow and to the Zoid core. The fox's chakra surges forth, altering the Rogue Liger into Liger Eternity. It was easier to hold the fox's mind off since neither Shadow or him had been enraged over the thought of not just Tobi being in danger, but his exteam mate. Once more they didn't hit the core of the Deathsaurer, but it didn't matter as the red chakra began to make the metal of the Deathsaurer rot.

As they land on the ground before the Deathsaurer, they roared out their trumpet and then turned to watch as the red raptor Zoid pull what remains out of the fan. They notice that the two others were helping her out and they turn northwards. With a final look at the group, they run towards the gate, knowing that Tobi would understand.

Though they continued to have an internal conflict between the fox and their collective mind, it didn't stop them from journeying to the gate that would take them from this world, and perhaps they will take the other Zoids with them as they go. They doubt that these humans needed any more weapons in which to help them kill each other. Though the technology that they had been able to get from studying the Zoids will most likely remain behind, even with the Zoids' absent, giving these humans better tools to create other robotic life forms if they so choose.


For reasons he couldn't seem to understand, he had been more then a little concerned when Hinata's Zoid ended up stopping the fan. It felt like a part of him had been about to burst open and bleed all over the place as the fan almost looked like it would continue to spin, despite Hinata's sacrifice. Then the fan blades jammed on the mid section of the Rev Raptor and he had been more then a little stunned watching a growling blue Liger explode from the back of the Deathsaurer.

He also had to wonder just how it was that one moment it was the Rogue Liger leaping towards the back of the Deathsaurer and then in a flash of reddish light, it was Liger Eternity not just ramming the gigantic Zoid, but it was like a hot knife cutting through butter. He was more then a little unnerved at the roar that came out of the odd Liger.

He gazes northward, to where the Liger Eternity headed towards. He did wonder just had to hope that Naruto and Shadow were strong enough to keep the fox at bay as they travel towards the gate that resides within this part of Earth Country. He turns to look down at the girl that's within his arms. He notices that a man was talking with Kakashi, the man kind of looked familiar. He sighs and made comforting noises to help Hinata calm down from her near death experience.

He didn't even want to know what Liger Eternity did as it was passing through the Deathsaurer, but he could easily see the results as the very metal that the Zoid was made out of was decaying before their very eyes. There wasn't any stench coming from it either, which he decides is fortunate considering how huge the Deathsaurer is.

He just sighs, wondering if he just saw the last of his blond exteam mate. He began to rock slightly in hopes that it combined with the sounds he's making it'll be enough to keep Hinata from crying harder then she already is. Hinata's sobs become softer and the space between them increased which means that despite the fact he's never done this comfort thing before, he's been able to calm the timid teen down without ever having any real experience with girls.

A small smile makes its way onto his face, he sighs as he rubs Hinata's shoulders for a few seconds before he reddens slightly as he realises just how close they were. Hinata seems to notice this within a few seconds after he had and they kind of took a step back from each other, both not sure just what passed between them, only that something had happened and they both kind of hope that whatever it was, that it might not be the last time it happens.

"Who's that with Kakashi?" Hinata asks him with her usual stutter. "I think it might be Tobi. I'm not sure, but it very well could be. He must of lost his mask or something." He replies as he looks at the pair. He frowns, wondering just what could the pair be talking about and why the black haired man didn't take off after Liger Eternity.

He watches as Kakashi moves and allows him to get a better look at the unmasked nin that traveled with Naruto. He stiffens as he stares at the man, he couldn't mistake which clan Tobi most likely descended from. He did notice that Tobi was missing an eye, but it didn't seem to slow the man down. He frowns as he tries to wrap his mind around that he might not be the last of his clan. He found it really hard not to feel relieved. If the man truly was a full blooded Uchiha, then the burden of reviving the clan wasn't on his shoulders alone.

He watches as Tobi looks at him and then over at Hinata. The man then frowns at Kakashi, he decides that Kakashi must have said something. Kakashi motions for Tobi to follow and the man glances once more in his direction before following his teacher. "I wonder what's up between them?" He muses out loud as the pair seems to vanish out of sight. He glances at Hinata at the same time Hinata glances at him. They both turn quickly away, light blushes colouring their faces.


He stands before the stone that lists the names of the fallen. He sighs as he finds Tobi's original name craved onto the stone face. He's come to accept the fact that he's going to be the one to revive his clan within Hidden Leaf. He doesn't blame the older Uchiha's decision not to return to Hidden Leaf; it seems that Tobi had grown to resent the village of his birth for what they had done to Naruto.

