It was nearly a month after that display in the showers. I don't know why this school lets boys and girls shower in the same showers. My guess is the teachers get off on it. But I don't know for sure. I'm not even supposed to be at this pathetic excuse for a school. However, after all of the attacks, the Ministry had half of the Wizarding world strapped down in this place. I hadn't seen Potter and Loony in ages, so you can guess that I was absoloutely delighted to see Luna Lovegood sitting alone in the library one day reading her father's crackpot magazine upside down.

"So, Loony. D'you and Potter still have it going on or what?" I asked from behind her, snatching away from ugly-ass quill from behind her ear. "That was quite a show I got, quite a show indeed."

She turned, but didn't seem agrivated or upset, she just looked content. I hated that about her. No matter what I said, or what clever phrases I had Crabbe and Goyle thinking as hard as they could to come up with, (but as hard as they could doesn't count for much) nothing ever seemed to bother her.

"Actually, Draco, we had nothing going on before that night. As a matter of fact, we hadn't even kissed until after he started." she said cooly. I peered down at her skirt. No one will ever know how hot Luna Lovegood is until they see her naked. That sounds absoloutely ridiculous, but sometimes things like that are true. "So you're some sort of whore? Just what I'd expect from someone as pathetic as you."

The nutter actually smiled at me. "I wouldn't say that, Draco."

I had almost looked at her in shock before I remembered the only emotion I'm supposed to show is disgust. No one at school called me Draco, not even my friends. Just Mother and Father

My thoughts where interrupted by Loony, "Harry's straight, yunno."

"Who cares?" I spat at her.

She just smirked, "I know you do, Draco. I hear everything, yunno. You're bisexual. I heard you tell Pansy one day when she was coming onto you." What was with this kid? Luna paused, and all I could do was gape at her. In disgust, of course.

"That was very intelligent of you. She's really homophobic. Then again she began spreading rumours." The freak turned her eyes toward the cieling, were a random book Longbottom had, had trouble with was fluttering about.

"I might not have believed it myself," she said vaugely after a moment."If I hadn't heard you say it myself."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah? Well then write a book about it nutcase." I ground out nastily.

"So do you think your father will disown you if he finds out?" she asked, turning her huge, penetrating eyes on me again.

I turned scarlet. It was none of the Loony-bin's buisness what my father did and did not do. "Thats none of your damn buisness!"

I turned to leave when I heard her utter, "If he ever does, you can stay with us."

I stopped in my tracks. What the hell was she on about? I make fun of her like its not even fit and she goes and offters me a room in her rubbish-bin of a house, if my father kicks me out. It screwed me up.

Not even my friends would do that for me, they're not that thick. I don't think they exactly like me, though. Only because I used to have money, I still wonder were Zambini wanders, these days.

This girl, who I only want to pay attention to because she's nuts and because I've seen her naked, is offering me a home were your parents wont hate you because of a preference, or your marks at school. That Granger one, man if she wasn't a mud-blood I think my parents would adopt her. And use me as a house-elf. Then of course Granger would try to free me because I was a house-elf and my parents would find her inferioir and disown her again. But thats what my parents are like.

"Why?" I asked bewilderedly.

"Its a nice thing to do." Was her answer.

I turned around and sat down next to her. I tried to be nice but it wasn't working. Everything was coming out in a sneer. But you have to credit me for doing my best."You're not homophobic?" Luna shook her head. I looked around to make sure no one was watching. Heck, a Malfoy has to keep his reputation up, right? No matter how kind another witch or wizard is, if they're insane, don't get caught with them.

"You don't know how non-homophobic I am." she chirped

"Oh yeah? Spill."

And she did. I guess she did! We were there until three-thrity a.m. talking about how non-homophoic she actually was.

"So let me get this straight. You have twisted fantasies of me and Potter shagging in the showers?"

She nodded non-chalauntly, poking at a little green spider that happened to be scuttling along the table.

"Loony, you're more sick and twisted than I've ever imagined, and you've also come up with almost hotter and almost more twisted fantasies than mine. That's hard to come by." I said, with just a smidgen more respect for her than I have ever thought I would have, and simply becaise she had a dirty mind almost fit for a Slytherin.

She chucked, "Will you agree to that little idea I brought up?"

I snorted and leaned back in my seat, "I think that is the weakest, most simple minded plan I have ever heard. I mean, Goyle could figure that one out. With counciling, of course."

She sighed, but not in disappointment, just in a dreamy state of blandness, "So you won't do it?"

"Oh, I'll do it, Lovegood. But you're gunna owe me." I replied silkily.

"If I owe you it means you wont enjoy it." she replied gloomily.

"Oh, I'll enjoy it. But I'm telling you, that stuff tastes nasty."

She smiled.

I slammed Draco against the shower wall. "You're in for it." I said slyly, licking his neck. I heard a shallow cry emit from his throat, it made me smirk in a way I had never smirked before.

"I think you may be the one in for it, Potter," he said cooly, flicking his tounge against my ear. I had almost forgotten how good that felt. "You don't know exactly what I've got, do you Draco?"

"Yunno what, Potter? I think I actually do." I pulled him into a rough, smoldering kiss. For about twenty-four seconds it was all tounge, lips and teeth. Really, I don't think I could get enough of the feel of Draco's body. Man, I knew his skin was soft but you don't really know from an outsiders point of view until you're able to run your freaking fingers all over his body.

I grabbed a warm, soaking wet bit of platinum blonde hair and pulled his head back and nipped at his neck while my other hand was rooted firmly to his arse. Which was, undoubtedly, very tight and very hot.

