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The pale man looked at his reflection in the mirror.

I am a ghost.

In reality, he was anything but a ghost. He was tall, well-built, with red irises that struck fear into the heart of all those he looked upon. He had earned the nickname ghost because of his paper-white skin and hair. But maybe they were wrong?

"You are an angel." the Priest had said.

The angel of death, he thought.

He had watched his mother die, and spilled his father's blood to avenge her. His first kill. It had been...incredible. The blood spilled from the first wound in the back, as his father awoke with a start and looked at the Angel with confusion and rage in his eyes. Another wound was inflicted. The silver knife pierced his flesh again and again until the murdering drunkard lay lifeless before his son.

The Angel had then fled.

He looked down at his strong hands. They had been the death of so many. He sometimes felt he was being used.

By the Priest.

By God.

No. No, no, no. These thoughts were unacceptable and he must be punished to rid himself of sin. He was a warrior of the Lord and to think or act otherwise was blasphemy.

He turned to the shrine in the corner. The Angel pulled off his cloak and kneeled before it, praying. Lowering his hands to his left thigh, he removed the cilice, wincing in pain. After examining the bloody piece of metal for a moment, he changed positions and swiftly attached it to his right thigh, feeling satisfaction in the pain that shot through his body.

He rose to his feet and took the whip off the table. Moonlight shone upon his bare back, illuminating every scar that covered his body. He gripped the whip slightly and swung back.


Blood ran freely from the wounds in his back. His toes curled from the pain. He winced and bit his lip, determined not to cry out or let the tears fall.

I am a killer.


A sinner.


The Angel of Death.