Spin City

Caitlin's POV


I am on my date with a man named Craig. He abuses me when I make an honest mistake. I have bruises everywhere. When I go to work, I cover it up with alot of makeup. I don't want anyone to worry about little ol' me.

~*~ Monday, at work ~*~

I got abused again. One of these days I'm gonna faint at work. Little did I know, today would be that day.


"Sir, you wanted to see me?" I asked. I was wearing a matching golden skirt and shirt.

"Yes, Caitlin, How do you get a woman to love a man?" he asked me. Sometimes, Mayor Winston needed a woman's opinion.

"You asked Charlie, didn't you?" I asked him.

"Yes," he told me.

"Act like yourself. Ask her out for a casual dinner. If it dosen't workout, there's other women out there," I told him.

"You're right. Oh, and how's Craig?" He asked me.

"Fine," I lied. I could never tell anyone what Craig does to me.

I walked out of his office and bumped into Charlie. Some of my makeup came off.

"Are you OK?" he asked me.

"Yea, why wouldn't I be?" I asked him.

"Oh, this," he touched the bruise I got last night.

"Ough, that hurt," I told him.

"Has Craig been doing this to you?" he asked. He sounded concerned.

"No, Charlie why would you say that?" I asked him, as if nothing happened to me.

"Then what happened here?" he asked again.

"I tripped and landed on my face last night," I lied again.

"OK," he told me and walked away.

~*~ Lunch at Work ~*~

I was eating a sandwich when Craig walked in.

"Ohmygod," I said.

"What? What's wrong?" asked Charlie.

"Nothing," I told him and got up. Craig was here, and he looked pissed!

"Hi honey," I said.

"Don't honey me," he told me, "You didn't call today liked you promised. Get in the janitor's closet."

I walked into the janitor's closet with him. He ripped off my shirt and punched me in my face. I screamed.
He punched me again. I screamed again.

Charlie must of heard because I covered my breasts with my my arms. And then, I fainted.

When I woke up, I was ina hospital bed. Charlie and Craig were arguing.

"You never hit a girl," I heard Charlie say.

"Hit?" I heard Craig say, "That's how I punish a girl."

"OK, then if your were gonna hit her on her face, why do you take off her shirt?" asked Charlie.

I knew Craig couldn't answer that. I couldn't answer that.

"Why?" Charlie asked again.

"How did she misbehave?" Charlie asked.

"She didn't call," said Craig.

"So you abuse her in her work place?" asked Charlie, "How'd you hook up with Caitlin?"

"I told her that if she wouldn't be my girlfriend, I'd hunt her down and kill her," replied Craig.

The police arrived at that time. Charlie looked in my direction. I smiled.

"Are you OK?" he asked me.

"Yea, thanks to you," I replied.

"Look I wanted to say something," he was now leaning over me.

"I-" he told me, but I pulled him in a passionette kiss.

"I love you too," I told him. I smiled.

Authors Notes: My forst Spin City pic. Will some please wriute some Charlie/Caitlin romance, please?