"Down." said Draco firmly. Now it was his turn to grab my hair, and grab it he did. He pushed me down in front of his prick.

I knew what he wanted but I just didn't know how to go about giving it to him. "Anything wrong?" he asked softly(which was odd to hear from Draco), pulling his fingers further through my hair. "Fine." I said.

I licked the underside of his length. From the base to tip. Man, it was awkward for a guy to do this for the first time. Guys have one but its a totally different story to see the whole thing like that, and you wonder, "Jeeze, do I taste like that?"

I tried to swallow most of it, but my throat was not cooperating, so I had to use my tounge. I tried to recollect and use alot of what Luna had told me. I went out on a limb and tried some of my own techniques. Surprisingly, it worked. He was clutching my hair softly when I started and toward the middle he was gripping rather tightly.

My tounge did surprisingly good work. I circled it around the head and then down a little further, letting the tip of my tounge dip into the slight fold of his foreskin. I massaged the base and swallowed him as deep as I could into the back of my throat. I was gagging a bit, but he liked that, too. I felt a tug at my hair, and I followed, then he pushed me back down again. This movement became steady, I can put two and two together.

Draco tilted his head back and let out a soft moan. I lifted my hand to massage his balls, and that made his knees buckle. With boosted confidence, I sucked hard on the head and he seemed to like that too, considering he fell to his knees and pushed me down on the ground, licking and sucking the flesh above my collar bone passionately. I felt his hard length pressing against my own. My eyes rolled back in my head, my hips bucked up uncontrolably and Draco's hips bucked back down against mine. It was awkward. The feel of another cock against your own is the strangest feeling you ever wanna experience. But the skin still flutters and it still feels like one amazing handjob.

"Harry..." Draco moaned out my name, I almost came right then and there. I hadn't realised how hot that really is. When someone moans out a name. Particularly yours. "Please.. can we.. I wanna.."

"Have me fuck you inside out?" I muttered bluntly.

Draco smirked, "I don't remember having you finishing my sentances being part of the deal."

I sat up against him, "Can you.. turn over?" I asked gruffly.

Draco blinked at me and turned around so that his back was facing me. His shoulderblades and spine were so visable, I had to lick them. He shuddered under my tounge, and I smirked like an idiot.

I actully had lubricant. Well, it was Draco's. But thats not important. His ass was more attractive soaking wet then it would ever be when dry. I ran my fingers awkwardly over the crack of his arse. Now, that sounds unpleasent but keep in mind he is a Malfoy, so it rather was. I opened the tube with my teeth and poured a little drop on my fingers. Draco turned his head around and stared at me. His stare wasn't as hard as I was used to seeing it. I also wasn't used to how cute and pink his face was. It made him look adorable. It really did.

"Are you all right?" I asked, leaning over his back and kissing his shoulder. He sneered slightly and nodded, "Fine, Potter."

I slid my finegr inside. I had never done this before, so preparing him was a job. I slowly slipped another finger in and I watched him turn slightly to look at me. His muscles relaxed and I positioned myself just outside. "Are you realy?"

Malfoy snorted, "Please, Potter. I was bloody well born ready."I nodded and kissed his face.

Rather abruptly I slammed into Draco. He squealed so loudly that it alarmed me. "S-sorry." I stuttered slowly. Malfoy turned, his eyes were red. I hadn't thought about how much that must have hurt him. But man, it felt nice to me.

"God, Potter what are you trying to do, impale me?"

I chuckled, "Yes but in a positive way."

His gaze softened, "Let me ajust.. please. Are you even in all the way?"

I looked down, "No.."

Malfoy sighed heavily and turned back around so all I could see was the back of his head, "Well get in all the way, just go slower."

I did as he'd asked. Actually inching my way in. I was just about there when Draco's muscles spasmmed and he let out a loud, low groan. "Wha--"

I grinned triumphantly, "I'm guessing I've found that a-spot of your's?" Draco gulped and shrugged one shoulder.

"I'll wait a few seconds." And I did. It was surprisingly hard to wait while you're inside of someone. I gave it about fifteen seconds before I whispered in his ear, "Ready?"

Draco nodded. I pulled my hips out slowly and then pushed back in again. Draco was moaning and crying out like I'd never heard another person moan and cry out before. It felt amazing to be inside that deep and that tight.

Eventually, the pace quickened, My chest was pressed against Draco's back and we were exchanging quick open mouthed kisses. I clutched his side to steady him as I thrust in and out of his body. It slowed slightly, and I let out a loud moan, I was coming close. It wouldn't be long, then. And it was a good thing, too, because Draco's hair was getting long and scraggley again... I closed my eyes and just pounded harder and harder into Draco, until finally, a climax like I had never before expierenced fell over me. My sight whited out and when I opened my eyes...

...Instead of finding Draco in front of me, there was Lovegood again and I was happy to be back in my own Malfoy skin and have my own Malfoy manhood back were it belonged. But now I knew for sure what a great lay I was. It may have been worth it, but I'll never drink the Polyjuice potion again. As I said to Luna last week, that stuff tastes nasty.

Luna looked to Harry, who had been sitting there watching us. "So, Harry. D'you think you'll wanna give it a shot?"

Harry opened his eyes. He was looking very disheleved and there was pearly white liquid all over his fisted hand. He was clutching his own erection

"Yunno what?" he said in a rough cracky voice (oh the horrid memories I have about cracking voices) "I think I may give that a shot."