Be wary, those who have not yet finished the anime.

Phantom rushed through the trees, nimble feet barely feeling thorns pricking into the pads of his feet, hair clinging to his forehead with the combination of morning mist and perspiration. Misjudging a jump, he fell to one knee, his pants submerged in thick brown mud. The specter hissed in irritation, wrenching the human's body from the goop with a disgusting slurp. He nearly fell again when the extra weight mis balanced him, but trudged onward, upping the pace as soon as he was used to the heavy wetness on his pants.

Small branches whipped his arms and bare chest, drawing small lines of blood on some occasions. His eyes glowed a fierce green as he picked up the sound of two more people running after him, one of them much further away. A soft snarl twisted his lips, and he lunged to the left, pumping his own spectral energy into the boy's muscles to make them sprint longer than they were able alone.

He ignored the plaintive cries of his human side, casting aside the words pleading for him to relinquish his hold. The wind roared in his ears, becoming louder as the earth became harder, keen eyes picking out the edge of a cliff up ahead.

Kyo followed the light footsteps of their newest house guest, leaping over the puddle in which the other male had fallen. His nose detected the faint scent of blood, a few drops on nearby branches. Kid had no grace! He seemed to just plow through the underbrush, instead of weaving around thorns and bushes like the cat did. Idiot.

With increasing anxiety, he followed the path toward the cliffs, remembering the swift chase he and Tohru had engaged in, when she had discovered his true form (I apologize to those who have not seen /or read/ that far yet, but I did warn you about spoilers, no?)

Quickening his pace, he eyed the startled birds up ahead. They were not coming from any further ahead, so it seemed the boy had stopped at the cliffs. Damn. He always got emotional there!

He burst through the last layer of branches, stepping lightly on the dew-soaked rocks as he stalked toward the trapped teen. Danny had his back turned to him, seemingly gazing off into the distance.

They boy spoke, turning his head slightly toward the feline's location, though not enough for them to see the other's face.

"Have you ever flown, Sohma Kyo-san?"

The cat said nothing, crouching slightly.

"I have... Tis quite fun, you see... Free falling. The wind rushes around you, and the world seems much smaller when all you can see is the ground approaching." He turned around fully, and Kyo noticed two things. One, the boy was rather close to the cliff edge. Two, his eyes were bright, yellow-green.

Danny took a step back.

Kyo lunged forward, trying to grasp at the boy before he jumped.

Phantom smirked wickedly, twisting to the side and reaching upward, grabbing the cat firmly by the back of he neck, holding him above the empty air. The other teen stopped struggling immediately, acutely aware of his own weight, and the small figure of the one holding him up. Not that it seemed to be a problem, anyway. Inside, he was curled in a ball, ears flat to his skull and whimpering softly. However, he refused to show any fear in the presence of this demented creature. He stared at the horizon, trying to ignore the breeze curling around his feet. "Are you going to drop me?" He asked quietly, blinking once.

The ghost raised one eyebrow (not that kyo could see) and loosened his grip slightly, tightening when kyo automatically thrashed around, trying to find something to stop his now nonexistent fall.

Kyo actually hissed softly when he heard a dark chuckling coming from the boy behind him, perking up when he heard the heavy footfalls of Hatsaharu. The hand holding him shifted slightly, and the cat assumed he had moved to look at the other zodiac.


"Guess again, Silver-eyes."

Haru blinked at the playful smirk adorning Danny's face, a glint in his eyes that was definitely never seen on the blue-eyed boy.

"Phantom, then."

The other grinned, eyes nearly closing with the action.

"Is there a reason you are dangling Kyo over a cliff?"

Phantom looked casually over at the cat, as if wondering what he was still doing there.


The feline had to fight to not burst out in exclamations, reminding himself that the ground was very far down, and landing on his feet did not matter if they shattered on impact.. He felt the fingers loosening, then releasing, and flailed his arms, landing on his arse at the edge of the cliff. He sat there for a moment, confused.

Suddenly, he whirled around to face the green-eyed boy, was looking at him with boredom clearly reflected in his eyes.


"No reason."

With that, he turned to leave, causing kyo to take a step back in confusion. Did the idiot even know why he did anything?

Unfortunately, he had also forgotten they had been on the edge of a rather tall cliff a moment ago, and one foot slipped on the cold rocks.

Arms flailing, he tipped backwards, eyes widened in comical surprise.

Haru leapt forward, already knowing he was too late to save the cat.

Both Zodiac members closed their eyes, for different reasons.

A green flash perverded the cold morning air, balling and exploding behind the cat, creating a sort of concussion blast that threw him toward the earth he had once stood on.

Haru stumbled to a stop, eyes wide open.

Kyo landed harshly on the rocks, a wincing as a sharp edge slashed across his arm, small drops of blood oozing out from the red mark. His orange eyes were on the black-haired teen, watching as he casually polished his fingernails, gazing at them as if everything else was unworthy of his attention.

That, however, proved to be his undoing.

Haru, taking the last chance he would get, jumped up and jabbed a nerve bundle in in the boy's neck, watching as he muttered. 'oh, that tingles' before falling limply into the ox's waiting arms.

Tossing the boy over his shoulder like a potato sack, he walked toward his 'fallen comrade'

The orange-haired teen glared up at them both, wincing at the pain in his arm as he stood upright.

Throwing a glare at the ebony-haired boy, he slunk back toward the forest, taking out his anger on the undergrowth. Conveniently, he also cleared a path for Haru and the still-unconscious Danny.

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