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Hinatas Pov:

"Why? Why am I like this? Why can't I be like everybody else? I am a miserable girl, who stutters and blush for almost nothing. My father prefers my younger sister to be the heiress instead of me. Because… I am too weak. I am weak physically and mentally. I can't even defend myself if I'm in trouble. I always need other people to help me. I'm just a burden, the roadblock." Hinata looked out of her window and watched as the sky clouded, treatning to rain.

"I can't be the person my father always wanted me to be. No one sees me either. No one acknowledges me." I snuck out of the Hyuuga mansion and headed for the woods.

The tears built up in my eyes and wre in the verge to fall down my face. I was heading to my sitting spot, just outside the Konoha gates where the dangerous cliffs were.

"Naruto never noticed little me. I still have the same crush for him, as I was twelve. Though I am 18, I still have the same feelings about my life since my mother died. I can hardly remember her. But she was the only person who understood me and was always there for me. How am I supposed to carry the burden that no one loves me? How?"

"Why am I even alive? I was supposed to die during the chuunin exam, to spare my life for more pain. Neji were right. I am too weak to carry the Hyuuga burden."

I felt tears ran down my face and hit the ground, as I arrived by the cliffs. I bent over to look down. It was far way down and sharp rocks waited at the very bottom. "If nobody loves me, they won't get bothered my death." I felt shivers in my spine by that thought.

"Maybe this is what my death will be like..." Hinata imagined her on death.

She held a katana to her throat, standing on the edge of the cliff. This was going to be her last day in her life. Hinata bent backwards and fell. Halfway down, she used the katana to slice her throat, feeling the hot liquid leaving her body from the wound. At last, she hit the ground. Hinata felt all her bones crush, but no pain. It happened too fast for her to notice before everything went black.

Blood poured out from the girl's mouth. Her eyes were emotionless and open. There she laid, on her back with arms and legs spread and the katana loosely in the hand. That's how I image my death.

I reached for my katana and put it to my throat, as I balanced at the edge of the tall cliff. I was about to end my pain there and now, but a person's presence in the outskirt of the woods stopped me at that moment. Who?

Normal pov:

He got closer. With a serious look on his face, he glanced at the sad Hyuuga girl. It was a young man. She had seen him before. Messy blood-red hair, a gourd strapped to his back, The Kazekage of Suna, Sabaku No Gaara.

"Are you trying to commit suicide?" he asked coldly but calm. Hinata sobbed but tried to wipe away the tears. She looked at the ground in shame and nodded. A sight was heard from the red head.

He placed himself in front of her with arms folded. "Why?" he asked confused and raised her head with his hand. Jade eyes met her pale face with pearl like eyes. His face was now full of confusion and questions.

More tears escaped her eyes and tried not to look into his. "B-because…" she stuttered. "Because… no one loves me." Gaaras eyes widened. "No one… loves her? She has no idea about what she is talking about." he though and pulled her away from the edge of the cliff. "What make you think that no one does?" he asked demandingly.

"Because no one appreciate me." Hinata clenched her fists. "I am weak. I always get in the way for someone. I can't even take the burden to be the heiress of the Hyuuga clan." she cried. "I can't do anything right… I can't be the person everyone wants me to be. That's why I want to die!" she sobbed even more. Hinata shook her head. "Why am I even talking to you?" she fuzzed. Gaara didn't reply.

Wet raindrops poured from the sky and made them both soaking wet. Hinatas tears mixed with the rain and her body shivered from the cold water. "Hey…" Gaara put his hands on her shoulders.

He hated seeing her like this. Though he saw Hinata cry almost every time she was alone, it never crossed Gaaras mind that Hinata would kill herself.

He had watched her for weeks. He was curious. She always seemed to cry. Gaara wondered why. "All you wanted was to be loved. But so did I. I guess that there's more than one way to be alone," he stated gently. Hinata nodded. Gaara leaned forward and kissed her.

Hinatas eyes went wide of his actions. It was a light kiss, nothing special. But Hinata enjoyed it, though it was short. Gaara pulled back and a blush went over his entire face. "But what if I love you?" Gaara smiled shyly to her.

Hinata went silent and stared confused at him.

Gaara turned away from her. "Before you kill yourself, I just wanted you to know that I like you the way you are." Gaara was too scared to face her with his words. "But I don't know if that's enough for you to live with. I… I don't want you to die, Hinata-chan." he stated sad.

Hinata stood in front of him. She placed her hand on each side of his face and gazed at him. "I can live with that." she said and kissed him passionately on the mouth.

Gaara wrapped one arm around her waist and supported her neck with the other. His tongue begged for entrance to her mouth. Her tongue met his halfway and explored each others mouths.

The rain still poured from the sky over the two peoples. Hinata broke the kiss and smiled to Gaara. Her smile was so beautiful. His gaze was locked on her. Everything with her was beautiful when she smiled.

Her eyes shone with happiness and some hair locks were stuck to her skin due to the rain. Still, she looked like an angel. "Thank you, Gaara." she said softly and hugged him.

Meanwhile somewhere in the forest:

Kankurou and Temari were looking for their younger sibling of a Kazekage. "GAAAAAARAAAAAA!" they yelled in hope for a response. Nothing. Nothing but the sound of the rain was heard. "Damn! Where could he be?" the blonde nin said angrily.

Kankurou stopped. Temari noticed and asked if he felt something. Kankurou ran a hundred meters and stopped by a bush and bent down. Temari arrived a second later. "What is it?" she asked annoyed. Kankurou dragged her to sitting position, shushed her and pointed trough the bush.

On three, they both looked up but sat quickly down with a huge blush on their faces. They looked again. Their jaws dropped by the sight of Gaara and Hinata…. KISSING! Temari and Kankurou grinned at each other and slowly bent down behind the bush. "Gaara has a girlfriend." they both cried anime-tears and hugged and danced in circles. Just like...Idiots...

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