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My eyes were clamped shut as the car traveled forward. Even though I couldn't see our surroundings, I knew we were going fast.

Where was this man taking me? He should've just left me to die. I thought angrily, full of pity for myself. The fire in my veins seemed to be growing steadily hotter and I howled between convulsive sobs. The tears managed to escape between my eyelids.

"It is going to be okay Rosalie." Dr. Cullen mumbled over the engine's purr.

Okay? I didn't think so. Even if the pain ever stopped it would've had to leave some sort of long term damage.

Soon I felt the car lurch to a stop. Almost at once it felt like people were surrounding me. I heard a woman's quiet voice talking very fast as two cold hands picked me up and began to carry me. I heard a door swing open and then shut and lock.

It felt like I was going upstairs and I dared to open my eyes for a second, seeing Dr. Cullen's troubled face. He brought me down a hall and into a dark room where he laid me down onto a large bed. I closed my eyes before he could see me watching.

I heard the door shut again and realized that for the first time I was truly alone. I opened my eyes slowly and tried to get myself more comfortable, though it seemed impossible. I realized that my arm, sprawled lifelessly by my side was free of cuts from my previous accident.

I tried to lift myself up to see if the wound on my leg was gone, but the pain returned with more force than I was expecting and I felt the torture return.

I didn't know how long I cried and prayed for death in that unfamiliar room. But when I opened my eyes again, it seemed as the first light of dawn was streaming beneath the shades on the windows.

Though unfortunately, a new day didn't stop the pain. It lasted two more days. Three days of fire burning me up inside. When I opened my eyes on that third day, I was so exhausted I hardly noticed that the pain had vanished. But I did feel completely different. Through the cracks of the shades I could see that a light sheet of rain drizzled down outside but to my ears, it sounded like a monsoon. I reached my hand up to cover my ears but quickly drew them away.

My skin was freezing! I touched my hands together again, more hesitantly this time. The skin felt strong and hard, but marble smooth at the same time. It was when I pushed myself up into a sitting position that I realized for the first time that the pain was gone. I lifted up the dirty hospital gown that I was wearing to reveal my legs. They were longer and skinnier then I had remembered and also more pale. The thing that shocked me the most was that my gashes and cuts were gone. Not even a scar remained.

I must be dreaming. I thought curtly. This was impossible! The whole thing! I tried to think back to exactly what happened, but the memory that entered my mind first was the three days of burning torture. No, I thought. I won't think about that now.

I carefully placed my bare feet out over the bed and onto the dark polished wooden boards that made up the floor. I felt amazingly weightless as I stood up, my limbs wobbling at first but then steady and sure. I glided across the room with such grace that I knew I must be dreaming.

I reached for the mirror above a circular bureau and gazed at myself. A surge of terror swelled through my chest and I clapped a hand over my mouth to keep from screaming. My eyes! My blue eyes were now a bright crimson. The person in the mirror couldn't be me! She looked exceptionally beautiful but deadly at the same time. I took a step back from the mirror and tried to focus my attention on other things besides her eyes. She had honey colored hair that cascaded in a tumble of curls down to the small of her back, quite unlike my flat blonde hair. And her face was angelic with beauty. Her ivory skin was flawless and smooth and all of the features of her face were perfect. Her nicely shaped nose, her skinny, carved eyebrows, even her pale pink lips. And her shape was perfect too. She was skinny and tall, but had curves in all of the right places. It didn't look at all if she had been tortured for the last three days. She looked like an angel.

I reached my hands up to my face and saw that the girl in the mirror did the same. My hands traveled up to my hair and I felt the thick curls. The reflection did the same. This girl was me!

"She's awake." I heard a voice say. I jumped and spun around. It sounded as if the person who had spoken was right next to me, I could hear them so well. Before I had a chance to rush back to the safety of the bed, the door knob turned and three people glided in. Three people who looked perfectly beautiful like me.

One of them was Dr. Cullen. He was changed out of his hospital uniform and was wearing an expensive looking sweater. He had his arms crossed and was smiling at me in an encouraging way.

Another was a beautiful woman with a warm smile and caramel colored hair surrounding her heart-shaped face. She was slender but had soft curves. She looked to be around her mid twenties.

The third person was a boy that looked to be my age. He too was flawlessly beautiful with untidy bronze hair. He had his hands shoved in his pockets and was surveying me with dark golden eyes.

They all had golden eyes I realized. Darker then I remembered Dr. Cullen's to be when I had first noticed the strange color and intensity of his eyes.

"I'm glad to see that you are awake, Rosalie." the woman said softly in a voice that made me want to run to her for safety. "My name is Esme. You have met Dr. Cullen already I presume, and this is Edward." she gestured with a petit white hand at the boy with bronze hair.

I said nothing.

Dr. Cullen nodded understandably. "I believe it is about time for some explanation."