No matter how I thought about it, I knew I was going to die.

There were no other options. At least not that I could see. In my current state and situation, I had no choice but to die.

Every bone in my body ached, and I could feel a layer of cold sweat on my face. Every wheezing breath that I took seemed to take immense effort, and made my chest shake painfully. Scrapes, and cuts covered what seemed to be every inch of my body and I could feel pain searing through each gash. I was going to die.

I tried to pay no attention to the pain and instead thought of things that made me happy. My family wasn't an option- they were already gone. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to keep my mind from straying to the reason why I was hurt like this. Whenever I remembered it, it seemed like I was going through the whole thing all over again and it brought up a new round of pain.

"The sky." I thought helplessly. Yes… yes the sky makes me happy. Especially on a clear summer's night when the stars are shining.

Then another thought struck me. What if I never saw the sky again? I felt my chest rise and fall faster and faster until I was on the verge of passing out. My reality of death was finally sinking it. Only the opening of a door and a warm hand on my shoulder kept me from slipping into unconsciousness.

"Quick! Get some nurses in here!" called a female voice, full of authority and determination. I slit my eyes just enough to see that an old nurse with rosy cheeks was standing over me.

"It's going to be ok." she encouraged me, without looking down. Instead she was looking anxiously at the door.

I took advantage of this moment to look around.

I might as well know the place where I die. I thought icily.

I was in a long, white room with dim lights coming from the small square windows. On either side, lined up against the walls were many narrow white beds. Hospital beds. This lifted my spirit just a little, until I saw other people lying on the beds. Some were calling out in pain, while others were silent, pale, and sickly looking. My hope disappeared as quickly as it had come.

Before I knew it, more nurses were scuttling over to my bed. They washed wounds, changed bandages, and placed a damp cloth on my forehead. I knew there wasn't much else they could do. I felt my breathing return to its normal sharp and painful breaths. But I was too weary to complain because all of the sudden activity made me exhausted and I slipped into an unsteady sleep.

I dreamed of my family.

We were lying on the grass gazing up at the starlit sky. It was beautiful. And then, the happy surroundings disappeared and I lay on the ground bleeding from various cuts and gashes. I tried to scream but my voice was silent and blocked from the outside world. And as I lay there bleeding to death, I couldn't think of one thing to give me hope.

My eyes shot open and I felt a new layer of sweat covering my face and back. All of my wounds throbbed and the cloth on my head was now warm. I slowly reached up my weak arm to take it off but another hand beat me to it.

"Here, let me get that for you." said a male's voice.

To my surprise, when I looked next to me a man was standing there. I was positive he hadn't always been standing there. It was as if he just appeared.

I must be hallucinating. I thought. Another sign of death, no?

But my initial shock was quickly swept away when my eyes rested on the man's face. He was beautiful, quite unlike any other person that I had ever seen. He had pale skin, light topaz eyes, and blond hair. There were dark circles under his eyes, yet he still looked young.

"Th-thanks." I stuttered, surprised at how hoarse and unpleasant my voice sounded compared to his appealing tone.

He flashed me a smile, revealing all of his perfect white teeth. The smile was filled with pity rather then joy though.

"You must be Rosalie." he said, looking down at a wooden clipboard in his hand. "I'm Dr. Cullen."