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001. Beginnings

Gar had been scared she would be mad at him. He had disobeyed her when she told him to run, after all. Past experiences told him that disobeying his parents meant trouble for him.

And then to make matters worse, he'd…changed.

Gar didn't remember much of what happened. He remembered seeing the frightened look on his mother's face as the black mamba hissed and hearing her urgently tell him to slowly back away. Then the snake got closer and Mama said to run, to go get Daddy and Chief Tawaba.

But Gar didn't want to leave her alone. His father had always said that, when dealing with wild animals, you were supposed to have a buddy with you. That way, you would be safer. So, as his mother's buddy, Gar knew it was up to him to keep her safe. He had to protect her from the mamba.

The last clear memory he had was of the story Daddy had read the night before, Riki Tiki Tavi, and how the mongoose had fought the snake to save the little boy…

Things were blurry after that. The black mamba hissed again and struck. Mama screamed. He was suddenly looking at a pair of small, dark eyes. A flurry of movement. Hissing. A realization that he had to get to the neck. The texture of something pebbly on his tongue before a horrible metal-like taste filled his mouth. More screaming but it was at him.

"Gar! Garfield!"

Then he was somehow in his father's arms. Then there was nothing.

Much later, Gar woke up in his bed. Someone had changed him into his favorite Superman pajamas.

His parents and Chief Tawaba were watching him. They looked worried and asked how he felt but smiled a little when he said he was hungry. Then Gar asked what had happened. Daddy hugged him and explained that the virus—the one he'd gotten after the monkey bit him—had done more than just turn his skin green.

"You can change into animals, Gar," Daddy said. "That's how you saved your mother. You turned yourself into a mongoose."

Gar was surprised, to say the least. As far as he knew, no one else could turn into animals but then again, he didn't know anyone else who was completely green.

"I can be a animal? Any animal?" Gar asked excitedly.

"We don't know yet. Maybe," Mama answered.

"Cool!" Gar exclaimed, pumping his small fist in the air.

But then he noticed the looks on his parents' faces. They didn't look as happy as he was about the news. They looked scared. Mama even looked like she was about to cry.

"I'm sorry," Gar said, feeling like he was about to cry himself. "I won't do it again, promise."

But then Mama scooped him up and hugged him for a long time, saying that he hadn't done anything wrong. They weren't sure why he could change into animals—but it wasn't bad that he could. Chief Tawaba even said that it was a gift, one to be proud of.

The thought of his parents being proud of him cheered Gar up, and he asked his mother if she was.

She smiled down at him and said she was. She called him her little hero.

"Hero," he echoed. He looked down on at his pajamas. "Like Superman?"

"Yes, Gar," She told him, brushing green hair from green eyes. "Just like Superman."