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One Moment

By: 24

I've always thought that I was created to serve, to do what I was told to do and to do simulations. Then I was told to find a man. A man whose image was put on the wall. He looked so sad and I felt for him even though Mr. Raines said that he killed my parents. I had to help find him, so he wouldn't kill someone else's parents, or so I thought.

Then the man I was trained to find, who I was trained to be afraid and scared of, rescued me. The one man who I thought killed my parents. But that was all shattered when I found out that I was not unique. The only reason why I was created was because of this man because he ran away and they needed another him. I am not my own person. I am a clone. I didn't even have parents. I was devastated at that fact. At first I wasn't sure that I believed him until he showed me a DSA of him doing the same sim I did. He looked just like me and that's when it hit me. It was all true.

My whole world was shattered because of that one moment.

The End.