It's been about four years since anyone seen Liger Eternity. It seems that Naruto did leave this world for another with Shadow and his Zoid, Rogue Liger. He still hopes that where ever he is that Naruto is ok. He sighs and before looking away.

As he walks away from the stone, he thinks about how the Zoids began vanishing for three months after Naruto had traveled through the gate. By the fourth month, not even the ruin Zoids remained and Tobi had been right in his prediction of what would happen with the gate being closed. Even now, he misses the Shadow Fox and hopes that whoever's piloting it now will treat it right.

He's now a jonin, just got promoted last month and he smirks as he remembers what he had gone through to achieve his new rank. His hand moves into the pocket holding the ring he picked out, his been keeping it in his vest since he bought it last week. He hadn't been able to speak with Hinata yet, for she was away on a mission when he finally gathered up the courage to not only buy it, but to ask the question that goes with it.

He pauses and looks up into the sky, noticing a hawk circling in the sky, he blinks as another seems to join the other hawk. The pair of hawks move about in aerial displays, his mood lifts up at the display. He looks down to find Hinata walking towards him on the path before him. He smiles at the sight before him. He clenches the ring within his vest's pocket, his heart beating quickly at the sight of his future wife.

Though this world might have lost the large metal animals called Zoids, they still have the technology they got from studying them. New weapons have been created and were currently being imploded through these lands. Yet despite this, ninjas were still hired, paid, and sometimes double crossed by those that employed them. While new tools now exist, things just seem to stay the same. People are born, grow old, and die in unending cycles like the seasons.

His heart skips a beat at as Hinata smiles at him, his face heats up and he shifts nervously as Hinata continues to walk towards him. "You doing anything special for supper tonight?" He asks the beautiful young woman that Hinata grew into. They link hands and weave their fingers together as they walk back towards the village.


'Four years. It feels longer some how.' He muses as he watches Taichi, Naruto's choice of what he wanted to be called once they were on Zi, read a history book. The book was about the lives of Van and Fiona. It was one that his partner usually reads when nothing important is going on.

They were currently working with Team Blue Light on the upcoming tournament, the money was good and they received free room and board. The leader is a fiery tempered woman by the name of Kikue "Wild Mane" Mooncall. He's amused to watch as Wild Mane tries to flirt with his partner Taichi "Maelstrom" Nineblades, also called Tai.

Kikue has competition in the form of her fellow team mate and mechanic Chisako Cloud. They both often tried to get Tai all to themselves, but they usually interfere with each other's plans, which kind of lead his partner to think that the pair might be shy about showing their affections for each other in front of everyone. He's so amused by this, which is why he never tried to straighten his partner out on what's really going on between the two girls. There were three others that were also part of this team as well. The first is Kikue's brother, Hayao Mooncall, the brilliant planner and teenage tactician Minato Stone, and finally the mysterious Wakaru Clearsight.

They've known this team for about two years now and they have only been on this team for about a year now. They both were growing to like the people that made up Team Blue Light. He could tell that Tai was looking for a place to settle down and he didn't mind if they take a more permanent position with this team.

He turns and notices that the pair of young ladies were at it once more. He chuckles inwardly as they walk towards where Tai and he were resting. They were shooting glares at each other as they tried to ask Tai to go to the festival with them. He wonders when the pair will find out that Tai already has a girl friend.

He sighs mentally and takes a glance towards the 'man' by the Shadow Fox. Wakaru's real name is Cheza Youthwind, daughter of a governor. Cheza was running away from an arranged marriage when they first met, roughly two months after they've arrived on Zi. They helped Cheza get the right papers and hadn't met up again until they faced Team Blue Light in a Zoid battle about a year ago.

Tai and Cheza were older and they both reconnected with ease. He wasn't expecting a wedding anytime soon though. Unlike the elemental countries where they once lived, there wasn't any hurry to marry at such a young age on Zi. Most people marry in their twenties, which means that either Cheza or Tai were under any pressure to get engaged or even married. They could have a long courtship before they felt like marrying each other.

'Wakura' smirks at the antics of the two young women who were trying to win 'his' boyfriend. 'Wakura' winks in his direction and nods slightly in 'his' direction. 'Wakura' continues to polish a pistol that 'he' carries around for protection. His happy that they have found a place where their collective pasts didn't come back to haunt them, he also looks forward to the adventures that were to come and knows that Tai, Rogue Liger, and him would always be together for as long as they live.

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