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Serena strutted into the Crown Arcade after yet another detention session with Mrs. Haruna vaguely mumbling something about her teacher needing a steady boyfriend.

The bells on the door rung as she entered, hoping for a little chocolate milkshake 'pick-me-up' to rejuvenate her back to her bubbly self.

"Detention, again?" was all Serena was asked as she sat down next down to order her drink, not seeing Andrew around. She didn't even look up to know from whom the taunting voice came from. She'd memorized the deep, cynical voice from the first moment she met the man.

Though she daren't admit it, she'd come to crush upon the barer of that voice, though always felt that she was a little out of her league.

'That silky hair, those deep blue eyes, that smirk'… always a smirk for her, never a true smile.

"Haruna broke up with her latest boyfriend and needed to take it out on someone. I just happened to have volunteered—" gritted Serena as she laid her head in her folded hands, leaning on the counter.

"By…?" asked the voice whom she hadn't yet looked up at.

Darien awaited her answer as he drank his blank coffee. He knew the answer would be an amusing one, one that'd be perfect to entertain him and embarrass her.

"By sleeping in class." Replied Serena weakly, hoping he'd buy it. That wasn't the full truth, though, and she knew it. But if Darien made her tell the full story, she'd never be able to look him in the eye again. Those deep blue eyes that made shivers run down her spine.

"Come on, 'Dango, what really happened? Even if she was in a bad mood, you'd have to fall asleep at least three times for Haruna to give you detention." Said Darien patiently, as he set down his coffee, awaiting an answer that he knew must be rich if she refused to share this badly.

"I…I…." Started Serena, still keeping her head down. She didn't go further as she gave a big sigh instead. She felt her cheeks turning red, and her ears.

Darien couldn't see her cheeks turning red, but he could make out the tips of her ears. He could tell she was extremely embarrassed and, although he would loved to know what it was about, thought it would be better to give her a day off from the taunting.

"It's okay, Meatball Head. We all get embarrassed from time to time." He said as he swirled his seat to her and squeezed one of her meatballs. He followed his hands down the loose hair at the end of her meatball, twirling the hair around his hand, letting the soft feeling of the silky hair run through his skin.

'I could run through it day after day…' he thought as he ran back up the hair, and couldn't help touching the back of her neck. 'Soft…. creamy…smooth.' He gently touched her neck with his fingertips, then rubbed a little as to give her a one-handed massage.

All this didn't go unnoticed by Serena as she felt the squeeze to her meatball, her hair being wrapped around the fingers of her taunter…both in real life and her dreams…she felt those hands do wondrous things to her in her dreams. She couldn't help but let a moan escape as he touched the back of her neck. First just simple touches then kneading her a little.

Darien barely heard the moan, and thought it was an annoyment to the slight touch and quickly moved his hand away, resting it on her shoulder.

"'Dango?" he asked. He swirled her seat so she would face him.

Serena looked up at him with a dreamy expression. She looked into those eyes that captivated her and couldn't look away. She remembered those eyes from her dreams. The dreams where his mouth did other things than just talk to her. Where his hands touched more than her hair or neck.

She looked dazed as she thought back to her many dreams, all involving her knight in shinning armor taking her into his arms and promising wondrous things to her. She felt her face get heated and couldn't get it back to it's normal state.

"…Darien…" she breathed…She couldn't stop herself from making it sound like a moan.

Her eyes looked darker. He'd had plenty of experience with a girl's eyes turning dark on with that look on their faces; plenty of experience until he met her, at least.

Though the offers still came, he replied to them less and less for an Odango was always dancing in his thoughts. An Odango with gold hair, radiating sunshine and happiness, with creamy skin that made him want to kiss her everywhere, with bright, blue eyes that sparkled when she smiled and more heatedly when she was angry. Those pouty, naturally pink lips that made him just want to push her against the wall and kiss her senseless. Make her moan out his name over and over again.

He loved the way her uniform hugged her so well. It was anything but indecent, but the curves she had were anything but small. Her full chest poking slightly through her loose shirt made him aware that she could fit perfectly in his palms. Her soft, round hips leading away from her waist, her long legs poking out from her knee length skirt making Darien think of other things they could be doing besides walking, all the while not knowing how gorgeous she looks. He could tell she didn't perceive any stares she received beyond boys wanting to be her friends and that intrigued him. Any other girl he knew would jump at the chance for such an offer as the ones presented by the onlookers.

The slight blush on her cheeks, getting darker every second, made him realize just what she said. She tried to turn her face away, feeling her eyes water at the embarrassment of just what she had done but his hand caught her chin to keep her head from moving towards the door. She tried turning the other way, but he just tightened his grip and used his other hands to hold her wrists in place as to prevent her from shaking his hand away.

"Serena…" was all he could muster up, as he had no idea what to ask her.

She drooped her eyes down in shame at having been caught. Hoping this was all a bad dream, she closed her eyes willing herself to wakeup and find herself having overslept for school, again.

He saw her close her eyes, and the red slowly leaving her features, something he was not too much in favor of. He started moving his hand on her chin to her graze her neck delicately, making her eyes shoot open. He saw the blush returning, causing him to chuckle, and brought his hand down to her shoulder to rub the hollow of her neck with his thumb.

He heard the beginning of a moan, which was soon silenced by Serena biting down on her lips to prevent any such noise from leaking out. He saw the panic in her eyes as she realized what he was doing to her.

She opened her mouth to speak, panting. "Not here…not now…" She cried desperately.

He continued to rub her neck, amused with the pleads she presented to him. She bit her lip again to suppress a moan, which escaped, but only audible to them.

"Darien…" She panted as he chuckled. "Please…" she begged, and he couldn't deny her with the look she award to him.

"Alright, Odango. But we need to talk. 'Kay?" he said as he released her hands, her chin, and allowed her to look at anything else but him.

The reds in her cheeks hadn't left yet, and they didn't look like they were leaving for a while. She looked at the backroom door, wondering where Andrew was. She murmured a 'thank you' as she continued to avoid his gaze. She started fidgeting with her skirt, which didn't help Darien any as they were wrapped more tightly around her milky thighs.

Before, he could control these little tidbits she did that made him want her but not after this. He knew after finding out that she harbored these feelings, he couldn't keep his posture in check. He grabbed onto her hands to stop, laying his hands firmly on her thighs. Her head jerked to his direction as her eyes shot open. He groaned inwardly as he felt her thighs beneath his hands. He was just beginning to rub them when Andrew came in, surprising the duo.

"Hey, there, you two. I've been in the back…." Andrew continued, cheery, not noticing the two looking uncomfortably.

They both jumped up in shock, and Serena made a dash to the door. Her long, slender legs carried her yet Darien grabbed her wrists before she could get to the door.

As Darien and Serena looked over to Andrew, to question why he hadn't mentioned anything about their odd behavior, they saw he was carrying boxes that reached half a foot above his head, blocking them from his view. As he was setting them down on the counter, he failed to notice that Darien's long forgotten coffee was on the counter, causing him to spill it all over the floor, and Darien. Although the coffee long ago got cold, the surprise of it falling on Darien caused him to release his hold on Serena, allowing her to make a quick escape.

"Sorry, there, buddy. Here's some paper towels, and you can use the backroom. Would've been nice if one of you actually helped me, you know. Where'd Serena go?"

Darien heard not a word Andrew said as he was trying to dry his pants with the paper towels shoved at him and staring blankly at the door, wondering where she could have run off.